You visit, email, instagram everywhere. Yep today were talking about data collection topic. We all know something about, but besides casting off technology and living off grid in the woods, we still have no idea how to control it. Data is a hugely profitable commodity and its one that we are currently giving up for free, and this is where cirrus foundation comes in powerful platform that allows users more control over their data, compensates them with crypto for giving access to their data. Today we break down what cirrus is talk about some exciting rollouts and announcements lets get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs. My name is ben everyday. On this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button in this sponsored video. We talk about major updates and rollouts for cirrus and why its token is set to make some serious gains. The sirius foundations mission is to unlock data ownership, take the big profits, the tech companies are generating from data collection and make it an asset that is ownable by the individuals who are generating it. Cirrus router is a plug and play solution that generates real value from daily habits by paying for data with crypto thats right get paid for the data youre generating online, rather than allowing someone else to get paid for your information.

This all comes down to the ownership economy, where individuals have a financial stake in participating in an ecosystem and ultimately, they own what they contribute. Cirruss mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by being an on ramp for owning, managing and monetizing this digital commodity. In a new era of digitization, people generally lack access to digital ownership, because the control is not in the users hands, they have limited ability to monetize data and they dont get to decide when they give it away with the cirrus network. Data assets are unlocked by user generated events and create real value through lead capture. Ad revenue and network support with web 3.0. Decentralization has changed the game as it stands. Companies have ownership and control on how individuals interact on their platform. They also control what information they get from users. A prime example is the facebook cambridge analytica data scandal allowed an app to build psychological profiles on users, collect personal data from the users, friends through facebooks, open graph platform, all together the app harvested data from 87 million facebook profiles all without their knowledge with web 3.0 And the serious foundation data breaches like this can be a thing of the past. Initially serious devices will be deployed as an internet router replacement with isp contracts worldwide. This will give households a chance to earn 50 percent of the dollars generated from ad revenue from their data, which would be paid out from the cirrus wallet.

Cirrus token has been in a long consolidation trend for the past month and its easy to pick up on centralized and decentralized exchanges trading at around 60 cents. At the time of this, recording makes cirrus an easy way to get it on the ground floor of a project that has a lot of upward potential, its one low cap gym. We love to see on this channel now that youre up to speed on cirruss mission, its your turn to take on a mission smashing up that like and subscribe button for us. It helps get this decentralization and blockchain content out to more people and is the best thing you can do to support this channel. We appreciate you. According to the cirrus team, big data is broken. Data is the worlds largest digital asset and users are not being compensated for this asset, even though theyre the ones creating it cirrus wants to give the control back to people by making data a bankable asset converting its value into crypto. This is an idea i can get behind users plug in a simple device or use an app and bang. They can now leverage the data that they know is being taken from them. Finally, profit from it themselves. How does all this work? Well, the sears platform collects and organizes profiles of user information and data once users choose to share their data from the datakeep wallet is processed by deep learning algorithms. In a data management platform, the data is then monetized.

All this combined allows control and granulation of data. Cirrus has some exciting new announcements and updates coming out that are sure to move the project forward in a powerful way. Theyve recently announced finnis conner as senior advisor. Fitness is a tech giant founder of seagate technologies and conor. Peripherals conor peripherals is still the fastest growing hardware company out of silicon valley, and they will become instrumental in developing cirrus hardware. Roll out strategies, another fortune, 50 tech giant to join cirrus as a senior advisor is former apple. Ceo gil emilio milio will also serve as chairman of its commercial division and help cirrus technology reach untapped markets. Milio has a vast global network that will help cirrus expand. Milio is well known for navigating apple through rough times in the late 90s, when he improved innovation and oversaw the mac os 8 operating system. Since then, hes remained a venture, capitalist and board member at several companies, including 18 years as a t director, but we wont hold that against him. Additionally, cirrus is looking ahead at some major updates on product rollout. They have a phased approach that will conclude in a fully functional version of the platform, with monetization enabled through the cirrus device right now, theyre developing a virtual platform solution to enable anyone without a device to still take ownership and monetize their data. All this will be a three part release phase. One genesis will be an early access version. Users can sign up now for the wait list.

The expected release is q4 in 2021.. I think thats now and users will be able to connect their metamask wallet, swap tokens between matic and ethereum networks and stake serious tokens. The second phase is alpha and its release will be in q2 of 2022. This will introduce the cirrus browser extension for data collection. The data module and mobile app this will mark the beginning of data collection with cirrus phase. Three is everest plan for release in q2 of 2022.. Evers will see the release of a fully functional version of the platform with monetization enabled easily connect to and manage the cirrus device for higher quality data collection and increased earning opportunities for users timeline for all. These rollouts are coming up very soon, which definitely makes sirius foundation. One to watch cirrus has also announced the first internet service provider or isp contract with d voice. Testing for this isp has been completed and cirrus is gearing up for deployment. This is a major isp in india, and devoice will be rolling out the cirrus router device to their user base. This will bring non crypto users and households into crypto for the first time. This strategy is designed to maximize the adoption of the cirrus ecosystem using routers to onboard internet users to blockchain and web 3.0 series foundation. Ido happened in august 2021 through scale swap polygon powered ido platform. Cirrus was the platforms flagship launch after its ido, which launched in around 50 cents price of cirrus rocketed to its first all time, high of 1.

71, its since seen a steady, pullback and right about now, its trading around 60 cents. More bullish news for serious is its new partnership with polygon to use full stack, ethereum scaling solutions to enhance functionality of the cirrus ecosystem. This aims to bring enhanced security, high transaction speed and easy bridges between blockchains building on polygon also allows the easy plug and play router hardware solution that will enable blockchain, adoption and accelerate adoption of web 3.0 and the ownership economy when its complete the serious ecosystem will Consent of the cirrus device, cirrus core and the cirrus confluence network, so give users true ownership over their data streams, put the profits for data back in the hands of the people, creating it. You got ta love.