What is going on outdoor peeps take a look at this silver, bad boy, yep. Some of you guys might not know this, and some of you do. When bitcoin first came out, there was a silver coin that was handed out and inside there was a chip and each one of these held, like 10 bitcoin, now heres the kicker on this bad boy. If you have one of those besides being excited about the fact that theres 10 bitcoin in there, it would actually have a much higher value and not just because it has silver in it. Its because itd be collectors item its really rare. You would have a silver coin, limited edition with 10 bitcoin on there thats butt kicking, not very many of them went out, but this particular one. You could do it. You used to be able to buy it. I dont know if you still can, but you can do that im going to show you a little bit more about this here in a moment, but lets get into the markets because last night i did a video talking about a possible slingshot backup and it looks Like we might be heading that direction, hey folks, just a quick reminder that back in 2008 and nine, a lot of people lost all of their retirement savings in their 401ks and iras, because they did not own gold and silver yeah. Thats right, gold and silver protects. You from a market crash so do yourself a favor, protect your retirement by purchasing gold and silver.

You can go to moneymedals.com reach out to them and they will help you set yourself up to protect you and your family from having a start all over from scratch. If youre a first time, buyer and you spend more than a hundred dollars, use promo code, pimpy p, i m p y and they will send, along with your order, a free half ounce of silver. So folks do yourself a favor head on over to moneymetals.com and protect you and your family from a market crash as well as inflation so head on over there. The link is down below in the description. Right now is a good time. Things are on sale, but it wont be there for long thats for dang sure for those of you looking for my address there. It is right here, and you guys know i have this alternative website, where i can post videos that i cannot post over here on youtube. The link is down below for that, as well its only three dollars per month to get unlimited access to all the videos. A bunch of new ones were posted yesterday, so go check them out. So what do we got going on here since the video last night look weve seen one of the largest games, i think ever is what they said in overnight on bitcoin a four thousand two hundred fifty five dollar increase nine percent nice. So take a look at that nice big jump, but it wasnt just for bitcoin ethereum jumped up eight percent.

You can see theres a little bit of a run going on here on cryptocurrencies doze is up seven percent thats. What i get for talking, crap about it xlm, is up. Seven percent bitcoin is or is that v chain v chain up 17. They all are moving in the positive direction, except for stable coins, of course. So the news is this could be happening because uh powell said hes not going after cryptocurrencies hes gon na leave him alone. People are believing thats why this is happening, but whats going on up here. As far as gold and silver is concerned – and i was right yesterday – i was wondering why the f is on here. They are for futures why the heck it changed. I have no idea, but this is. Gold is now up 1761 still teetering around the 1750 mark, but look at a rebound on silver 2255, compare where it was so major upswing. If you want to see what im talking about take a look at this bad boy, this is the hourly you know. This is the minute chart, so you can see uh after that slam we saw the other day. It has been slowly but surely creeping right, back up, lets, look at the hour by hour heres. What im talking about when the other day – and i did a video showing you guys that somebody dumped 77 000 contracts on the market of silver and knocked it down a dollar? But look at this clam its time.

Its gon na keep going lets see how much of a rebound happens on the precious metals market. I believe the contracts for december are done, and this could be. Why now were starting to see uh the precious metals go up. All the contracts for december are done, and so its october is thats right. Let me make sure i get this right, so it rotates every other month. We just finished up with gold were now in october contracts. So delivery for silver is this month, then november is gold in december, is for silver and lets hope theres, no, more delays on the basil three. So with all the contracts finished for the month of december, and i mean by getting them uh finalized. It looks like now theyre gon na allow silver to do what it should do and that is go up so well. Watch that im watching with excitement its a nice little rebound in just over a couple days time, but definitely by the day, its definitely doing its thing. So here, just since last night at midnight, its already gained 49 cents thats, not too shabby just keep letting it go well keep an eye on it. I said like yesterday or last night and i released a video around midnight because once again, youtube is holding my videos for processing theyre, doing some kind of scan work to it or whatever the hell theyre doing to it, but anyways by time. It releases it its way hours later, so it went out sometime around midnight, and i spoke about gold and silver starting to take off.

