So if you like all coins and multiplying your money with cryptocurrency and free cryptocurrency giveaways smash up that like button lets, get to over a thousand likes and lets get started. Welcome to the youtube channel, my name is joe and every single day i make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out. Also, please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video alright. So before we get into the rest of this video – and i share with you – multiple altcoins that have done incredibly well – i want to say thank you again so much for more than a hundred thousand subscribers. I truly couldnt do it without you and if you are new to the channel smash up that, like button click, the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. If you like, learning how to multiply your money with cryptocurrency and if you like, free cryptocurrency, so were going to be doing a giveaway as a celebration and down below the link will be in the description, i am giving you a chance to win over five thousand Dollars worth of cryptocurrency value in tokens and in nfts.

Now again, this is approximate value, because these cryptocurrencies and nft projects will fluctuate in value by the time that i record this video and by the time i actually do the giveaway, but right now its right around five thousand dollars in total value. Radato is giving ten lucky winners, a thousand tokens each and right now you can see. Radato is sitting at 53 cents, thats more than 5 300 worth of value 10 of you will be winning over 500 worth of value, and congratulations to all of you. Whove been taking action on this channel and the ones who are in my online class. Many of my students did amazingly well in this pre sale and getting in early. In fact, one student made 13 ethereum, which is approximately 30 000, but thats. Not all game zone is giving two lucky winners: 500 tokens each thats, approximately 250 dollars worth of value. You can see right now. Game zone is at 49 cents and you can see that it went all the way as high as 54 cents came back down, made a nice move to the upside, and there was a lot more coming with this project. In fact they just announced their staking tiers and how much g zone you will actually need to stake to get into the starter tier. You will need a thousand g zone tokens. The veteran tier is 20, 000 and god mode. Tier is 70 000.. Now, as you can see, this token is very volatile because it is very new, it could go all the way back down to 37 cents or it could go all the way up to 66 to 70 cents.

We have no idea what will happen, but i see some very big things in the works with this project. Also, many of the pre sellers who got in to this pre sale are sitting at a sweet, easy 100 x. So congratulations to everyone who did get into that pre sale. But if you did not get in, i am going to be giving away some game zone tokens. We are also giving away one red panda nft and if you come to salon art, you can see red panda squad is sitting at the number five spot right now and you can see the floor. Price is 2.37 solana and right now, solana is sitting at approximately 138 dollars. So if you were to get this nft and sell it at the floor price thats over 300 worth of value now, im not here to give anyone financial advice when it comes to cryptocurrency. But one of these red panda nfts just was bought for 26 solana thats over 3 500, and i truly believe that this is just the beginning for this project. The red panda squad has more than 16 000 followers on their twitter and they have a very engaged dev community and they are always innovating new things. In fact, they are even doing their own giveaways on their channel. So if youre interested in earning even more money with giveaways definitely give them a follow over on twitter and last but not least, we are giving away one pluto alliance, nft and right now the floor price of a pluto alliance.

Nft is .119 ethereum, which is over 300 as well, and pluto alliance is giving away over 17 000 worth of value with their giveaway here on twitter, so i would definitely check it out. There is seriously so much abundance in cryptocurrency right now. Now. Let me share with you how you can participate in this giveaway and when the giveaway is actually going to start, the giveaway is starting right. Now the link is below in the description and the deadline to participate is tuesday october 5th. At 11 59 pm, we will be announcing winners, wednesday october 6th, on twitter and youtube. Now. This next part is very important, so please pay attention so that you can actually have a chance to win some of these sweet prizes. We will need you to enter in your email address and then you can choose to either participate with your ethereum address your bsc address your phantom address or all of them. If you do participate with all of your addresses, you just have a better chance of winning the different nfts in different prizes. Now, what do i mean by ethereum address, bsc address and phantom address? The best way to give us your ethereum and bsc address would be to go to, download a metamask account and then give us your address here at the top. You can use the same address for ethereum and for bsc again its right here at the top and each and every one of yours will be unique and different.

