Are we doing the same thing as far as a parabolic run as it has been in the past? So what you need to do is just to take a look at uh where we have been to know where were going so were gon na. Take a look at a little market cap history, take a look at 2017 and 2021 and exactly how they just line up almost perfectly well, then, take a look at current on chain analysis to support that. Then a couple of stories about uh french bank uh eating up and gobbling up uh d5 projects and also uh voyager the brokerage. Some pros and cons so well go over all that stuff, but first take a look. Lets go on the market, so today it is saturday beautiful day and look markets up were doing pretty good were at 2.12 trillion and bitcoin price is almost at 48 000 id like to see that. But the sentiment for bitcoin today is pretty neutral and uh. It was crazy because, like as things were, dropping it seemed like the bullish sentiment was just just kind of increasing, increasing, increasing and now were here thats when people are getting cold, hands, uh or cold feet. I dont understand i i i think, as time goes on and everything starts to conclude, i think were in the right place at the right time with the right projects and uh just take a look at overall gains in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday was a great day: todays, not too bad. Look uh bitcoins up one percent ethereum is four, were almost at uh thirty, four hundred dollars, finance coin wow the number three spot at four percent and it looks like theyre, making a massive run at 4. 30. coronado is around 226 tether. Nobody cares solana now on the sixth spot, after jumping up 21 in a seven day average and uh i got to tell you, i got to tell you uh as far as like uh solana, im glad i picked that up. I want to thank two people mike the investor and also james from best answers. Their youtube channels are in my description and those the ones that got me uh into solana a while back and ive been dollar cost averaging for quite some time. So, anyhow, that is what is going on into the market, lets jump into todays top story, so uh. The first thing im not story per se, but its about market cap – and i was looking at this yesterday. We briefly touched on it and it was the total cryptocurrency market cap, and this includes bitcoin and every altcoin out there. Now we can kind of we can scroll down here and we can take a look at with the total crypto mark cap, excluding bitcoin, but i really dont care about that. I just dont what im looking for is patterns and im. Looking for what happened before to see whats happening now now, past performance does not equate to current results right.

I want to make that crystal clear. I know people have been comparing 2017 to 2021 forever, but i will remind everybody when i got into crypto in 2017. Every not everybody theres a lot of people that were saying that 2013 was an anomaly and we were not going to see that type of parabolic bull run and guess what happened it. The exact same thing happened and everybodys like well, because it did and then now i hear the exact same thing like well: okay, 2017 was great, but were not gon na. Have this parabolic bull run its gon na be shifting all the place, and maybe it will maybe it will but heres my question to you: what, if it isnt what if its the exact same thing, are you positioned in the right place? Are you doing your due diligence, its really a question that only you can answer? So when i take a look at crypto market cap, i mean look. If we just zoom out look at this horrible market cap, i mean how weak sauce 780 billion – nothing that was on january 5th, 2018. thats, when we were just losing our minds now look over here we had a market cap of 2., almost 2.5 trillion and then Of course, were all complaining because were at, like 1.3 trillion its amazing to me, so i took a look at that. I took a look at everything and i broke it down because we want to just you know, get a big picture.

We just zoom out like okay, everythings cool right, but why i wanted to take a look at was how everything compared. So i did three little pictures and uh. I took it to it like this. Let me put this up here. So if you take a look at 20 16 to 2017, everything was flat, on the left hand, side right flat flat as a board and then as we get into this was in 2017 in may. First of all, we had a little spike and then we had a dip, and that was uh. When we had a nothing of 68 billion that was in may 2017., then there was a little spike and there was a dip, and that was it went down to 67 billion so lower than it was in may, and everybody was talking about how crypto was dead. It was going to fall apart, then we had a spike and then another dip in september, and then it kind of little little spike and then it went parabolic. Okay lets just try to remember that thats uh thats, the one im punch focused on now lets take a look at this here: 20, 20, 20 21. Pretty flat had some pretty big action spike, then a big fat dip and uh. We were at 1.4 trillion everybodys talking about the the cycle is over. The bear market is here and well, never see it again, its just off okay, 1.4 trillion, and then we had a spike.

