So first lets break down even more cardano partnerships that you probably havent heard about yet and then well talk about the future of cardano and why i feel this is still a sleeping giant also as promised. There are now more spots available in our patreon. I know we had about 500 people eagerly waiting to grab a spot in the last few days, while its been totally sold out. Now is the time to grab one before they sell out again with this membership on top of getting a private community more content and live coaching, you will also get my buy and sell alerts for both stocks and crypto. If you had followed these alerts for the last six months, youd be up more than 100, and that just makes me so happy when research pays off anyways that will be linked down in the description below so just make sure to grab your spot. Now. Lets talk. Partnerships, the first one, is cardanos partnership with vera tree. So if we go over to their press release here, we can see that cardano has teamed up with global land, restoration and tree planting verification. Company veritry to secure its records on cardanos blockchain going forward organizations using vera trees platform will be provided with an immutable, transparent and auditable blockchain based report on all of vera trees, a4 station and reforestation efforts. Is this new and groundbreaking crypto technology? No. Is it a solid use case, yes, absolutely and its for a great cause, so its a great use case, because of course, if youre donating money to charity, you want to make sure that that money is actually being used on.

You know what youre spending that money for, if youre donating to a charity that plants trees, you want to make sure that theyre actually planting trees. So it is a great use case for a cryptocurrency to be able to track this information, and then you can actually check as a donator like, oh hey, the trees are actually planted, heres the cause cardano forest 25 funded so far. How it works is for every ada that you donate. You, of course, are helping to plant trees, but you also get this tree token in return, so its an interesting way to both combine charity and cryptocurrencies, and this will also unlock certain other things like nfts and the tokens will be able to be used in the Future now, the second new partnership is cardanos partnership with rival. So if you look at the press release here, it says cardano has also partnered with leading esports and gaming platform rival to develop agnostic, nft marketplaces, fan, rewards and more for rival and their partners, and if we look at their website, we can see a little bit More about what exactly they do and i had to actually do some digging its always frustrating when youre looking up a company – and you dont know right away what the company actually does but heres a summary. So esports are getting more and more popular. This company rival basically approaches traditional clubs or teams, and they say: hey youre, a sports team or a football club with a huge following of fans.

If you also offer esports events, you will do even more in sales and im sure they have some presentation. That shows, like this team made this much money and the team says all right game on no pun intended and where cardano comes in is they will also provide the nft component to esports and building out these communities even further. So now rival will not only be able to say: hey you, you know big famous sports team. You can make more money with esports, but they can also now say: hey. You know how all these people are making so much money off of nfts right now. Well, you can do that too, and you can tie this into loyalty rewards, so you can do cool things like make money off nfts and use those nfts as passes to exclusive events, so its kind of interesting its one of the more exciting partnerships here, its a Great use case it says cardona will facilitate the sales of nfts the ability to create and distribute nfts the redemption of nfts for physical goods and marketplace based royalties within the rival platform, and then, of course, how cardano benefits from this is by simply having more people Using the blockchain and using ada for every additional team or organization that starts minting nfts on cardano, this simply adds more users and more people familiar with the cardano blockchain and that just helps out the entire ecosystem. Now the next partnership is with ubx.

Now, who is ubx? This is the fintech arm of union bank, a bank in the philippines that has just over 15 billion dollars in assets. Ubx is kind of like their moonshot department, so they they take on these audacious goals, and you know most of them probably wont pan out, but their moonshots. Maybe some of them will so. This department seems to have a heavy focus on crypto related services and actually, in fact, they have their own tokens called the ubx token and looking at their ventures tab, we can see online lending end to end payments and digital transformation, which is basically just banking services. For rural areas now, what does this partnership do? What does it do for cardano, specifically, to be honest, its not a huge deal so ubx is offering a cardano stake. Pool so ubx will run a cardano node and allow users to delegate to their pool for staking rewards, like i said its, not the biggest deal ever its just one more domino to kind of topple over helping to prove the legitimacy of cardano. You know a big bank wanting to run a node for cardano. Now there is one additional thing: if we go back to their website here, we can see a tab for digital identities. Now. This could very well mean an expanded partnership with cardano, since cardano is basically the expert at digital identities. At this point, but of course we dont know for certain now.

