As always, it is nick here back today, the crypto news and analysis and, as you guys can probably hear, i do sound a lot different uh im utilizing a different mic. I do apologize if you guys do hear any background noise. This mic is pretty much very sensitive, so it picks up everything. So, overall, today were going to be addressing the entire market, um, mainly bitcoin, and pretty much how i think hbar is going to play out throughout the upcoming months, as well as in this month, so overall, very exciting, uh days ahead of us very exciting day as Well, as we do see bitcoin and pretty much the entire market kind of continue, its rally from yesterday uh, as i said you know, october, is going to be very, very bullish for all of crypto, especially following the four year cycle. So overall lets check out some percentages, so we are up 2.42 percent sitting around a 2.14 trillion dollar market cap. We see bitcoin pretty much ranging here around the 48k zone. The next target for us is personally, in my opinion, 49.5 k somewhere around. There were going to be addressing that and actually talking about the next target points. Overall up, seven on the seven day span: 12.62 percent. We do see ethereum peaking over 3 400, which is very bullish, as you guys already know. Um now we do see most altcoins kind of doing a little bit of a rally, nothing too crazy right for the most part, we see solana up again 6.

25 xrp sitting around the dollar five zone, and we do see h bar uh down here. Where is it there? We go at number 33 up. 11. Almost almost 11. I should say 10 point 77 bouncing around there, but it looks very, very bullish. So overall i always address this chart. So when were talking about bitcoin monthly returns right, we go all the way back to 2013 2014 and from the chart, as you guys do see, you know, june is usually fairly rough and we do see that september is fairly rough. Now this is not fully updated. This chart is not, you know, obviously, in real time as we we are basically in october of 2021, but we already know from the past experiences that may was fairly bad and even if we followed the 2018 structure right now, i know that this is not the Way that we would possibly do it because 2018 is pretty much after the bull run, but we do see that may and also even june, is fairly rough even for most percentage gains. But of course, in 2017 may was fairly bullish into in 2021 may was fairly bullish up until the end of may, then we seen june. Pretty much bleed out same goes for 2013. It was a negative 31 return and then we follow into july, which was pretty much a little bit of a you know solid state month. It wasnt too crazy. It wasnt too bad.

It was pretty much as solid uh august 33 august for us wasnt too bad either. We just kind of ranged on september, usually always bad for bitcoin. Every single i mean look at this. You know we go back to 2011. negative 38 percent, negative 3 percent in 2013, 2014 negative 18 and uh and it goes to follow right. Then we talk about october november and december, so 2013 october 59 november 451 percent of an increase in price 2017. 47. 49. 29, so we are expecting october november and december for 2021 to follow through with this pattern and see a major bullish return for bitcoin and as well as the entire market right. So first off lets talk about h, bar so im very, very bullish on hbar. As you guys already know – and i think hbar has been showing us very bullish, uh settlement times so when were talking about you know it peaking over 40 cents for an example that is extremely extremely bullish for us im going to be addressing the bitcoin chart for Hbar as well as the usd pair for it as well so with that being said, lets just jump over to uh were gon na, go to the bitcoin usd chart first and then were gon na. You know move over to the age bar chart, so in regards to the bitcoin chart like i said, this is extremely strong. We bounced off of some solid support up there at about the 47 point, almost 8k zone exact.

I think that this is extremely good for us, because i think that were going to range higher here, as we do peak up a little bit above that zone, as we continue on into october. Just remember that the first half of october isnt extremely bullish. Its sort of us kind of you know trading sideways a little bit, but most all coins are doing extremely well. As we even see you know, hbar is doing great, but we see q and t is up to 333 dollars. I told you guys, when i bought seven of it at about 290 dollars, so that ones extremely doing extremely well, and it shows right. Bitcoin for right now is in extreme bullish. States, right and now were were targeting 49.3 k, basically around the 49.5 k zone, um with the high targets of 63 dollars by the end of october, and i still will say that i think that that is pretty much the solid point where we could be now. Overall, as you guys do see, we reclaimed every single ma, the 50, the 100 in the 200 day ma so im expecting some high targets to be targeted right now, but we have to break over 49.3. K same goes for back here right when we couldnt really peek over it um officially, you know 50 point, like 6k almost was a strong resistance point until we broke out of that wedge so right now we want to target 49.

