I think really hex is having a negative impact on his confidence. This confirms your scam that youre. This is a so if people, if people are exchanging pump and dumb, that i thought were the only thing im amazed about and they think ill give you a bit of credit for that. If you found enough, morons of smart contracts actually led to a variety of much more sophisticated. Looking ponzi and pyramid schemes, etsy scam, is called hex and offers 40 interesting ive been seeing a ton of comments asking my thoughts on hex and i do agree it is. It is trash, it is a scam, sorry rich. This is the dumbest thing ive ever heard in my entire life: Music Applause, Music, all right im, through with waiting, i lost my patience. Excuse my language. These fools have got me nauseated. While they continue hating, their ignorance is blatant. We keep setting wreckage cause we aint playing. I could name names, but theyll remain nameless. Why give sean to a bunch of dudes that made arrangements to boost views and followers through their paid engagement? Two hundred thousand fans with five likes theyre, fake famous? You think you sound smart were sick of you. Keep on using big words, pretending that youre critical pay attention and be careful what they feeding you fake, gurus, keep feeding you on social media. You know you telling lies, but you still do it dude afraid to go against the grain, because youll lose influence.

The truth is all you care about, is views and, while youre youtube and your viewers will listen, cause theyre too stupid and the ones who made you expecting you to stay true and do whats in their best interest cause. They join your paid group. They do whatever you say just to make gains, but its too big a risk to pick up pennies from the freight trains we aint gon na listen. So your cook opinion a bunch of villains getting murdered from the old dominion. I told you pay attention. We was winning, but now your time is up for me, this is just the beginning and now my only mission to break the algorithm and take control and show the rest of crypto. What theyre missing already made my riches. So now the rest should listen sit down its time to review your definition. You missed the boat. You, the bed, youre, comparing hex to big connect. Didnt, do your homework and now youre awestruck one was vaporware, but hex is a finished product. Stop it drop. It just admit that you flop credit coach is back on my shut him down open up shop. Dont give a about your feelings. If you got hit im going all in im thinking, you should go to nominations. Why dont you step down make way for the new kids we on the block richard hearts on some new bought my mom, a new car, you riding in your minds: whip million dollar crib.

I can show you how to floss before i even started already knew. We won you get the unfiltered truth cause. I dont need the front subscribe below, because i need to buy food for my son ill need to rap ill. Do this for fun, we be setting record highs, you go running high, promoting lies completely missed the magic carpet, ride mad that you broke and we all got rich. I done cashed out mega millions jackpots. We follow richard to the promised land. You still follow. Promise coins buy any muffs to block out all the noise pulse about to blow. You should sit tight. Only richard you likes getting crammed down your windpipe, never been hacked, never down for a second, no matter how hard these furu clowns try to affect. It never have to question if i said it just respect it where effectivex is here to stay. I think you get the message and cmc can gate. Keep we dont give a and ghost to hex hating. They can lick our nuts and to the rest of these hoes that tiptoe imma continue to rip throats.