My name is the superman, your superhero of cryptocurrency, and i find you the 100x gems. If you love content like this on a day to day basis, make sure you smash a like on this video, you hit the subscribe button to join team super. A lot of you are not subscribed. So if you subscribe make sure you say to me, i am new and ive subscribed and i will respond to you and hit the bell notification, because timing is literally everything. So, since the last video, the bitcoin price has shot up, it did go to the early 40 thousands, but from that point it then shot up as the us dollar did a reversal. So the us dollar was pivotal to bitcoin, going down in value, as well as the global stock markets, but since the us dollar has done a? U turn. Actually, if we have a look, the standard and poor is still down. The dell jones is still down the nasdaq is down, however, stores of value like gold and bitcoin have started to shoot up, showing that there is a universal acceptance. That bitcoin is a appreciated asset by the financial elite, because this has led to the prices going up. Now fear has gone from extreme fare now back into fear. Now. Is there still a period of uncertainty? Yes, because the? U turn could reverse on the dollar at any point or bitcoin could keep going up if the dollar goes back to remaining stable, so were still in a period of uncertainty, but my personal recommendation always is to dollar cost average.

When you see that prices are looking very favorable for the crypto currencies you like now, something is worth considering is that etfs are probably going to form part of the bull run, whether that be what makes it explode or what makes it crash. So the sec has delayed decision on four bitcoin etfs, and the review of applications has been extended by 45 to 60 days. This now means that the deadlines for these applications are now november, the 21st december 8th december, the 11th and december 24th. Now, if we cast our minds back to 2017, this was an exact replica. Basically, the opening of bitcoin futures on the cboe exchange or cme exchange is what led to bitcoin shooting up to 20k on the day it actually launched was the day everything crashed. Okay, so news of it exploded the price. Now these etfs should they have favorable decisions on these particular dates, like basically its almost a week after a week to two weeks after each other. Now this could cause a snowball effect if each of them was actually accepted. Then there could be yes, yes, yes and the price could go from 80 to 100 to 120, or it could go from 80 to 120 to 200. You dont know what could happen and then should the etf actually start could be the end of the bull market. Who knows so? This bitcoin etf could be a leading narrative. It may not be the be on an end, all narrative, but its something to consider.

If you have been watching the supermans videos, i called another 100x. So gamezone is a cryptocurrency that i have bought you on two occasions. This was a cryptocurrency launched on all bluezilla launch pads, and this came out to 142 x, which essentially would mean that 300 invested in this has essentially turned to 42 000, which is absolutely insane and fantastic. Now, i would say, the best allocation actually came from aidapad. So gamezone very soon after they launched, did open out their website and with that website they were showing really what is the utility of having the game zone tokens so really is having access to play to earn gaming free, airdrops, new games, nft offerings, but also access To their launch pad okay, so the igos are the initial game offerings with upgraded allocation and access to the first come first serve round and early access to new games over features. That is, if you have the highest tier 70 000, which, at the time recording, is basically around about thirty five thousand dollars. Thats huge. However, for ten thousand dollars, you can also get an allocation to the standard allocation for uh initial gaming offerings. So this is what, as with all blue zilla launch pads, they launch utility very soon after the actual token launch. So although this came out and went out to 70 cents at absolute best, this did actually have in value thats coming down to still a 70 x. But then shot back up to over 100 x.

This is now over 100 x, still the price, so the next one thats coming out is astro soft and i imagine astro. If you have been subscribers, the superman again, i brought you a game. The other week called three kingdoms. Now i am gon na be doing a team super specific giveaway, so its the tsgs people team super giveaway, its the beginning, im hoping this is the beginning of more giveaways, but for this one specifically, i am going to be giving away 12 of these cards. These three kingdoms characters cards. They all are worth two stars so who wants to be part of the ttk giveaway? Well, if you do want one of these cards, essentially they cost a half a finance coin. Okay, so there are 12 character cards that im going to be giving away so 12 slots. So this is going to be four characters from the three kingdoms, so wei, shu and wu all right now, as i say, normally its worth half a bnb. So this is going to be because it would be given away in the raffle, but you would have to pay for a raffle and that would be half a finance coin so, instead of paying essentially, i am going to be giving away 12 of these cards. So how do you get involved? The way to get involved is to follow the three kingdoms on twitter telegram and discord channels, and also make sure that you follow the superman watching is not merely enough.

I am going to be looking at the people who have subscribed so make sure you subscribe. You follow here on twitter and following in the masterminds group. So when you get into the masterminds group, send a message to patrick whos, my awesome administrator, showing him the screenshots youve done everything you need to do and also let him know from what kingdom you want a character from so now on to the cryptocurrency that you Can buy right now, im gon na be fully analyzing this cryptocurrency, so before i get into it im, not a financial advisor and all cryptocurrency investments are risky. Do not copy my portfolio if i say im going to invest, dont just invest because of that reason. Do your research and use me as a basis for that research and all views and predictions expressed here for personal opinion and for educational purposes. So what is this cryptocurrency? I hear you say so this cryptocurrency is called metis dow. So what is metis, and why should you consider adding it to your portfolio? What is special about metis, so, first things. First, what is metas metis is a layer 2 solution for ethereum to basically make ethereum scalable. So if you have been using ethereum lately, it can cost you an exorbitant amount in gas fees to be able to put through a transaction. Even if youre minting an nft can cost you hundreds of dollars, so it has a very high barrier to entry.