And then we had another dip in july 1.2, trillion so again may july and look at then a spike and then a dip its september. At 1.8 trillion it is pretty much mimicking the same thing over here. So if we take that and extrapolate it, just a little bit just take a look at what could be again september, not a great month. What happened after that october november december went parabolic. So again, i cannot stress this enough. This does not mean for a fact its going to happen, but if you look back in 2013 all the way to 2017 and again in 2017, they said the exact same thing: it wouldnt happen, and yet it did so uh. Here we are sitting on the precipice of what happened and, on october 1st, what do we have? Well, we had a pretty big run up a couple hundred billion just kind of flowed into the market, which is pretty funny. A couple hundred billion uh flowed in from two trillion to almost 2.2 trillion. Remember back here, our dip in may. The entire market was 68 billion, 68 billion, and now here we are so just try to remember that when in doubt zoom out, i think uh things will uh be okay. So let me think about that in the comments section, but i will just finish up with this story with this, and that is that, if technical analysis is pretty much a self fulfilling prophecy, if enough people talk about it and they believe in it, then seems like Ta kind of works out like that.

I know this bunch of ta people will say nah thats, not true, but uh. When you see enough of the charts and enough of the traitors, it kind of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So when we start to see like these types of things, is it a self fulfilling prophecy? What came first, a chicken of the egg, i dont know whats going what which way these these things are precisely going because im not nostradamus, but this is what i truly believe is going to happen. Not investment advice, just investment opinion, so this will be the narrative that im going to be with. I think, a lot of people out there in higher positions much more than me, so if it is or it isnt, maybe its just a self fulfilling prophecy. Let me know what you think about that in the comments section lets move on to our next piece. We talk about 2017. 2021. Oh, we already talked about that sorry about that on chain analysis. This is where it gets good on chain analysis. We like to see whats going on, i mean ta, is great. Fundamental analysis is fantastic sentiment. Analysis is good, but i also want to take a look at whats going on as far as on chain. So real quick. This is from crypto quant and it was talking about the most active otc movement since october. Last year. It states the ratio of all exchanges. The total transaction volume on the bitcoin network is at the lowest level since october last year and its on a downward trend.

Why is that important? Well, as we can see here, tokens are being transferred and, as theyre being transferred, the fund flow ratio goes down as theyre being transferred around the price has gone up, as things have been going just a little bit as far as like the increase of transferability and The fund flow out of exchanges are going out so once that happens, we have an increase in price weve had it again and again and again also we take a look over here uh as far as like bitcoin miners, again from crypto crypto quant, we can see That miners arent selling too much and then what happens when they dont sell they hold on to their crypto. Now the price goes up its amazing. How that works out and then also my favorite one all exchange reserves uh. This is just for bitcoin itself and uh. Look at this this in the in the uh bluish purplish uh, that is uh the actual reserve of what the exchanges have as far as bitcoin and it keeps going down because people keep buying it and transferring it off and then goes what happens. Well, we got the same demand, but not as much supply. All of a sudden price goes up yet again and then, of course, let me back up here and show you and then also heres another one of my favorites, its the ethereum all exchange reserve and its even more pronounced. Look at this uh from the top left hand, corner thats, a bluish purplish line, thats the reserves of all the exchanges and what they have as far as ethereum see, which is going down its uh going down mightily and they dont have much yet at all.

And look at the price: ah it looks nice. So if we can take a look at some on chain, analysis, look at price and demand, supply and demand, i think, were in the right place at the right time with the right product. Anyhow, let me know what you think about that in the comments and then lets go on to our second to last piece about frank, french bank and d5 im not going to spend a ton of time on this um its just its something that is in the Works and the reason why i like to talk about these things is because it just shows progression and adoption its not so much about this banks. Gon na offer this tomorrow, but its banks are getting into it. Institutions are getting into it, uh big name, people are getting into it and thats what we want. We want a lot of people under our umbrella to embrace digital assets and cryptocurrencies, so whats going on here. There we go third largest bank in france. Society in general proposes use of d5 protocol make or dao so the again french, multinational investment bank and financial services company associate general has proceeded to leverage the d5 protocol maker dao. The proposal dubbed security tokens refinancing, was published on october 1st. It aims to utilize the die stablecoin to refinance a covered bond concept again, if you cant beat them join them and thats exactly where all the banks are going theyre like look, we everybody wants cryptocurrency, we know where things are going.