There was a cup formation for gold. It was already swinging, then upside and silver, after it being smashed down because somebody dropped 77. 000 contracts, 374 million ounces on the market, thats paper, of course, its like 40 45 of the yearly total yeah, i dont think so. Anyways it did what it needed to do. They smashed the number down im sure it had something to do with the contracts. For december, but now that thats done lets hope that continues to go positive well see from there anyways. This is that coin had a picture of in the beginning, and it is really interesting by the way. So this is actually a silver bitcoin wallet it says below is a video of the brand new? Do it yourself, silver bitcoin wallet available from silverwallet.com? Is that even there still – because this is an older article? Oh man check this bad boy out 3095. So these right here are the bitcoin. I started to watch the video a little bit. You could just im gon na play just a little bit, so you can check it out. Hey everybody, hey daniel brown. Here this fast forward or both and you put it in there and then the coin is these are basically there you go a do it yourself, physical, bitcoin. Okay, what you do is you go online to bid address.org and you can print out uh wallets paper wallets with a public key and a private key, and what you do is you cut out the private key, the qr code, or just the string of characters or Both and you put it in there and then the coin comes with these holograms, which you can just stick on right.

On top there you seal it, keep your private key, safe. It uh. The holograms are tamper evident just like most physical bitcoins. So when you take off the hologram itll leave behind a mark or something like that and so youll know: okay, so whats kind of cool about this. For those of us who collect coins, we know you can send a coin in to be graded and they put it in a tamper proof, container, thats, really cool. My thought is so once you put your q code in here and then you put this hologram over it send the coin in and theyll seal it up in the case, and then you add it to your coin: collection or you hand them out. As coin collecting gifts, what that does it keeps it really secure this way? Theres no wear and tear theres, no tampering because its sealed in that container. So if you need to get the bitcoin, you would have to break the container. The other cool thing is: if it gets stolen, you have the bar code registered to you, so if somebody else tries playing with it in any way shape or form, the barcode keeps track of where its at so anyways. You can see these little stickers, hes gon na put one on like he does what he needs to do so there you go c put the tamper proof sticker over this, and i thought it might. You can see there.

It is a 32 hologram. These are both safe and sound, and i was able to get it fairly well. Centered on my first try im pretty proud of myself for that its not perfect, but it looks hard. No, i mean actually its kind of its kind of neat, and this is what im talking about. You can send it in to pcgs. They might grade it. Who knows, but you can do one where you know you just want them to seal it. For you see these little plastic containers that go around the coin, thatll be one way to protect your coin. So not only will you have the sticker on the back to protect it, but you would also have this hard container thats camper proof. I mean you could smash it with a hammer. Thats different, but i mean by tamper, proof is once coins are great. I see the barcode you dont want somebody cracking it open, then replacing your graded coin with a crappier coin and then saying hey thats the grade. No, no! No! You cant do that uh! You could tamper with these, but once its broken, the the authenticity is no longer any good any good. So you can send it in and have the coin sealed. So you would have the sticker on there, as well as the capsule thatd be kind of cool, so anyways yeah. I thought i would share that with you ill leave the link for this, so you guys can play around with it if you want to, but i actually think thats a cool um gift, so you know you dont have to do just bitcoin.

You can get. Who knows ethereum, you know you could give them as a give xlm xrp. What you could do is give it as a gift to yourself buy. You know i dont know: gazillion xrp put the code in there, the whole nine yards seal, it up seal it in the capsule. Put it away, forget about it and some years later go. Oh man. I forgot. I got like 10 000 xrp and right now, theyre at 500, a coin. You know something like that of course, im being crazy, but heres. What i was talking about, bitcoin price jumps after powell says u.s has no plans to ban crypto and thats affecting the market. In a positive way, everybodys running for the cryptos again, if you guys want to buy cryptocurrency the links down below in my description, you can go to coinbase, which is under a lot of united states regulations, but also very friendly user or kucoin. So the link for both of them are down below and i encourage you guys to go and use them if you are trying to buy cryptocurrencies. I said last night you might want to jump on something like xrp. It seems to be swinging up and when i said that, i think it was that, oh i dont know is it 90 cents or 95 cents and since then its gone up another seven cents and all these have gone up a nice chunk of look at this Looky here verocity up 16.