You need to have hundreds of dollars already in your ethereum account to interact with the affair and blockchain, and it is just not right. You know anybody wanting to get into cryptocurrency nowadays, you know if you are transacting on uni swap or trying to maintain an ft, and you see the costs involved with it. Youre instantly put off so layer. Two solutions have absolutely soared. They are one solutions that are ethereum. Killers have absolutely soared, and metis is one of these solutions so, like i said its a layer, two solution, its a fork of optimism. So optimism is a type of layer 2 solution, so there are plasma side chain, zk roll ups and optimism and arbitrary. These are all types of layer, 2 solution. Now matic offer plasma side chains, something like loop ring and zk swap offer zk roll ups. These are both good layer, 2 solutions. However, optimism is being considered the best scaling solution for ethereum. Very recently, a cryptocurrency called truebit that was using optimism recently, absolutely spiked in value from nothing and metis is exactly the same, but better in my personal opinion. Why? Because this is a fork of optimism, so essentially they are going to be using the optimism virtual machine, which is ethereum virtual machine compatible, but with scaling compatibility. Now the difference between optimism, virtual machine and what metas have created, which is the metis virtual machine, is that this comes with additional storage. So, if its with matic using their sidechain solution, which is essentially running in parallel with ethereum, they are not necessarily downloading.

All of the data required and that software data may be required by miners to put through a transaction. So that is why optimism is such a good solution, because it is much more appropriate for smart contracts, whereas side chains and zk roll ups are not. This is why optimism is used in this case, but metas provide data storage for that additional information to allow for better and faster settlement of transactions. Their usps are decentralized autonomous companies. So, as an autonomous company, you can literally have a fully functioning business that is operating on smart contracts using meta, so any business that uses metis can essentially be completely autonomous, can be completely self running via smart contracts, so, for instance, payroll systems, if you just literally, Have a business operation of paying people, then you can run that directly through metis because not only have they got the transaction network, but theyve got the data storage that keeps all the information that is required, also access. So this is access for the normal user. Okay, so somebody that hasnt got piles and piles of cash to spend on gas metis gives a much lower cost and much quicker time frame, so its good for developers, its better access for developers and is better access for users for the ethereum network. Also security with optimism: essentially, it still utilizes ethereums proof of work security, but with the additional throughput, scalability. Okay, so youve still got the excellent security of the proof of work mechanism of ethereum.

Now, as far as scalability is concerned, metis does 2 000 transactions per second, which, as you can see, is pretty much on par with salah one second transactions and block finality. So if you are looking at pulse chain, this is faster than pulse chain. So pulse chain is looking to be around about 1200 transactions per second. This is going to be nearly double that and it is only two to five cents: gas fees. How big is the project so far, so theyve got 26 projects in their ecosystem, so this ranges from infrastructure defy dexes game fight, nfts, launch, pads and wallets. So some of their better known, clients include pasik, casper and paid network, so paid networks, ignition and apollo x platforms, gon na be run via metis. So what are the milestones coming up that may be leading to an increase in value for metis theyve got a hackathon that is going to be starting from tomorrow. Their test net, their public test net is coming out in two weeks and their main. That is likely to come either at the end of this month or next month, and then there are listings to be announced. So they are really at this moment on a few exchanges theyre on They are on b keck or bkx and theyre also on decentralized exchanges, but they are not currently on any of their decent, centralized exchanges like huay bq coin finance. So therefore, this is something that they are moving towards come the end of the year.

So there could be some really good gains coming towards the end of the year. So what is the size of the opportunity as it stands right now? A lot of the cryptocurrencies i bring. You are worth hundreds of thousands. Rarely do i bring you something in the millions, but that is because i rarely bring you something that is already out. This cryptocurrency is actually still a microcap cryptocurrency, so its under 50 million dollars. So it is a 46 million dollar market cap. That means 37 per token and 1.2 million tokens in supply for it to even equal. What may, where matic is right now normatics all time high, if it was the all time high id be more like 320 x, but to where matic is right now, 176. So some really good multiplier potential. However, matic really has ring fence the layer, 2 playground and its going to be very, very difficult for any business, whether its true bit or metis to actually infiltrate and penetrate that market. But what i can see metas doing is theyre making like matic, did over the course of time, steady and encouraging progress amongst partnerships and penetration of the market, its taken nearly three years for ethereum based projects to port over to matic. So you know they have had time on their hands and they came out much earlier. Metis is much newer and still has the network effect to create something that has also allowed metis to get a lot of pr is the fact that within their team is natalia amelie.

Now, if you dont know who metallia ameline is look at the eyes, do they look familiar to you? She is the mother of vitalik buterin. Okay, now she works for them as a technological researcher and business development, member of staff. So i think that what a lot of the rumors are is his mother may have a conversation with him over the dinner table and say: hey: have you heard of this company im working for metis? We are scaling up ethereum and then ethereum may blog about it. So i think this is one of the kind of tenuous links people are making to metas increasing in value. So i want to hear what you guys got to say: what do you think of metis? Is it something you would invest in those skating solutions? I really like magical way ahead of the curve. Mata got very good, vcs ive got to say, metis doesnt have anywhere near the kind of vcs. In fact you dont really know of any of the vcs. None of the you know big top tier or even mid tier other than maybe a u 21 got behind metis early on, but anyway, yes, so there we are people. What is your opinion on metis? Would you buy it? Are you interested in it and, if youre not interested in it? What are you interested in and do you think this has a chance of catching up with matic, and do you think that vitaliks mum is going to encourage her son to tweet about this and thus leads to maybe a multi billion market cap for metis? I want to hear from you guys, hey people, that is it for another episode.

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