Well, its no surprises bitcoin has gone nuts over the last 12 hours. Weve gone up about 20 percent in the last 10 days and in this video were going to look at bitcoins bullish. Why cough signal that apparently no one is talking about according to this crypto youtuber and were also going to look at altcoins because weve been talking about it on the channel for some time. So if you havent already make sure you are following the journey, because there is a ton of these videos on the channel im ive been doing them daily all year, so make sure you hit. The subscribe button were going for 220 000 lets see if we can get there before. Bitcoin does and make sure youve liked the video as well hit all on the bell notification icon. So you see the content come up. Reason being is we were looking at the china fudd were looking at evergrande, so the china flood was china banning cryptocurrency transactions. Looking at this as a good time to be buying evergrunde, look at that no big deal. After all of that, ive got hidden patterns on the channel. These are looking at the bottoms and we did see a turn on the 21st of september on this sort of pattern, as well. Looking here buying more cryptocurrency talking about the china collapse, if you didnt have any more money to purchase the dips, because youre following everyone else telling you to buy every single bloody dip check out this video as well.

The point im making here is, if youre following along the journey, there are ways to continue to get back into the market and clear out your weak horses and get into some of the stronger stuff and a lot of the content is covered here and, most recently Were looking at link as being potentially weak and well look at that today after we look through the bitcoin pump situation, so first up lets go to coingecko and were looking at all of the cryptocurrencies against their btc values, because we want to find some strong horses As well as looking at bitcoin and this signal that no ones talking about in terms of the wyckoff analysis, so the strong stuff, i quickly go to coingecko click this button here, instead of it being on us dollars, ill click, bitcoin and then ill. Just look under the 24 hours just to see which cryptos have been or which cryptos are strong against bitcoin, while bitcoin has been strong. That is a first sign for me that some cryptos are going to be stronger, but we have to look at the chart as well, because their patents might just not be that strong. So what we see is celina up three polka dot at two. We have all of the stable coins down around eight nine ten percent, because thats, how much crypto or how much bitcoin is up. We have chain link up about one percent and we have a few of these others, which are up a few more percent and icp, which one of the trades it also up.

A few percent file coin up: seven v chain up: four axi infinity gone nuts. Forty percent up against bitcoin and theta network at seven percent, which is one that ive been picking on a lot, and i have it on the channel today. So the next thing i want to look at is the total market caps, and this one is all of the total market caps. So because bitcoins in this as well, we can see that the highs were a reasonable amount lower than the previous high that we had in may, but we are starting to cross. The swing tops so thats a good sign of strength. Now, if we take bitcoin out of the equation and look at all the market caps, except for bitcoin, excluding the btc market cap, this includes ethereum as well. We can see that the highs were a little lower, but not as bad as including bitcoin all right. And then, if we go to total three, which is all of the cryptocurrencies except bitcoin and eth, we can see that we had a double top here. Pretty close to dead on the money over double top and the market has now started screaming back towards that high as well. We bounced nicely off the 50 level, and so the cryptocurrencies are getting stronger and we just want to find some of the strong stuff. Well, personally, thats what i want to do. Looking at the the btc.d, which is the dominance, we can see that the dominance hasnt broken down, but its not getting that bounce on.

So this might lean over towards some altcoins getting a bit of a move. So weve got to make sure were picking right and from this point, if we do start to see the dominance increase, then of course the show is stolen by btc and we probably wont get those moves in the altcoins overall, there is going to be some that You can pick out, but overall, its probably going to be bitcoins show, so the signal that no ones looking at this is what i was looking at back in april as well. You guys have been following for several months now. If you, let me know in the comments down below, if you were around in april, when we were looking at the top coming in getting a little worried that we had three days down from that all time high, then the market went 11 straight days down and Thats once the boom came once the market went up into, may everyone was calling for 80 000 bitcoins. Let me know if you were around in that time, because this is what i was using and ill show you on the chart as well at that time, to give me a bit of a signal that i dont think were going to 80 000 at that point. So number five here time your commitment with a turn in the stock market index. So the main thing here is a change of character of price action, so its either called a change of character or change of behavior.

The same thing is just called two different things. So we want to see such as the largest down bar on the highest volume after a long uptrend, all right so checking the bitcoin chart after a long uptrend. So we had a long uptrend. We all know that it was from march of 2020 into april of 2021. now its going to get a little bit messy on the chart. But we want to see some volume and we did see it a couple of times through this period as well. But we didnt see three straight days down and through this period at the high we got an inside a down down and then a big down you can see. The volume here was pretty high. That led me to think this is potentially a change in behavior compared to everything weve just seen, and it might be prudent to be a little bit more close. Keep protect my money a little bit more than go wild into bitcoin, while the altcoins were going a little crazy just for these few weeks before everything died out. So the main thing here and im going to get to what were looking at today is this bar on the 18th of april big volume, and i was waiting for the market to break back above this change of behavior bar to. Let us know that all right. We think that the market has now changed its behavior, its come through that behavior its gone from bearish back to bullish, and we fell short of that by a few hundred dollars.