3 k after that, its 40 points. Uh 50.6 k, sorry and then the next point of that would be breaking over 52.7 k targeting 63k by the end of the month. So im watching this very very closely as we do see it playing out now. I am very bullish on the bitcoin dominance chart. As you guys do see, we rejected off of the 52.67 zone exact at about the 50 day ma, which i was explaining to you guys about that earlier this week, which im very very bullish about now, as we do reject off of that point. Im also watching a lot of other charts. While we do this, because i think that this could range us to go much much lower as we do range on into october, as well as into november. I think november is going to be the very bullish state for us now, with all this in mind. Im watching the dollar here closely, as we do reject off of some solid resistance on the dollar and we actually started to go lower were actually at 94. Now, im personally targeting about 93.73 as the major support zone here, its also a major resistance zone. So if we could break below that, i think that will most likely retest it until we really break that 93.44 zone. So overall everything looks fairly good within the markets. You know bitcoin bitcoin dominance looks good as bitcoin dominance is breaking down and bitcoin bitcoin is ranging higher thats.

What i wanted to see ive been explaining to you guys that throughout this entire week, so overall when were talking about hbar as well. So, as you guys already know, i have some major targets for hbar and a lot of people are like well dude like come on. Like seriously those targets, cant be target, this bull run but thats. The thing you cant say that when were talking about something like hbar, so as you guys do see this this major rectangle here, i made this on some solid support and resistance. 42 cents is the major resistance point here and look at exactly what we rejected off of so until we break 42 cents on hbar were not going to see too much higher movement in regards to the price action. But i do want to see us break above the 46 end zone up there with the high targets of 50 cents plus, and i think that that happens most likely by the middle of october. I think the next major target for hbar once we do break out, is a dollar. I know a lot of people have been saying that i know that ive been saying that for a very long time and a lot of people are just kind of saying that its a dream whatever. But the thing is, is that this asset has been very strong. Throughout this entire dip uh, i said that its going to regress the 50 day ma and thats a very strong point for it to hold thats, why i was buying at 32 cents as well and uh, look at exactly what it held right.

So the 50 day ma has been a very strong point for h bar and we are in some major demand zone as well as in that major 40 to 42 cent zone, and i couldnt be any more happier with h bar right now because opposed to most All coins, it is severely outperforming most in regards to percentage gains and in strength. Now i am watching the h bar bitcoin chart so, as you guys know um, i was watching this very closely as we did break the 750 sat level, and i was going to say that you know we could see a re test of the 714. That would basically break us down below the 50 day ma. We peaked down a little bit below it. Nothing too crazy, a lot of support there. So when were talking about whats happening here, we are hitting some resistance up at the 875 sat level. That was also the level that we needed to break to really break over the all time, high past or in the previous little run that we had so overall. What i personally want to see is 875 sats being broken, and we retest all the way up there at pretty much 1 153 sats for us to break over the current all time high. So, in regards to the usd pair and the bitcoin pair, i think that they both look extremely strong in strength, its not overbought its, not oversold. We are up basically 10.

48 percent on pretty much almost both of them uh, with the bitcoin pair being up pretty much 10.28, so these have been rising significantly in volume. Now, going back to what i was talking about in regards to percentage gains, how do we get to these high targets of you know? Basically, one dollar three dollars six dollars and potentially 10 to 15 dollars. Well, its very very simple right: we have the volume we are listed on major exchanges, weve seen multiple exchanges. This is a new one by the way, um. Now, of course, i ive never heard of coin market league, but hey it does allow for a lot more volume to be flowing throughout the entire market as well as flowing into hbar. So thats very good for us overall, more places to buy equals more people following in thats. Exactly how i look at it. We are on As you guys already know, is a massive exchange, as they do have partnerships with you know: ufc. They have partnerships with a lot of sports, uh, related exchanges or organizations overall. So this is very bullish to me. Uh, you could buy it with literally 23 plus currency, so i think that this is extremely bullish for us uh. We are on major exchanges. We are on major markets, so you know overall theres a lot of places to buy this. I understand that a lot of people are still waiting for coinbase. Dont worry coinbase will happen once we pump over a thousand percent.

As we already know from you know, ada, you know once ada really broke out of the dollar thats when pretty much coinbase was like all right. Well, lets jump on this and lets actually list this. So, overall, when were talking about hbar and hbars future, i think that we are looking extremely good for november, as well as for the rest of this month. I told you guys, you know, september 27th, to the middle of october is going to be the very bullish sediment period where we do change from bearish to bullish and guys i couldnt be any more bullish. That is why im not a perma bull im, always bullish in regards to the long term viewpoint, but short term. We could always be bearish or bullish, im bullish on both short term and also long term. So, overall, i hope that you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on, if you guys dont my free content, you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord description below. If you guys do want more paid content, you guys can go to my website and get my exit strategies and all that kind of stuff. But nonetheless i hope that you all have a beautiful day or beautiful night, wherever you guys are just before this.