Well, how do you want me to talk to you, sir? Are we going to get a new money gang tattoo today i dont know are we should we could we could we might get it lets do it. I owe it anyway because i lost the competition. What do you think about that frank? I say: do it well, maybe wait because i have to go to the new building, so i might not be able to film it. I would like to be there tattoo to be continued, so you all said youre doing another challenge 10k to 100k baby leverage, trade loading, the account right now and the markets are ready to pump it up. What does it bring your uh kid to work today for your kids to work day? Yeah were talking about um, you know turning all these pokemons and nfts and uh having the kids sell them open up a theyre going to open up the first nft stand its like a lemonade stand, except instead of lemons or urinal limes. It has fts there boy what game are you are we playing in the office? Cheese touch, cheese punch, tell us the rules. So if you have your hands like this, you, if you dont, have it crossed someone can tag, you and say cheese touch and then, if you have two cross, they can tag you. They can tag you. If you have one, they cant text, okay and whos. It – and you are mr aaron is: did i get you yeah now you have it im crossed ive.

Seen some things, frank, dont! Let him get you with the cheese touch i got my fingers crossed. I told zoey. I said i went to the doctor last night and i super glued them together, so they cant get me uncrossed, no cheese, touching over here youre on your car uh enthusiast. Are you pretty excited about the lambo? I am. I dont know what color is it its like? Gunmetal gray, cool yeah got some lime accents actually just went and tried to look out the window, see if it was there, it wasnt ive been looking every five minutes pj. This is good. This is, this is a bit different today. I know i guess i guess i picked a weird day for a different weve done. Some different colors, but now weve gone to stripes. Now, theres stripes yeah, its not just like gray or blue weve, actually got stripes going. So uh first two people that saw it said they liked it so im just gon na roll with that two for two im: a fan: youre a fan: okay, thanks aaron. I appreciate it thanks for the support by the way ive had lines all over my face its just because i was getting needled, no, not those kind of lines getting like doing physical therapy this morning, so i have to lay face down on things. So my face is always all puffy right afterwards, you look great thanks, aaron, what a good confidence boost ben.

What would you say to all the people that are in crypto that are hoping to be in your position? One day uh? I would say that one time at one time, i was in your position waiting to be in this position, and you know what we make a lot of predictions on the channel its fine, the audience likes. It sometimes were wrong its whatever, but overall this is proof. We havent been wrong about crypto and you stick with what we say: youre going to be in the same spot, yeah that is uh. Oh theyre, not Music, oh yeah, baby Applause lets go off the picture and into my loving arms i i i may have. I may have shot a deer this morning about on the way to work. You know its just its just its kind of like one of those landmark days. You know like well, you had a hundred thousand subscribers, you become the biggest channel. You hit a million subscribers. You know lamborghini wow yeah. How do you use lamprey wow wow? This is because you have so much trouble getting the new one. You get the new one wasnt it uh, huh, Music Applause, Music Applause. We got ta, look it over sign the papers and then Music. This give it a little rev ben, give it a little red whoa. Yes, oh my god, oh my god, dude make wise choices. Music. First, ever ive been. How was it thats? I dont know if i got him im it, though all right man first ever ride.

How was it it was nice. It felt really good its a its a culmination of a lot of hard work and um determination and uh. You know now we got this wonderful, powerful machine that goes zillions of miles an hour and uh we pushed it saw how fast we could get it and uh. We did not get arrested and tj didnt get a ticket, so thats a win Music. Welcome to the boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all of the interwebs, my name is ben every day on the channel. I show you how to make money incredible if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe. Button uh guys bitcoin up a little bit today. Are we are we feeling hopeful? Are we feeling, like maybe, were getting kind of to the end of this transition period? Music, uh, trying to ban talking, so we got ta get back on track bobby lee bitcoin fomo rally, long overdue. That could see bitcoin price top two hundred thousand dollars and unapologetically bullish bobby lee takes to mainstream media to dispel any hint of doubt about whats next for bitcoins price action, uh, but heres the thing we havent seen this phone a rally really and it feels like Thats kind of whats been missing from this bitcoin uh. You know movement weve been seeing. Lately is theres no point where youre like. Oh, i better get in or im going to miss out right now, because its been so sideways and stagnant for so long now, even though its only been a few weeks, its been like this, it just feels like its been forever when prices start going places to Where people feel like they missed out on them and theyre, like oh man like i better get in now, or else its going to go way up, nobodys thinking that right now and so now.