We got to fifty nine thousand six hundred, and this high on this bar was sixty thousand four hundred, so about eight hundred dollars. Call it a thousand bucks for a round number, so we fast forward to today. This is on a smaller time frame. Now we are looking at a daily chart, but this was the bar. I was waiting for. I had this yellow line here, youd see in the previous videos. This is the bar 47 300 big volume came in. This was a few days on the way up. Change of behavior, so this is a shorter term signal at the moment, because the next one is the the bar on the 7th of september, which the high coming in at 53, 000., 52, 900. So 53 big volume change of behavior market was up for ages. Huge volume, huge price action on that bar. So, to get back above that 53 000 level, thats probably going to be the most conservative entry for bitcoin, and then the market will probably start to start to move pretty well from that point in time. So the first one ive got here is the 20th of september yesterday saw that taken out. This is my signal that i look for when im using wyckoff analysis on the daily time frame. Now i dont use this because i dont trade intraday on four hours or one hours or anything like that, and if you are looking at those smaller time frames, they are not going to call bigger, turns in the market im going to need to see at least A daily, probably a weekly to get the big turns in the market now to the weekly chart, and i can now get rid of this smaller 50.

We are above the 50 percent now the 47 000 level was that important level that we wanted to see the market get above and obviously the week hasnt ended. Yet we still have another two days to go, so we definitely want to see this week close above the 47 000 level as more sign of strength, and this yellow line is our swing chart. So if you want to know more about swing charting, because this allowed us to get out at around fifty thousand dollars and enter back at around thirty seven thousand dollars and of course, ive got other strategies of how i enter the market. At other price points. On fearful days like were doing through these lows, it doesnt necessarily mean that this is the low, but we just want to get in through those low areas. But if you want to learn more about swing trading, definitely check out the investor accelerator theres. A link to this in the description down below and for people who are interested theres, a ton of videos. Here you can see all of the titles there. Youve got technical analysis. Ive got a ton of stuff, there technical analysis putting it together, so you can come up with your own trading plan, obviously extras that you can get involved with. There are more courses being added if you want to understand wyckoff theres, a nice, quick, 20 minute course. Here on the volume theres again swing trader accelerator as well.

So this is your wyckoff accelerator pro lots of things to look at including shakeout bars, tests, no demand and warning and up thrusts, very quick videos which more will be coming on that too, and then for the gan swing accelerator. Quite a few quick videos here to give you an idea of how to use it, how to practically apply it to your charts. Just like the way you see me do it on the channel plus some big bonus videos as well on how we do it step by step. So what do i want to see next for bitcoin and some strength into the market? Well, first up ive got this top here on the 18th of september. The little poke above that comes in at 48, 800, so call it 49 000. Then, of course, we have 50 000 as a psychological level and then the previous top, which called the market and got that crash in is around 53 000.. So there are quite a few numbers close together. The most conservative point would be above the 53 000. Currently, i like the look of this as it broke through that that high of the bar so 47 and a half thousand, that was the level that ive been waiting for, and these levels were the most fearful good times for an entry and its not too far Off that point at the moment were about twenty percent up from that, and if we look to bitcoin to get to ninety hundred hundred and twenty thousand dollars at a conservative level, i think for this cycle.

Then we still have a couple of multiples left in the entire game for bitcoin, as for eth, its also looking pretty reasonable. It still needs to get above some of these bars it hasnt put in the same sort of highs, or it hasnt broken the same sort of tops that bitcoin has at the moment, but it didnt have to start from such a low level. So i think, once we get above that 3 400 level, thats going to give us some more support and for the cause of us going higher sooner rather than later. Of course, its only october were waiting for this rest of the rest of this quarter and i think, as we begin to grind through october, like weve seen in the previous videos looking at september as being the the crunch month october being the month that comes back And then we start to get that push on through november and december, i think were just gon na have to be patient for this month and just prepare for some of that bullishness coming in a few months couple of months, as for ada, its also doing its Thing it slowed down. It broke above the downtrend as weve looked at on the channel came back, sat on the 50 near that two dollar level and it slowed the bleed at the moment. We need to get above these levels of 250 so for now, while it grinds around two and two dollars its okay link, this is one that i was looking at the other day, some people probably say i was picking on it here, kadano and link news.

The main thing i was looking at was: is it in a good position against btc? Well, of course, its low thats, a good thing, but if it starts to break down beneath these low levels of around point zero, zero, zero five, that could mean that we might see further downside against bitcoin its bitcoin value and thats a weak horse. So we dont want to be getting into weak horses. Strong horses will begin, will start to break through their previous highs and then their 50 levels thats. What we want to see and also d5 hasnt been moving that much since about august of 2020. That was the previous top, so it might be time but im not going to preemptively get onto something and i dont need to be buying the exact low id rather be buying something thats in momentum already id rather be on something thats rolling, rather than waiting for It to start rolling like theta and theta wasnt rolling and it got off to a few false starts, and it has since slowed the bleed, but continues to bleed out so keep an eye on these cryptos. I dont think theyre ready just yet but theyre getting to that point where they could be ready. So theater is still on my watch list as a good project same deal with link its something that i already hold theta i dont and so im just looking for entries now. That bitcoin is at least starting to show those signs of wanting to break out and begin this next journey of the bitcoin bull market, at least above its next.

You know get to the next new all time: high thats it for todays video, make sure youre subscribed and like the video up. If you found some value from it, see you on instagram or twitter, otherwise have a fantastic weekend im about to get out into the surf. Im super excited ill talk to you guys at the next video until then have more fun to get more done.