It really reminds me of this moment in the office, and i just have to play it here for you, oh my god. Okay, its happening everybody stay calm, everyone whats the procedure, so it seems, like everyone is getting so excited for the end of the year, theyre thinking about etfs, theyre thinking about institutional adoption. They are thinking about companies buying different cryptocurrencies and more mainstream id, say news and more mainstream adoption of crypto with that being said, though, i think that some people will fail, while you specifically the person listening to this, you will win the reason. I say that is: ive actually run a test. Ive run a case study on this channel and ill be honest. It blew my mind. I kind of did this behind the scenes and you might not even know what im talking about. Maybe you noticed, but i ran a case study and the people that watch this channel are ahead of the curve ill explain why i say that here in a minute, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button subscribe button, all that good stuff, it does help Out the channel there is a link underneath the video to join the patreon there. I actually did an options. Trade recently made some good money, and i put out another option straight here that i think could be really profitable in the next few months. So if you guys want access to that, this is the best time of the month, its the first.

So thank you guys for that lets get into it. So why do i say that people in this channel watching this channel are ahead of the curve? Like i said, i did a little bit of a test, so i guess i guess i did this without you guys know knowing necessarily, but about two weeks ago i said, would you rather have a 250 000 home completely paid off or 5.4 bitcoin, which would be About 250 000 of bitcoin at that days prices, so it was around forty six thousand forty six thousand five hundred. If we look two weeks back because it doesnt break it down, it doesnt show me the date either. It was probably right around this range right where we saw it around 46 000.. So two weeks, back 69 of people on this channel said that they would prefer bitcoin. They would rather take the bitcoin thinking thats appreciating asset. Of course, homes are appreciating too, but maybe not the same price as bitcoin, and then i ran another test three days ago. I ran a test and i was determining what the channel would rather have 5.87 bitcoin, because bitcoin actually fell to 42 000 or a 250 000 home completely paid off. Now i did this as a test. I thought for sure people on the channel people, just in general, would rather have the home because we had seen a dip from 52 000 down to about 42 000 theres still fear in the market, evergrand and uh.

You know the the sec potentially making certain cryptos. Actually securities, so i thought people would pick the 250 000 home more often than bitcoin. Now, of course, the channel grew a little bit in the last couple weeks, probably more crypto people, but for it to change two percent. I feel like that is very different than what i would have expected right. Maybe we gained a couple hundred subscribers, so i dont think it would push more people to the 5.87 bitcoin that would make this not valid more people, two percent more people took the bitcoin. Now why am i so surprised by this? Well, we saw a 10 dip from that first post and we saw a 20 dip from the recent high of around 52 000 a couple about a month ago, and usually we see this market cycle or this cycle of market emotions. Usually, when we fall further, more people get depressed despondent, theres, capitulation, theres, panic hope on the upside, but we have seen a lot of people a lot of people that get very fearful at the bottom. We see a lot of flood at the bottom and i am super surprised im, not sure ive ever been, you know, quote unquote, proud of our entire community, like i, i guess sure its great when we hold but to actually see people that are more excited when We dip and people that want to buy more. I think that sets us apart from a lot of communities and maybe its crypto in general, right.

There are so many ups and downs in crypto, theres, so much theres, so much excitement for the end of the year. Maybe this will change as time goes on, but right now our community on this channel is getting stronger, every single dip, every single dip we want more, and that is the opposite of the general public right, usually in assets. When we see a dip, people get scared and they want to sell right. If you buy a stock and it falls from twenty dollars to five dollars a lot of people, they just want to sell and get out of it. They dont want to fall anymore. When that is actually the best time to buy right, buy low sell high its a lot easier to say than it is to actually do, but on this channel we do it. So i am just really excited. I want to bring this to your attention. If you guys havent, subscribed or liked this video before, i really would appreciate it. If you guys do that now, because i think this is a great channel and im very proud of you guys.