Look at this guys. If we are going over into the bitcoin chart, you can see that right now something is unfolding which i have to talk about. We you remember here recently. We just broke out out of the descending triangle. I was talking about earlier, with horizontal support and descending resistance and, of course, we actually hit my price target, which was at thousand seven hundred us dollars. Bitcoin went even like a tiny bit higher, so it was not up to the exact dollar, but almost but now the question is: are we going to go higher? Are we going to go higher to price targets? I am going to actually mention in this video. I wan na show you that i wan na show you my traits my future traits and everything you have to know right now about bitcoin guys sit down smash up the like button to a new all time high. If you want to me to make more videos, no matter where i am im, of course, here barefoot once again and no matter when i am im youre right now on my rooftop enjoying the view, but obviously this doesnt hold me back to make these very important Videos and the moment it is necessary. Thank you so much for always giving me your support liking. The videos commenting. I know im asking for it every single day, but im truly appreciative for every single one, whos, not annoyed by it and still supporting me.

Thank you. So much guys you are the man crypto family. You are force for good now lets go over here into the charts, and what you can see is that bitcoin, seemingly, is getting some resistance here and what, if i told you that this is actually a resistance level? I talked about yesterday if you are subscribed to the mm crypto channel, if not by the way, click down subscribe. The bell and all i was talking about this fibonacci extension level, whoops and bitcoin, potentially finding some severe resistance here, not only at my price target, but also at the fibonacci golden ratio. Extension level here between forty seven thousand eight hundred and forty eight thousand two hundred exactly here. We got our support, as you can see right there for bitcoin, but i want to exclude now all the noise, because what really helps, let me quickly go back. What really helps when bitcoin is in a crazy move towards the upset or a crazy move towards the downside, instead of only you looking at patterns zoom out, go to the higher time frames, and this is what i want to do right now, guys zooming out on The charts is extremely important. Sometimes it gives us an overview and, in the end, the higher the time frame, the more accurate. Actually, these predictions are not only for me as a price analyst, no, but actually for every single one. Who knows how to use the higher time frames, so i am here right now going over to the weekly canvas, so here we are now on the weekly canvas for bitcoin, and what can we see here? Well, let me tell you exactly him so, first of all, if im putting if we are pulling out the extension level from the bottom, we had actually even already back in in may all the way to the all time high.

Then you can see that also the previous high here just a few weeks ago, was also getting resistance at the fibonacci golden pocket, but also, furthermore, if i am taking from the all time high on the way to the beginning of this massive run, which was actually On the 9th of october, my birthday very beautiful, lets see what happens this time on my birthday that also the dumb got its end at the fibonacci golden pocket. So every single time this is a very, very important measurement and it always shows us. Where is the next resistance coming in so now tell let me show you more lets take out the vp vr over on the weekly canvas and on the vpvr. You can also see that right now, at the exact us dollar amount, the bitcoin price is there. Is the vpvr the vpvr, this red line marks where the most volume for bitcoin is actually traded? The most volume for bitcoin is traded at the exact us dollar amount where we are at right now and if i am pulling out, let me quickly pull out this triangle here. Then you can see that this is the exact traffic area we have to overcome. If bitcoin – and this is please guys note this, if bitcoin overcomes this traffic area, i am telling you not only bruce guys ahead. The all time high is ahead, but bitcoin has to overcome the previous high at least the candle close high of 52 000.

Once we are hitting that and breaching it, this is the moment i am looking out for the all time high. Now, let me take out more on the weekly canvas. You can also see at the down you people who ask me chris. How did you predict the 29 000 us dollar bottom for bitcoin, with the email ribbon with the 50 percent uh with the 61.8, and also obviously with the bottom of the ema ribbon? There was just so much confluence coming in right now, and this is what really makes me happy with this new weekly candle, we got a strong bounce, a volume supported strong bounce at the top of the river, which is the 21 week ema. This is considered to be bullish and just to show you why, if we are going into the last bull market, i you cant see it here, but let me show you this actually over on the index chart if youre going into the last bull market, you can See what happens when we are getting a bounce at the 21 week ema? This is usually every single time considered to be something very, very bullish. So please take a note of that cons. Putting everything here now into a consolidation of my resume, i wan na, say the bitcoin bounce on monday was extremely bullish. This is why i actually covered that in three videos. Yesterday, i was telling you about everything. I was telling you about my price target at 47.

700 and that, obviously, now with this breakout of the descending triangle, the buyers should switch into a bullish one. We are breaking all resistance levels. However, there is one above us and we have to break it, not only the one on the smaller time frame. At forty. Seven thousand seven hundred, but also on the weekly time frame of fifty two thousand the moment we are breaking fifty two thousand. I am looking out for the all time high. This is my statement of today. Thank you so much for watching guys. Thank you.