Do not use an exchange address, as we will not be able to send tokens. And if you do win the giveaway and you give us the wrong address and we send it to that address, you are liable and those tokens will be lost. So please make sure to follow these steps very carefully and again, meta mask is going to be perfect. To use. All you need to do is copy and paste it into the eth and bsc address now, in order to win the red panda nft, you will need to have a phantom wallet if you go to All you need to do is add this to chrome, and you can see that your address is at the top here as well. All you need to do is click. Whatever your address is copy, it come back over and paste it in. Then you will enter the giveaway now once you have entered the giveaway, you can earn more entries for completing the additional tasks. If you retweet this on twitter, you will get five entries and if you follow me on twitter, youtube and instagram, you gain extra entries. If you follow rodato and the redatto telegram, you will get extra entries, pluto alliance, red panda and game zone, and if you refer your friends, this is where you will get 10 extra points. Now, please note if you are not following any of these accounts and you are picked as one of the winners.

We will have to choose someone else, so the easiest way to make sure that you participate and gain the most points is just click. The buttons here go ahead and follow and retweet its really quite simple, and then you have the maximum chance to be a winner now in case of a tie, or we have a lot of people with the same amount of points, we will randomly be drawing winners. So again, its quite easy to earn points. If i wanted to follow rodato on twitter, all i would do is click this button. This would pop up, youd authorize the app and then you can see. I have the green check mark and now i have four entries. Instead of just one, you can also come and view your total entries here at the top and then also see who you are following now. Let me share with you three altcoins and this first one hasnt even hit the market yet, but will be hitting the market in just approximately one week, and i truly believe this all coin has massive upside potential. So let me explain what we know so far. Astro swap is going to be the new coin, decks from space built on cardano and, as you can see, theyre going to have staking swapping and a lottery now astral swap is going to be powered by wagyu swap and wagoo swap did more than 85x from its Pre sale price and is holding up quite strong.

This project is also being incubated by the blue zilla team, and the blue zilla team has incubated multiple 100x gems within the last few weeks. One of those gems ive been talking about multiple times on this channel was etapad and adapad has partnered with astral swap. If we take a look at the tokenomics briefly, you can see the public sale price is going to be 0.001, with a 10 billion total supply. Now the initial circulating supply will only be 120 million, and the initial market cap is only going to be 120 000.. Now, for the token allocation, the team will only receive 12 advisers will receive 6, liquidity will be 10, the ecosystem will be 10 reserve will be 4 and staking will receive 45 of the total token allocation. There will be a private sale of only 10 percent and etapad will have a 10 exclusive private sale of its own, and there will also be a 1 airdrop. So, in order to participate in this pre sale, you will need to hold and stake some eta pad tokens and right now, at the time of this recording etapad is sitting at 68 cents. You can see. Etapad came all the way up to approximately 84, even to 90 cents came on down, people take profit, nothing goes up forever, but now you can see. People are starting to get some ada pad tokens, because etapad has incubated vollispad and gamezone, and both of these cryptocurrencies have done 100x.

So could this be your next easy100x in my mind? I have no reason to believe why astral swap could not do 100x or more itself now again, just because i say that does not guarantee it will happen. But if you take a look at the tokenomics, the initial market cap is very, very low and the fact that only 10 is going to adapt just one incubator and theres. Only a 10 private sale shows me that theres not going to be a lot of available tokens for this project and cardano in the worst way needs a dex and decentralized exchange as soon as possible, and if astro swap can beat sunday swap to the punch on This one, i think that this cryptocurrency could absolutely explode. So if you want to get into this pre sale, you will need to hold and stake some ada pad tokens. There is a lottery and a guaranteed allocation to your system. You will also have to kyc and pass the kyc in order to participate in this pre sale. So please make sure to do your own research and if you need a step by step, guide and tutorial on how all of this works check the links down below. For my online class, many of my students have been able to get into these pre sales, and many of them have multiplied their money exponentially and the reason why ive even created the online class is because many of you are asking me how to actually do this.

