I want to put this video out because a few of you may be thinking. How do you claim your tokens? If, like me, you would have probably probably given up because what happens every time you click claim. Is it just comes up with an error and says no reward, pool um and reward pool empty, ignore that just keep spamming claim. So if you keep spamming it and pressing okay climb claim: okay claim: okay, eventually that payment that claim will go through and, as you can see here, proof of it going through. I was able to claim my 127 bomber coin, which i accrued within about a 30 hour period, so about almost ten dollars, an hour that ive earned with this, which is crazy. This is covered. You know i put a video out saying yesterday that i was it was 30 a day. At the moment it is more like 200 a day which is yeah well beyond return of investment. This coin has been flying its now 1.94, which is just far exceeded. My expectations, if you got in when i first mentioned it in hot projects and scout this – is a really big potential youve easily made a 3x on this um. So hopefully, youve been with me on this and ill made a few of you all made a quick penny on that. We also obviously can keep on earning on this. The question is: when will the bubble burst? When will this this peak? This rise start to come down.

Who knows all right, you know the games like these, they can either go for a week or they can die off. You know very quickly. Once people can start selling, you know a lot of their assets, but its still flying and i think theres theres going to be a lot of interest in it. Like i say, nostalgia effect people are going to be one wanting to to keep playing this um. I mean its just the thing that i have to show you, because this is my epic guy. This is how fast he moves right and hes laying down bombs left right and center. He clears up most of the board. For me, um definitely deals with those hard difficult, blue chests which have the most health um, but look check this video out. This is insane, so this comes from um one of the one of my viewers, not boss on discord, sent me this. He has an epic, was it super, legendary, the vampire, and it is mad, like blue chest, doing damage? Is it takes time to do that, but it does damage on a blue chest, every single bomb that pops and hes told me how much he just claimed because he just claimed at the same time, 157 coins within a 24 hour period. Pretty damn good. You know the fact that hes, claiming about 300 a day now on this game, uh amazing, it does depend on you – know, getting a really good hero on this.

How quickly youre gon na take things down um, but its one of those games which some people will get lucky and get the legendary or super legendary and farm coins. A lot quicker and therefore get the most of this, whilst its in this stage um. But there it is, for you guys, just wanted to get it out just in case, because i didnt want people to, as i dont know. If this does burst and um people start realizing, they can sell and claiming and everybody hammers it. And then everybody starts selling off before that. I wanted to give you guys the the first chance to do so at least sell off what youve earned to get the best out of your return of investment on this best chance of it. Okay, thats! All for this one hope you guys enjoyed it. If you have please leave a like on the video hit subscribe. If you keep it today with more content like this im going to cover plenty of games in the future different entity, projects which you know, i think weve picked out a fair few projects in this um in this space that have done well and ill.