I was writing stuff down all day in my little notepad. I have a lot of things to cover with you here, so get comfortable, relax a little bit, maybe ill flip out a little im, not sure, probably not, but well see how this this plays out again. None of this is scripted ever i i sit down here and i just i just talk. I keep it as real as i possibly can. One take, win, lose or draw, and i am done so anyway. People look before i get started. Thank you. A huge big, beautiful you know covered in plus of loveliness. Thank you to those of you who choose to support my work. The first of every month. I ask for your support and a bunch of you did this month more than usual right generally, not many people support my work. This is the true i ask you to do it very few. Do but, but right now, more than usual uh tells me that im doing a good job – and i am trying for all of you, um again – were gon na – were gon na address more of that here people. So a rally today on wall street uh, a nice rally too and the market again its not done at all, despite the fact that we got inflation surging at his fastest pace. Actually, in 30 years, uh core inflation spiked at its highest pace in 30 years and were not done uh theyre going to try to downplay this the mainstream media.

But the fact of the matter is this is all baked. In already again, the federal reserve has no intention at all of slowing the pace of inflation down. As a matter of fact, we heard from fed president evans, who recently said hes concerned hes concerned. Are you ready sit down that inflation is not high enough already look once in a while a little truth squeaks out of these things, that that run the federal reserve? The fact of the matter is they want to inflate. They want to continue to inflate and theyre, not going to stop taper no taper, whatever it might be, inflation is going to get worse. They cant stop it its a phenomenon that we have seen throughout history once those floodgates are open and theyre open. Now its nearly impossible to stop the fed has been on a mission since the meltdown of 08 uh to to buy it all to become the lender and and buyer of last resort to fulfill their end game, uh, creating trillions and trillions and quadrillions of dollars. Out of thin air just to keep everything the way, it is right now funneling dollars around the world and right now these dollars are coming home, theyre coming home here and thats. Where were starting to see inflation, they dont care, they dont care about it. Even though fed chair powell is now saying, hes, frustrated and hes admitting now that its not transitory, stating that inflation is going to persist until at least 2022.

. You see im starting to flip out here already. You cant make this stuff up its an incredible thing. As long as the market realizes, this mechanism is going to stay in place, the the bad economic news that does not stop, because our economy is contracting as a percentage of gdp faster than it ever has in history. Youre not supposed to know that big secret keep it quiet, im lying. I want you to get it out. There tell everyone whats going on, but but look unless their brain dead, which is essentially possible. Okay around through time and space, they dont know who they are. What theyre doing why theyre doing it, you know being told what they can and cannot do answering to their slaves on their freaking knees, making sure theyre wearing their freaking face diapers and you know losing any uh self respect being fired from positions because they wont. You know i cant even see this stuff. I already got warned here. I got a warning from youtube that if i do this uh theyre gon na ban me anyway. Look you got the picture here. This is about control uh. This is about a new set of rules, a new freaking, dynamic people and youre in it youre in the heart of it right now. But if you think this is it, you havent seen anything yet, but with that aside, okay, understanding that that whole thing is a part of the freak show the market well, its the epicenter of the freak show, okay, with with the federal reserve here, buying assets, no End in sight, you know surging inflation at its highest pace.

Ever are contracting economy, its its incredible its an incredible thing, but this is where we are and either you can do nothing. Okay, you can sit back and just let them destroy you or you can say, im gon na weaponize the system against them thats. What were doing you understand that? I think you do if you are a follower of my work. Okay, what am i teaching you to? Do what im teaching you to do is take this twisted system and turn the tables on it, reverse it on them. Okay, they want you to be destitute, broke and desperate, okay thats, what they want. Okay, how why so they can control you all right, its all about control, making people dependent on the system on their system. You understand, look so thats. Why were going to take their system? Reverse those tables and make it work and weve been doing this for the longest freaking time. Speaking of that cryptocurrencies today, on top of this market took off. Why today did cryptocurrencies take off wealth, its being reported everywhere so dont just take my word for it. Uh fed chair powell quote the united states has no intention to ban cryptocurrencies duh again. I have told all of you that cryptos were not going anywhere here in the united states and especially being that china, communist china uh decided to ban cryptos or make it illegal to transact. We couldnt follow suit. We cant do it, they cannot do it.