We do not want to get blockbuster so lets just get on the train before everything just passes us by, and i think its a good idea just shows mass adoption and then lastly, just real quick want to talk to you about uh, voyager the pros and the Cons so uh this was uh. Youve, probably been seeing a lot of this on twitter crypto twitter. If you havent uh, follow me on uh on twitter there. I am an ad news asset everything. I talk about a lot of things i talk about. I talk about twitter, first kind of flesh things out, see whats going on and still it has all the best information, but weve probably been seeing a lot of information about people bragging about all of their yield that theyre gaining for just having cryptocurrency having bought on Voyager and just leaving it there – and i am no exception. So what we have here is, i stated this as the rewards roll in, if youre, using the voyager, app theres, no reason not to have at least 500 tokens. You get seven percent staking one to three x, crypto back rewards you get a 0.5 to one and a half earnings reward boost and you get a withdrawal discount now thats going to come later, but that whole part is still true and what we got right here. Heres, my wife, hello, and then we got the voyager token. I mean this is just me just having my my voyager token just staying on there, and this was just two out of the like 30 that i have uh.

I got 164 just voyager token and right now its about two dollars and fifty cents, so you know not too bad for doing zippo, nothing and then heres, bat, which i dont really have that much. But whatever else so i mean the pros is all right there. I always say like if youre gon na use voyager might as well have 500, unfortunately, its only for americans theyre still trying to branch out but thats, just one of the parts. Also, the big thing that i think about is if youre going to use voyager just use the recurring function. Its super simple to use ill show you right now its like the easiest thing of all time. So all im going to do is im going to pull up my my phone. So look so heres everything that that you can buy. You got bitcoin ethereum, xrp, blah blah blah lets, see something i dont i dont have uh lets, say: tron right tron. If im gon na buy tron im, not gon na buy tron, but if i want to buy tron, i just click this. This button right down here, you cant, really see it, says bytron and then itll say how much you want to spend. I want to spend 100 bucks and then its going to stay up here set up recurring, buy. I just click on that theres. My bank account im going to select the frequency daily, weekly monthly and just i just set it and forget it, and then i just put in again 100 and if i want to do it down here, it says slide to schedule and its already set up.

I dont have to think about it. It just comes in, i dont keep going back and so on and so forth. So to me, i think its like its like a pretty easy thing to use. Now i will say this: there is a downfall and these are the cons of the of using voyager, and that is that out of the 65 different assets that you can use, let me go back. You got everything i mean theres, a ton of things you want here: bitcoin ethereum, cardinal luna, atom v chain. I mean all this stuff right, 65 different crypto assets. Out of those you only have you only have uh 13 that you can take off the platform before everybodys like oh thats ill. Never use that because im gon na im gon na take that off and put in a cold storage sure you can but heres the thing i mean i, the 13, that they have are the ones that im primarily invest in theres. A couple that i dont once. If you leave it on there, you gain yield, and you just saw how much i get just for doing absolutely nothing if you dont want to do that. Dont use void or do something else, but if you do theres a link in the description, look something like this and ill take you to my handy dandy, exchange of wall fees, and these are all the different uh wallets and services that ive ever used and ones That i recommend and things that i just do not recommend so its all right there and it talks about.

You know if youre able to get loans like in celsius, its all right there and then all the commissions and whatnot and everything as far as like yield. So uh thats it for today look uh. I know it was a little bit uh long today that wasnt too long but theres a lot of things going on, and i will just say this: i still think that uh, the most exciting times are ahead of us and i think quarter. Four, like ive, been saying for the last i dont know year will be the big firework show and thats what i truly believe. So if you like that type of video go ahead and give me a thumbs up, we greatly appreciate it also consider subscribing how things we talk about on the show are time sensitive and that is it so uh.