But before we dive into that it says about 72 percent of you guys watching are still not subscribed to the channel. So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our times well make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel right now we are seeing that bitcoin investors and the entire crypto market is becoming a lot less fearful. The crypto fear and greed index bounced back basically overnight, going from extreme fear to a neutral level, almost in a matter of 24 hours, as were seeing a lot of investors be much more optimistic for many reasons. One of these is because, historically october november and december are historically green months for crypto, so that is a good sign. Other thing going on is we just had a brand new prediction come out from the stock to flow model creator. His name is plan b thats. What he goes by on twitter, he came out and said that this second leg of the bull market will have at least six more months to go. He said right now: we are seeing no signs of weakness, no red according to his on chain analysis and in his opinion, we are only midway through this bull market right now, so he says at least six more months, and this is important, because this is the Same person, who predicted that bitcoins price would close the month of august 2021 at 47, 000 per coin.

That happened. He predicted that the end of september 2021, bitcoins price, would close at 43 000 per coin. That happened. Hes created the stock to flow model. He has made so many accurate predictions that you know what we got to actually take a look at what he says and when he thinks, based on his analysis, that the bull market is going to last an additional six months. Well, theres no way to know 100 for sure well its something to consider something to definitely um. Take a look at and value his opinion with how high bitcoins price could go. He says 63 000 by the end of october 98, 000 by the end of november 135, 000 for bitcoin by the end of december 2021 and even higher going into the next um few months of 2022.. That is very, very promising. Other stories going on is with um wide adoption. We are seeing that switzerland, the national postal service in switzerland just debuted their first ever crypto stamp, which is in the form of an nft on polygon, and this is very exciting to see large companies large countries. You know major countries around the world start to actually use nfts right now were really just seeing version, one of this, where theyre using nfts as digital collectibles for stamps, so theyre making stamps into nfts. But eventually this is gon na lead into um, not just collectibles, but more into access. Right now were in like generation, one of nfts eventually well get into generation, two and three meaning that theyre gon na become much more practical and useful long term.

So right now were seeing that swiss crypto stamp is basically just gon na provide a digital representation for a physical stamp. Its gon na be stored on the polygon blockchain. You can trade it on open c, and it is very exciting to see this, but im expecting big things for nfts moving forward, not just with countries but with corporations and individuals moving forward. A couple more stories, first, is with um. Ethereum ethereum is looking very, very bullish right now we have seen ethereums price break through 3 000 per coin, and the one thing that is going on is that were continuing to see all exchange reserves for ethereum decrease. This is a very bullish sign for crypto, meaning that we could see a supply squeeze as soon as more people start to buy if theres, less ethereum on exchanges and more people are trying to buy it. Well just supply and demand less on exchanges. More people want to buy its going to drive the price up even faster. That combined with eth 2.0 makes me very bullish on ethereum and its one of my most um its one of my biggest investments right now. Last story is with regards to el salvador. El salvador volcanoes have officially started mining bitcoin, and this is important you may think.