Why? I think that we should review it, and i will let you know in this video why i think that this project is still very underrated and it could absolutely explode, and today we will be talking about altura Music. Before we start, i will go just over this project about go over, go over this tokenomics just for those who are watching this video at the very first time so altura its token is allu. It is built on binance, march and team is very transparent and maximum supply of this token is 1 billion, which is very small for the price currently, which is only 0.04 cents. As you can see here from charts, it is actually going up in price. I was thinking why it is going up in price and i decided to check out why its price is actually exploding, why its price is going up and thats. Why? I decided to review this project in depth, so lets talk about altura what it is and, firstly it is nft platform – and i told the same to you in my previous videos that altura is nft platform, but what i didnt tell you guys that this is a Smart nft platform, which i also didnt, pay attention to when i was reviewing this project at the very first time, and what does it mean? Smart nfts in comparison to nfts, which are out there already guys, is that the smart nfts are upgradable, nfts upgradable nfts, which can be upgraded on different circumstances.

For example, if you are comparing this smart nft, two simple nfts, which you can get now on many different other platforms and those nfts – are simply pictures or representations of something. But those nfts are not able to change where these smart in game nfts. They can be changeable, they can be upgradable, for example, imagine that if developer is developing a game and if you have your smart nft and you come with your smart nft, which is ford, for example, you can upgrade. This means that your sword can be upgradable and it can get stronger if you are playing that game. So the sword itself is also growing in value because it is getting so stronger or, for example, if you are using a pet nft, you are getting a pet ft from altura nfts or it is integrated in some game. Then that pad can be adopted to you, for example, there are different applications or mobile applications out there right now, where pat on your mobile application is actually getting used to you to owner, and it starts recognizing you and similar is here with this altura nfts. These are smart nfts, which can be built in applications which can be built in games, and these are not simple images, for example, like celebrities, currently are using different nfts, but they are using like different images which are called nfts and which are unique only because they Have written one smart contract which is beneath or under that nft, but on the front hand, this nft or this image is always staying the same and anyone who wants he can take that image.

But it doesnt represent any value which can be upgraded where here, these nfds can be upgraded over time. If you are playing, for example, like i mentioned already with swords that sword could become stronger or the pet. These are just an examples guys these pets can adapt to you. These pets can do something because these nfts, which are built which are being built by altura, they actually can integrate smart contracts and another thing which altura is doing. They are building sdks and application. Programming interfaces or apis – these are softwares which allow developers to integrate these smart nfts into their applications into their games. So these are smart, nfts and thats. Why? I believe that this project is still hugely underrated, because this is not a simple nft, but this is the smart nft. Another thing about this project, guys is which i also didnt review in greater detail – is that this project already has a lot of partnerships. If you go to their twitter account, as you see, altura provides the tools and infrastructure for developers to create and integrate smart nfts in their video games and applications. And i talked about this just now, but if you will scroll guys and by the way they are active, very active, as you see, they already have 29.9 000 followers. This only tells you something and if you check their tweets, you will see that, as you see one hour ago, qac crypto has started big things are coming and so on and so forth, so they are also very active.

But another thing is that they are all the time partnering with new cryptocurrency projects and they have lots of partners already third thing, which is also very big – that they already have a working nft platform where you can buy nfts, where you can sell nfts, and they Are trying to build the biggest nf tip, selling and buying and selling platform? This is another huge thing guys because they already have working. You can come in, you can check you can buy, but this project to my opinion, is still hugely underrated and this project is still very, very cheap. But, as you see, the price is up already 10 percent only today guys. So as if you look at price action, it is also going up, and this is built on binance, marching and because it is built on binance smart chain. It is much faster and transactions are much cheaper than on ethereum blockchain, and i believe that things like this, like nft platforms, they will not be located or they will not be deployed on ethereum, because ethereum, once its price is going up, transaction fees are going up And in general, ethereum transaction speed is much slower than on finance marching. Although tokens market cap currently is 29.3 million, and this project is just growing and getting bigger, as you see built by developers for developers, transparent protocols, open source, simple apis application, programming interfaces to integrate this into games and if you will check out all other nft platforms, You will see that they are not really building any apis and so on and so forth for developers to integrate and thats.

Why? I believe that this project could be very big and thats. Why i decided to review it again and there is the theme i already talked about it guys. The team is very transparent and you can check every team member. As you see, majet halat founder and lead developer and maxim. Syndal is co, founder and partnerships, manager and andrew emenshin is graphic designer, and there is other team if you are interested, come in and check this out for yourself, and there is the roadmap and not to mention guys that this is also rather new project is. This. Was created only in quarter 2, 2021 and another huge thing is staking guys. This is also a huge rewards. Taking. If you buy these altura all aloo tokens, then you can stake them straight away. As you see here on their major website, which is alturanft.com, you go into altura staking and once you open this page, you will see that there are rewards. Actually, you need to connect with your metamask or any other of these wallets by using binance marching and if you dont know how to integrate binance machine on your metamask. I already have that video guys and once you have integrated binance marching on your metamask, you can go on pancake swap and you can buy these tokens and how to buy these tokens is. If you go back. Actually, i will show you staking first, as you see here, we are in staking guys and staking rewards are also rather huge.

If you are doing a low and bnp liquidity pool staking, you can earn zero half a percent a day, half a percent not a year guys a day, not even in a month. This means that in 10 days you already make five percent in 30 days or in one month you can make 15 percent on your investment guys and if you are staking only a low tokens, as you see here guys, you can buy token if youre interested theres By now, you can earn 0.07 per day every day and another thing which i wanted to show you is, if you would be interested to buy it, because this is one of the most asked questions under these binance marching tokens or or mine and smart chain projects Which i am reviewing here is that if you would interest you be interested to buy it, you go to pancake, swap once you have created your metamask wallet and your metamask wallet. You have added binance margin, you go into pancake, swap and here you can reveal the hello token by their contract number and you can get their contract number here. If you go here on their website. Altura nft click here and here copy contract address and you go to pancake swap and click here on, select a currency and once you select currency there, you paste this contract number and by that contract number. As you see, it will find a low token and you can import it and then you can buy it and sell it on pancake swap.

This is another thing. So yes, guys in general, i see that this project has something to offer and currently it is very undervalued because it has already working platform. It is creating as smart, smart nfts for developers, apis sdks and many more things about this project. So as there is the staking opened and many more things are coming up with this project, and this is new project, and i believe that this will also explode, and currently the price is very, very undervalued, as you can see here guys, it is only 0.04 cents. So yes, this was my updated video on altura. If you found this video useful leave a like share this video subscribe to my channel.