So there lies some of our strength, people being outside the system. I am so sick and tired of hearing from people who have no idea whats going on with regard to the crypto space, oh its going to zero. Its theyve been wrong. 100 of the time not once not once ever since the inception, have these people been correct, you can choose to listen to them and hopefully youre not one of them. Okay, ive been telling you to buy this stuff since, like bitcoin, 3 000., its like 48 freaking thousand people had you listened back then, or even if you want to listen now. Okay, this 48 000 is nothing its going. Much higher. Im telling you, especially in light of this uh and we know jay powell – is the biggest liar criminal on the face of the earth, but i told it told you way before he came out with his little statement today. The fed was not going to ban crypto theyre not going to do it, they cant do it. In my view, the space will continue. Some of these things like bitcoin, like dash. There are others as well unlimited theres, a limited supply of these things. Okay and i happen to know, i happen to know for a fact that the investment banks and some hedge funds, a lot of hedge funds – are buying this stuff. You understand, so you do what you want with this information. If you want to sit on the sidelines and watch people get really rich well, you know thats your choice, uh.

On the other hand, if youre, if youre a lion like myself and you understand the space at all, you can see where there is value all right. So again, look for the people to write here. Oh greg, youre wrong again: im gon na laugh at every comment, because theyve never been right. One time ive been calling the crypto market so accurately its freaking scary, its really the truth. Am i right. 100 of the time, no am i right better than 90 yeah thats. The truth check my record. Ask anyone who follows my works, the truth, speaking of that how about this when the stock market was selling off the other day after janet yellen was out there with with her cohort powell and explaining about crashes in the market, calamities, financial crisis, uh the market sold Off, but what did the mri say? The mannarino market risk indicator. It went down, it went down, it was telling people by the dip. If you listen to it. Okay, for you, naysayers out here, i cant believe i have naysayers about this. This indicator literally just came out and theres already people saying it. Doesnt work the ignore them: okay, theres something mentally wrong with these people. Okay, they have no idea its way above their pay grade. They cannot understand it and thats. Okay, theyre mental midgets good. Let them stay that way because theyre going to stay broke living in their parents basement from here until forever.

Here maybe well end up on some kind of social program uh you know or whatever dont listen to these people. The mmri works its free. I dont ask for anything right on my website. Traderstruce.Net go check it out. It came down, it was saying by the dip and if you listen to it, if you listen to me, youre gon na be fine. If you listen to these other people, these other youtube channels. People used to be on youtube. Youre gon na go, broke, youre gon na be confused. Youre, not gon na know what to do. Youre not gon na be weaponizing the system against those that are trying to weaponize it against you all they want you to do is be afraid. I dont want you to be afraid of a damn thing. I want you to understand whats going on clearly and then make decisions, rational decisions, not ones based on panic, not ones based on fear. You understand, ive told all of you for a very long time. I got your back and i will help you if you. Let me do it if you choose not to if you choose to ignore all this stuff, you do so believe me at your own peril. All right anyway. Let us move forward. So that was the big kick here today with uh with kryptos with palace, saying the us has no intention to ban it um the gold and silver people. I understand again your frustration.

They got bid nicely higher up today. Actually silva did well um. Gold is slightly hearty, but people for the long run. You tell me where you want to be. You want to be in an asset right now that is so on sale and it continues to go on sale. Every time you got the biggest rigor in the history of the world, this is literally jp morgan, the super bank, whos rigging, the price of metals and everything else too. You want it, you want to name it a a sector or an aspect of this market. Theyre rigging it theyre rigging it all. They are so powerful. They cant be stopped, but good. I want them to continue to play this game here, because people you must be in an anti debt unit. Okay, you dont, want to be in the crypto space. I got it its not for everyone, its extremely volatile. You got to be prepared for that, and you got to have you got you got to have a certain type of mentality to be in that space. All right, if you understand it, you understand it. If you dont, you may never understand it, but thats. Okay, you at least got to understand why you should be betting against the debt becoming your own central bank. Holding a hard asset here were in a dead, hyper bubble and its this dead hyper bubble. People, if you think youve seen anything yet you havent this dead hyper bubble is about to get much much worse, along with inflation and everything else connected to it.

