I couldnt be more excited honestly. This is our first full month of trading results from our students. This is our students from our first class in the d5 accelerator, the second class just graduated and theyve joined them in the trading group. Our third class is starting on tuesday. Let me hit you with some numbers: im talking brendan from new zealand is up 68.77 percent on the month, steve from europe up 83 albert in singapore up 169.9 on one single trade. I got susan up 153 percent on her call options alone and shes, also rocking 1′ returns and 442 returns as well on individual trades. These are people that are changing their financial future in the last 30 days, but its based on trading discipline, folks and thats. Why theyre going to be able to keep it going for the next 30 days? I want to give a big shout out to my d5 market wizards that are right now, trading and being open and transparent with their positions and using trading discipline, stop loss, orders profit. Taking scenarios to make sure they consistently win im going to talk about that today. I just got a message from steve from europe and i have changed their first names because i dont want all of you: hunting them down to get their mentorship, and he just said to me in a message i just got on facebook. He said thanks a lot. Brian, its gon na been a great learning journey for me.

So far, thanks to you, your d5 academy and the group ive applied the principles from the course mixed with my own crypto space, knowledge and investment intuition. I would have never had the focus and discipline without this course steve. I appreciate you and the gains you are showing are whats real 83 up. He made his money uh with a mix of bitcoin, ethereum, cardano and solana and hes poised to continue making returns and again, if you can lock in double digit returns on a monthly basis. Your year on year is absolutely ridiculous and those profits go back in and you reinvest those its a compounding effect and thats. Why all of my students are inside winning today im going to talk about how you can trade like the terminator? Yes, im talking about that robot because you have to act like a robot in these markets, because youre going to get emotional thats whats going to happen. You know when things go up and when they start going down your emotions are going to take over, which is why 90 of crypto day traders lose money, they lose their investment, they quit the markets, and that means they wont be invested for those big gains that We all know are coming today. I want to talk about uh why emotional trading always ends in tears and losses im going to teach you about the one percent rule today and how to use stop loss, orders and profit taking effectively.

The next thing im going to teach you about is something i call a reward to risk ratio. This is an important tool and technique that most people have no idea whats going on. As in how much should you be locking in for your gains on each trade? When should you take profits very good point here and lastly, i want to talk about the concept of averaging in and out of trades. These are non binary trading strategies. This has a lot to do with psychology. This will also change the way you trade, a lot of people, look at every single trade as a win or a loss, and we all look at it as a judgment of our character. Right am i a good person. Am i a bad person, did i win today? Did i lose today uh? Should i be happy or should i be sad and i used to do the same thing when i was trading government bonds in chicago and fixed income derivatives? I remember coming home at night in 1995 and coming up to my uh apartment on the 40th floor and looking over lake michigan and thinking you sucked today, brian, because you lost money on your 10 year treasury position. The next day id be like youre a hero, because you made money on your 10 year position or your two year position. You know what this can cause you to make profit uh trading decisions that are not healthy.

So when you average in and out of positions, you take the emotion out of each trade and its the best way to make money in the long run, because the only thing that matters is those gains like i said my students are posting their portfolio gains on The month i dont care necessarily about a loss, trade or a win trade. I t i care about a cumulative effect of everything and thats what matters the cash in the bank, not whether you were right or you were wrong again – weve talked about this before dont. Will the market to do what you want just make sure that you make your money and your trading gains in the process, so pay attention im going to be talking about real things you can use as a trader today. Im also going to be talking about some of my students and how theyre making money on the inside inside defy academy lets talk about the news weve seen solana blasting over a hundred dollars, i think its at 115 dollars now the eighth largest d5 protocol by market Cap and you see the news here – everyone is excited by this 40 billion dollar uh. You know defy protocol very exciting stuff and a bunch of my students made money on this. A lot of them are already out of their positions and its true, even as we speak solanas up at 1 15. But the truth is you, cant, sell the highs and buy the lows.

If you try to do that, youre going to lose every single time. My students, they take the gains, and that means they lock in the profits which most people have no idea. What to do. What else is happening? Ethereum is hot, looks like its ready to go back up to 4 000. You can see this news headline here and this is exciting stuff and were seeing some really interesting stuff happening here with ethereum, where youre, seeing almost a decoupling of the ethereum price and the bitcoin right now, bitcoins, actually dropping and ethereum is hitting new 90 day highs. You know its breaking through 3 500, why the bitcoin price is going down to like low 47 thousands. We havent seen that lack of correlation in quite a long time, and i think it speaks volumes about whats happening in the d5 space. This is real folks, cnbc poll from yesterday said one in ten americans are investing in crypto thats, going up to one in five by year end sixty percent are investing because they see long term growth, its not too late to get in, but 2022 is too late.