Maybe that could be a good sign that uh, something like that is uh coming pretty soon Music. I would not fault anyone for selling avalanche right now, like i would not. No, we just bought a bunch. Did we buy more yesterday yeah, we did make a big issue so its now one of our top 10 holdings, so we love avalanche, but its been on such an explosive run like moving something over to avalanche that has not pumped at all now. Look if youre a dragon chain get rid of. You know if youre, if youre in a project that hasnt moved in two years, then yeah get out of it. But if youre in another top 10 top 20 top 50 coin, thats been moving pretty consistently dont get out before that. Finally, has us move up then when it goes up, but the hard thing is when it moves up, people get excited and then they dont want to sell so body language is not good. Well, how do you want me to talk to them? Sir uh? China bans tall people welcome to bitcoin everythings for the boys right thursdays for the boys, all right, guys, thats thats. All i got be blessed so justin uh. What are we doing today? Man? We are going to look at property today we got the boys in here, plus aaron were going to look at different properties to turn into a sports complex, slash development of some sort over here on this property right here, 75 acres see this right.

Here you got all this green green belt here you got access there and you got access up above 41. yeah, so you got at least as much access out here as you do over there hey. Thank you. You look better live than you do on the uh. What is it more hair makeup before you go out in public versus on tv yeah? It is what it is. We try to make myself look bad on the videos so that way, like i appeal to the common person, you know i mean in real life hes. Actually, six too yeah. Well, you know what sometimes you got ta. You know you want stuff done right, you got ta, do it yourself, so you know were uh gon na be building our own sports complex and building our own baseball fields. Uh were gon na, be doing travel academies and were gon na be having tournaments and uh were gon na, be getting all the best players from this area to come. Play this park because itll blow everything around here away and uh excited about it. I mean you know, i grew up loving baseball. I thought that was what i was gon na. Do you know for a living when i was older? It didnt quite work out, unfortunately, but uh, you know, being able to kind of you know, relive those childhood passions as an adult and do stuff that helps other kids that you know or had similar dreams.

I had when i was younger man, its just fun stuff, so looking at property. This is this is where the uh dream is birth and uh were gon na see what it grows into Music deezy. You got the glasses on today, but i heard yeah man. It went well here you can probably look at it. I get in close up lets see you can see the red, oh wow, yeah man, oh yeah, crazy right went well, though yeah yeah went well. I mean im, not blind. So you know it went well. Uh yeah notice ben said something about the live stream. I actually wasnt going to really say anything about it, but the the flood of support and love was almost overwhelming. Almost made me emotional, so i do appreciate it. Youre all gon na have one falls in the air. Its spooky season – boys, hello, bb 8. Please give content by bb 8 Laughter. So the way the uh the minting works is what is. It called austrian, its called a dutch auction dutch auction thats. What it is. I was thinking austrian economy not to be confused with the dutch thanks jack yeah. You can make lots of good stews, especially the cast iron box. So basically, the way the auction goes is that the mint price starts high and then, as it goes on, the price to mint is lower and because i only have nine dollars or 9 90. I have to wait for 0.

0′, each plus gas fees, plus gas fees. So i had to like time it really well, because by the time it gets to the end its gon na im, not gon na im, not gon na, be able to make anything im just testing it john, how you feeling right now, man, not great, not not! Okay, things are bad. Today was rough. I break my phone by throwing it. It became a brick i didnt like kill it. It still works technically, but its not hurt. This laptop is trying to kill me um with stress it. Cant actually kill me because it doesnt have arms. It deletes stuff, it crashes, so it deleted a lot of your footage from the daily hit yeah. But thanks to some free software called recover um, i i think ill. Have it back here. Another like couple minutes, hopefully future john, when youre watching this, i hope, youre in a great mood. You know your day – is going a lot. Better smile, hey lorenzo whats up hidden at work, baker. The legend tyler ocean on the beat shout out frank lets: go yeah classic man. I pull up in the black suit, dropping new tunes for the people to react to criticize me, but your payment pass due. Yet i stay quiet. Like sly cooper, the raccoon asks hit network banker is that dude chilling with the ocean boys, but you in the pool interviews you aint got ta worry who to choose been in the game, but somehow i feel brand new Music welcome to big boy crypto home of The biz squad, the largest and greatest most entertaining crypto community in all of the interwebs dont, adjust your dials im your host dz4iz uh.

We come to you every monday, friday at 505 pm bringing you all. The greatest topics with the greatest guests today is no different. Were gon na get right into it? We got a first time guest. You may be seeing him on the hit network. You may have seen them on the occasional live stream. It actually sets up the morning live streams for us. It is mr e ron, schmeeds Music. All right and with that ben stole it from jeff, you know what it was. It was the rhyme with the tiebreaker plus the historical data plus the lambo and hes, just feeling the juice of the lambo. I think, but ben you won your own show. You got a lamborghini today. Could life get any better go ahead and give us some hearty thoughts? All right, dz send us home man. Lambo came in bitcoins, turning up its really really a good day. Uh, you know ben address, you know yeah. Maybe some predictions were a little bit off, but this is a long term game plan. That was, you know that were playing here. So we got to think you know dont think about the first down. You dont think about the the first kickoff.