Here the free fall economy, the contraction of the economy, the the manifestation and creation of this new two tier society that ive worn for over a decade was coming this new feudal system, its all here its about to get monumentally worse so, for the longer run, people Understanding the markets how they work, i dont believe there is a group of people anywhere that knows the market better than you do. If youve been following this blog, i tell you the intricacies of it, the ins and outs of it, the psychology of it. I study it around the clock, its its an obsession. For me, it really is, and i feel responsible to at least because i have a big audience. Okay, its global, i feel responsible to share with you the cutting edge best information. I can possibly gather for you and thats how were going to win here. This is how were going to take the twisted system and turn it on everybody else. Okay, they want to play their game. Fantastic were going to play ours. Nothing is going to stop us from playing hours. That means betting against the debt becoming your own central bank. Let them play their games with metals people, because the market runs in cycles, risk on risk off risk on risk off right now. The debt market is a time bomb, its a ticking time bomb, okay, its going to take louder and louder and louder for a long time, but it is going to explode and when it does explode its going to change the financial landscape of the world.

Okay, massive sell off in the debt market is going to happen its going to happen at one point which is going to melt down the stock market. Oh, this is all by design. Dont think this is by accident whatsoever, theres going to be an event here and no one can point their finger at it like ever evergreen this whole freaking thing with evergreen some some youtube bloggers talking about it, evergreen evergreen blah blah blah its all dog. I told you that from the beginning it was going to be nothing. How did we know that? Its very simple you see? Everyone was talking about a debt market issue, a credit issue, but if you were looking at the credit markets, if you were looking at the debt markets, nothing was going on nothing at all, but these people are trying to make you afraid of something dont be afraid. Dont be afraid, be afraid of them, be afraid of anyone thats trying to make you afraid of something im telling you right now, because youre never going to find me making trying to make you afraid of something. I just want you to understand it and i want you to beat it. Is that so hard? Is that so bad that i want everyone to be successful man? Is this a long video lets go on here, um. So again, i explained to you here uh this. This core inflation is spiking at its fastest pace in 30, freaking years, and we havent seen anything yet with regard to that um.

You know this is something else that is going on and its no surprise to you so were finding out here that factories factories have been struggling for a long time here. Okay, despite the nonsense, despite the rhetoric now, the cost of good raw materials is skyrocketing. So these factories here are are getting hit with those extra costs, but those extra costs are being passed on to the consumer. All right – and you knew this from before, because i told you this was going to happen from a while back people. You know what i have more stuff here that i wanted to cover, but its just this video is getting awfully long. So anyway, look uh rally in the stock market. The mmri nailed it for those naysayers out here uh. You know i got an itch its right here: oh uh, yeah uh. Did you get that uh yeah, so uh? I it just it boggles the mind how people can say. Oh gregs indicator doesnt work. I just put it out. I dont know last week really really: why are you trying to make people lose? I understand that be careful, because there are people that want you to lose. There are people here that are going to try to mislead you and write, and i see some of you actually writing back to these people. You write back to these people like they are some kind of authority theyre sitting in their mothers basement, hiding under some fictitious name, and you people out here some of you.

Some of you are gon na write back to these people like theres, some kind of authority really go ahead, go join them in their mothers basement or something i have no idea, but anyway, you dont belong here. This channel is for winners, okay, winners. You want to win you stay here, you want to lose and you have a lot of choices as to who you want to listen to out here on youtube and everywhere else and uh anyway. I i i dont know like i said. Sometimes i get a little upset here, but people look its friday. It is friday and its a lovely friday, um im going to do a marcus look ahead segment on sunday, but its going to be later its not going to be early uh. I got a crazy weekend here as a matter of fact, youre not going to hear from the crypto kid here uh tomorrow, but were going to get them back on next week. So you can go over to the cryptokids uh channel here keon and i hope you check your stuff out anyway. People look. What i want you to do is i want you to bring it in bring it in when you get closer because were going to do what we always do, and i want you to really think about this. I really really do. This is not just something i say uh its something i want us to live seriously. You ready love each other care about each other, be charitable people.

Thank you to those again who have chosen to support my work and if you still want to support my work, i would greatly appreciate that there is a link in the description of this video. I will see all of you. Um on sunday have a great weekend.