7 percent and it is going to climb. I was wondering if its going to jump back up there and look at sandbox 8 up 18. Remember i was talking about how disappointing it got down to 60 cents, and i remember at the time it was a dollar 15.. So all these are making the run. If you want to jump on little coins, sandbox voracity, sheba xrp are all on kucoin. I think sheba is now on uh coinbase as well, so hey catch that upswing catch that look at this now. Seventy percent whew all right so pal, says no touchy, decrypto and now cryptos are running. Oh. This is another reason why avalanche was taken off. Look at this coinbase to launch avalanche trading ahead of much anticipated avalanche rush, and it is moving just for the record. Are you at avalanche here? It is right here. Yes, look at that run at four percent. How can you go wrong with that? Who cares about that? 16 17 run on ferocity, four percent, four and a half percent, but look at this. It went from 279 on the low side in the past 52 weeks on up to yeah 79 now thats, not like a little increase. That is freaking huge and it did this within the last 52 weeks. So, on the low side, it was 2.79 on a high size, 79.52, its at 67.51, and you can see right here, coinbase getting ready to launch it.

So you can go to coinbase and buy these. If you want again, the link is down below in the description. So i was right about this. This is futures. Look at this go december, 2021., so their futures contracts why they changed it. I have no idea, but look at that nice little climb going on here, so gold and silver is rebounding, but so is everything else. I want to bring this to your attention because its still early in the day, if youre going to run over and jump on, crypto currencies. Obviously, you want to catch it when its going up, not when its going down, or at least you want to catch it when it bottoms out and then ride that bad boy, okay, again, every time you do any type of investment theres a risk involved, i still Will be bringing some information to you about how to invest in cryptocurrencies other than just going hey. I, like this coin, theres a lot more to it, theres a strategy to it, and i want to make sure that i get the information and pass it on to you, because i had an opportunity during this meeting in dallas to talk to people who are just Buying cryptocurrencies new new news: they do a lot of other things and they accumulate money. Every single day watch this sitting in there so thats something im interested in learning more about, and i will bring to your attention: okay, so again, upswing on the market, looking good silver, major rebound, you saw it its still going so when this thing dropped out a Couple days ago – and it literally was just a couple days ago – got down to 21.

50 were now up above it was a dollar five more nice lets hope that momentum continues, because all of us would like to see some positive movements in our investments. This is why i tell you guys when the market drops down, i had a feeling, and i wasnt kidding theyre, trying to smash gold and silver down around a dollar, and i said what dont panic, as a matter of fact, buy more right. Now you guys could buy some pretty good deals or money medals. I know theres some sales going on at other places as well, but as usual of course, im going to brag about money medals in the video i did last night i went around comparing other sites and showed you that, still to this day, money metals is the Most competitive site youll be on when it comes to investing in metals, theyre, usually the cheapest, if not, then the second cheapest, but last night they were the cheapest, but this this right here this right here, i think i got ta get one of these things. Man seriously, i dont know if theyre still available, oh yeah. No, i dont want one, not a three thousand ding dollars, but uh feel free any of you out there. You know my millionaire friends if you want to get me a gift. This is ridiculous, but i do like it. I thought it was kind of neat and i thought i would share it with you.

Okay, you guys thats. It look at this. Look at the date, 2014 yeah whats that tell you thats how old this is, but i bet you theyre still around well. We just saw that i, like this theres something kind of cool about this. You want to talk about a gift seal it up and give it to somebody who dont realize what they have and then all of a sudden. You know, 20 years later they go what the heck. I had this all along because im sure the people that got these original coins from bitcoin, because not the original, but they have coins that are like this. That has a key in there that gave you 10 bitcoins when bitcoins are like point: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero one cent very nice all right. You guys thats it for now, man hit the thumbs up button. You should be happy about this news, so go ahead. Show some love if youre, not a subscriber.