The final new partnership here is with aid tech. So this is another crypto project who focuses on digital identities. It looks like they have two major areas of focus: this enterprise insurance api, which basically makes insurance claims a little bit more streamlined by creating digital identities and working between customers and insurance companies, and then they have this trace donation that tracks donations and charities. Maybe they should team up with that tree charity to double the blockchain exposure. Now, how does cardano fit in here? It appears that cardanos role here is simply as an advisor and for technical guidance. Now this makes me wonder if cardano is planning some kind of white label service for their crypto services and decentralized identities, but we dont have all the information on that. Quite yet. Now last week we talked about two of cardanos biggest new partnership, so im going to briefly cover those in case you missed them and then well break down everything else that we havent yet talked about. So first we have cardano and dish. Slash boost mobile card is going to help out dish boost in two ways: first, with digital identities, who would have guessed it telecom companies, they spend heavily on security infrastructure to keep their user data safe and theyre constantly getting hacked, and this puts user data at risk And then second is a blockchain based, loyalty, point program, so dish plans to use cardano to build out this kind of loyalty points marketplace for their users and then these loyalty points ideally can be used for anything and third party developers will be able to build on This marketplace allowing you to use those points to buy really anything so theyre trying to catch up to credit card companies and their points in about a year and really make all that ground by using blockchain tech.

And then we have a new partnership with cardano and chain link. Now theres, a little bit of confusion here so im going to do some clarification chain link is the biggest blockchain oracle powering about 70 of all d5 in all cryptocurrencies. Their job is to get real world data and put it on smart contracts. However, chain link was built for ethereum, so cardano smart contracts now that theyve been launched, wouldnt have access to all that chain link data. Now this partnership will allow cardano smart contract developers to be able to be more creative and build more quickly by having necessary data, feeds, ready and available right away. Now. I know a lot of viewers on this channel are fans of ergo and were worried right away that this partnership means ergo is now worthless. The thought was that ergo is also in oracle working closely with cardano and cardano just up and left them in the dust and this isnt true theres, two parts to this. So the chain link and cardano partnership is great for cardano because it means developers on cardano will soon have all the same data feeds that developers on ethereum have, but this is not mutually exclusive. Ergo is still in the picture. There will be many oracles besides. Just these two and ergo has completely different methods, including oracle pools, which is a very interesting concept in itself. Not to mention ergo does many other things beyond just oracle services, including stable coins, they have their own decks now.

Second cardano ergo and a few others recently joined whats called the utxo alliance, where theyre going to share research, focus on interoperability, so communication across different cryptocurrencies and programmability. So they just entered into an even deeper partnership and heres. Some of the things that theyre looking to solve instrumental questions around how data is transferred between different blockchain environments. The amount of data used, the speed with which data is processed transaction costs and energy usage. Now the point that i am most excited about is that interoperability, because right now, a crypto in itself might be pretty smart, but they dont communicate with other cryptos its like having two websites but theres no way to send any information between the two websites theyre pretty Dumb in their selves, so the interoperability goal is awesome and someones going to figure this out and whoever figures it out is going to be rewarded handsomely if this utxo alliance really nails this down its going to benefit everyone in the alliance in a huge way now Lets look to the future of cardano, so ive recently been talking to many developers on projects for cardano. For this big video that im working on you guys are going to love it, and i noticed a recurring theme that i wanted to bring up. So everyone im talking to feels that not only is this the beginning, but its the beginning of the beginning for cardano, so yes, smart contracts are finally live and thats.

Exciting cardano has programmability, but theres still many more exciting things to come, like were just at the very beginning, like were almost just looking at the starting line. Its almost like, we havent, even started yet so two of the biggest things our first scalability through layer, two scaling – this is going to be huge in itself, were talking transaction speeds that can handle basically any volume and applications that are kind of unheard of in cryptocurrencies. Right now, and then we have governance which is being able to vote on the future of cardano as a community, and this is when cardano really takes a life of its own and begins being driven by the community and im very excited about that. So right now were all kind of just sitting here with like a stick poking cardano and were like hey wake up, you know, do a trick come on and current i was like. I got nothing to show you. You know i got capability, but theres, nothing built on me yet so we need to look at the context here. The development tools are here but theyre here, just less than a month ago. Teams are now really just starting to build. I mean there isnt a single dex running right now: theres one testnet decks running and thats ergodex. There isnt an nft marketplace with royalties, yet like there really isnt much except for just the tools at this point. But the tools are there and now its time to build.

So i think if youre someone like me, who spent a lot of time thinking about kryptos, it almost feels like were late to the party. Sometimes you think of cardano at two dollars and youre like im way too late, but if you zoom out were still on the starting line, i mean partnerships can just now. Finally, begin applications can just now be built theres, a lot of downward pressure on crypto right now, with uncertainty in legislation concerns with china and probably too high of expectations with cardano on launch day, even though most people were saying, hey, dont expect a whole lot on Launch day and minute to minute it might feel like you know, the space is dying or its over with or youre too late, but all you need to do is zoom out and i promise you will be excited all over again in this community. We really need to start thinking in five to ten year horizons, not five to ten days.