The truth is the lessons for each one of these incubators and launch pads are easily 10 to 15 minutes and theres. A lot of nuanced detail, theres just no way. I can actually teach all of this in one youtube. Video and the course is exclusive for those. Looking to actually get serious with cryptocurrency, again im, not telling you to buy my online class im, just sharing with you the opportunity, and you also gain access to our vip telegram group, which is exclusive for only those who have enrolled in the online class. The community has now grown to more than 650 students, and just the community alone is worth the price of admission now. The course is sitting at a 75 discount, because i do truly understand that the full price of the class, while it is worth every penny and ive, showed you multiple times on this youtube channel, many of them earning thousands upon thousands of dollars. I have created a massive discount because i truly do want to help as many of you as possible, but please do also understand that the course is not for everyone, and some of you may just be better off watching these youtube videos for free and thats totally Fine as well, the doors are always open to the class and again thats really the only thing i promote on this channel and its something that i truly believe in, because ive just seen the results happen over and over again, and it is truly rewarding to help My viewers, as much as possible, multiply their money exponentially with crypto now moving on orion money just launched today as well, and this cryptocurrency.

I did briefly mention in a previous video. Let me share with you that clip now what orion money is trying to do is basically give yield unstable coins across multiple different blockchains. Right now, on anchor protocol, which is on the terra network, you can earn 20 thats right 20 on your ust stable coins. Now this is absolutely insane just in general, where else can you earn 20 on your dollar value, literally nowhere but crypto? So if you do educate yourself and you do understand how these protocols work and how these smart contracts work, you can always be putting your money to work and earning yield, which is absolutely incredible, and what orion money is going to do is basically share. The wealth. Make this more available to more consumers like yourself on different blockchains? Now, as you can see, this chart looks beautiful. It came all the way from approximately 15 cents all the way as high as a dollar. 62. Again, nothing goes up forever, so it may correct these new cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so we have no idea what will happen, but if you were able to get into the pre sale, which was on polka starter, you can see if we scroll down orion money had Two pools for people to actually participate in. You could have turned four hundred dollars which would have given you approximately eight thousand tokens, because the pre sale price was at five cents. Your four hundred dollars today would now be worth 27 bnb, and one bnb is approximately 400 right now at the time of this, recording you literally would have done a 27x and, as you know, on this channel, i have been talking about multiple pokestarter projects.

So congratulations. If youve been taking action because all it takes is for one or two of these projects to do what orion money has done and your 400 dollar investment today is worth approximately 10 000.. Now again, there are a lot of nuanced details that go into these pre sales and allocations, but if you do the studying and the work and the math that ive been sharing with you on this channel, you will see for yourself that you can absolutely multiply your Money exponentially with cryptocurrency and as a bonus – and i even shared this cryptocurrency days before this actually came out, and it was a 100x altcoin gem and it is sitting at well above 100x right now that is going to be game zone and you can see just By looking at the chart again, it did dip down right to 48 cents, but were getting a nice bounce here at the 50 cent mark. If we hold the 50 cent mark, i do believe this cryptocurrency can go higher because theres just not a lot of tokens on the market for this, but again you got to really understand the tokenomics and the team and how all of these details work. I understand these because this is all i do is study these projects. But if you are brand new to this, please understand that it will take you some time to really learn this game and thats. Okay. I myself was very new at one time as well and its all part of the learning process, so dont feel like youre missing out.

There is a lot more opportunities that will be coming here on this channel, so smash up that, like button click, the subscribe button and hit the notification bell so that you do not miss these next potential altcoin gems, because again anything can happen with a cryptocurrency. This is very, very risky, especially in a lot of these new altcoins and, as one final reminder, make sure, get your entries in before tuesday at midnight in order to get some of these game zone tokens, as well as the redatto tokens, the pluto alliance nft and The red panda squad nft thanks again here for all of your support, thanks again for 100 000 subscribers, and if you want even more information again, the link to my online class will be in the description. The community is growing exponentially and it is really exciting to see many of my students multiplying their money exponentially and making life changing money with the strategies and teachings in the class. But please note just because you join the online class. Nothing is guaranteed. There is a lot of things that you will need to execute on and remember. Cryptocurrency is very volatile and risky. So as just one final reminder, everything that i have said in this video and in all of my videos is not financial advice. You need to do your own research and i cant wait to continue to provide you some outstanding content and value here on youtube and in my other social medias.

We have some really big things coming up here in the next few weeks and i am very, very excited so for more free content check out my youtube playlist. I have multiple 100x gem videos, three coins, three million videos, educational tutorials and much more and make sure to give me a follow over on twitter were almost at 10 000..