My name is aaron right now comment your favorite altcoin in the comments below were seeing double digit gains in cryptocurrency. Some of the higher caps are up 10. 15. Some of the mid to low caps are up 20. 30 40. In the last few days, there is plenty of opportunity in cryptocurrency in todays video. I want to go over the hottest news stories everything you need to know if youre, a cryptocurrency investor or youre a cryptocurrency enthusiast. I want to go over the hottest altcoins. You need to hear about link, you need to hear about cardano solana, ethereum, nfts and bitcoin, of course, smash the like button. If you appreciate us coming at you on the weekend, smash the like button, its a small thing you can do and it truly does help the channel grow. With that being said, lets get into it. Grayscale has just made a sizable purchase of solana and uniswap to make their large cap investment fund now worth close to half a billion dollars lets talk about why they did this. Why did they purchase solana? Why did they purchase uniswap and which other cryptocurrencies do they hold cryptocurrency investment house grayscale has added solana and uniswap to the almost half a billion digital large cap fund in its latest quarterly rebalancing the allocation marks the first time that the new york based company has Added solana to an investment vehicle at the end of yesterday this these are the numbers solana made up 3.

24 percent of the digital large cap fund uni another one percent bitcoin dominates the large cap fund, making up 62 percent ethereum is the next largest coin. Making up 26 cardano chain link litecoin and be cash make up the rest. What do you think of the coins that grayscale holds in a large cap fund? Do they all deserve to be here which coins would you add? On top of these now the fund bought solana and uniswap by actually selling off some of the other assets in the fund, as you do with a rebalancing, grayscale has decreased its bitcoin allocation by about five percent. Since the last rebalancing other holdings changed by small amounts. The funds ada holdings only introduced last quarter has actually increased from about four percent to about five percent. Very interesting, so grayscale has actually updated its portfolio to better reflect their views on the state of the market, going forward, theyre going to rebalance again one quarter from now, and they changed their portfolio based on the way the market changed based on where they think we Are in the cycle based on where they think their money is most well spent, the rebalancing emphasizes how solana has become a favorite of the cryptocurrency market. The solana blockchain functions as a high speed, low cost competitor to blockchains like ethereum and arrival to cardano, polkadot and binance smart chain. The rebalancing also shows how bitcoin dominance has given way to altcoins. In april bitcoin made up about 80 percent bitcoin of the fund.

The fund allocated just 17 to ethereum now bitcoins dominance by market cap has fallen from 69 in april to 42. Today, and this is very common in bull markets. I think theres more opportunity in altcoins, however dont get it twisted. Grayscales largest product remains its bitcoin trust. Increased risk means increased reward and it is a great sign for those coins when grayscale adds them to a trust. Grayscale is a way where institutions accredited investors, high net worth individuals can invest in crypto just by buying a ticker. So this is bullish for solana, uniswap and all the other coins that grayscale holds lets. Take a look at the current state of the market because things are looking bullish. Bitcoin is the market mover bitcoin is now comfortably above the 21 week estimated moving average. This is what we like to see. Switching to the month, chart bitcoin is breaking out from its monthly range. It is early, but this is what we like to see with. That being said, lets get into recent news of the day, gary vander chalks hand drawn v. Friends: doodles sell for 1.26 million. Do you guys, like garyvee some people like them? Some people hate them. Well, this entrepreneur turned social media guru, made 1.2 million just from doodling on pieces of paper and a napkin and alliterating animals in brief garyvees nft collection actually outsold. That of andy warhol and jackson pollock an auction took place at the famous christies in new york on october, 1st 2021.

It obviously wasnt all of the v friends, but just the ones that were at this auction. The doodle took vanderchuck just minutes to draw, so it is impressive. What gary vee has done with doodling on a napkin garyvee is the michael jordan of doodling on napkins and alliterating animals, in my opinion, because he raised the bar and changed the game and brought all this money and attention into the space. Just like michael jordan. Its easy to goof on garyvee, but this is impressive and obviously its more than just doodles right. The real story here is: why are the nfts worth so much its because gary v and his community is worth so much hes? Really people who buy garyvees nfts hes doing a lot for them within the community, giving them all sorts of perks and hes really like leading this charge for community driven nft. So its interesting to see it come this far, i actually met somebody with a few v. Friends out of the bar the other night uh, it was pretty cool him showing me his nft collection anyways in other news, defy community blasts compound ceo for doxed comments. Did you hear about this compound founder robert leschner is actually facing backlash from the defy community? After posting a bone headed tweet, so if youre unfamiliar with compound, it was one of the original d5 protocols that really started off the d5 craze, its a way for you to lend out your crypto currencies and earn interest, and apparently they paid out way too much Interest recently leading the ceo to tweet this, if you received a large incorrect amount of comp from the compound protocol error, please return funds immediately to this address.

Just this would have been fine. However, he finished it by saying otherwise its being reported as income to the irs, and most of you will be doxxed uh rather bone, headed tweet, because this is not the spirit of d5. This is you know it really just made compound users salty. How much do you value the users? How decentralized is this even anyways? He tweeted out later saying im trying to do anything i can to help the community get some of its comp back, and this was a boneheaded tweet, slash approach, thats on me. Luckily, the community is much bigger and smarter than just me. I appreciate your ridicule and support anyway. Comp is still one of the blue chips. However, you know this is the state of many d5 protocols. Today you know trials and tribulations still early on in these projects, and i think comp is going to be just fine. Let me know what you think in the comments below. In other news, the sec has pushed deadlines on four bitcoin etf applications to late 2021.. The sec keeps pushing this off, it will happen eventually and when this does happen, this is going to usher in the floodgates in that many people will feel way more comfortable buying bitcoin because of this overall. This is a great thing. It wont happen overnight, but this will happen eventually, especially when were seeing the state of the bitcoin network doing so well in recent news covered by cnbc.

This is pretty cool. El salvador has just started mining bitcoin using energy from volcanoes, very cool, very cool. So this is, you know: volcanoes produce all this energy theyre using the energy in a sustainable way, and this is actually their current account balance on bitcoin that theyre mining from volcano energy. They at the time of the tweet, have about 300 worth of bitcoin. The president said were still testing and installing, but this is officially the first bitcoin mining from the volcano node. In other news we mentioned this the other day. I think its worth repeating chain link cardano through a strategic collaboration between chain link, labs and input output, hong kong chain link price feeds are being natively integrated onto the cardano blockchain, to enable cardano developers to build a variety of d5 applications powered by secure oracles. This is a win for cardano. This is one for chain link and it speaks to the fact that chain link is compatible with many many blockchains, not just in the ethereum ecosystem, and you know thats pretty good for chain link holders. I i liked i love looking at on chain analytics for different coins. Lets take a look at dune analytics and their chain link dashboard. Take a look daily wallets with one chain link, since the token launch has only been increasing. This is what we like to see wallets with one chain link about half a million wallets with 1k links, its about 20 000 wallets with 10 plus links, quarter million, and basically you can see the data right here.

If youre, not looking at information like this and youre a long term investor, you need to start theres plenty of great sources like dune analytics, theres, missouri, theres, plenty of other ones and chain link is looking good. Ethereum is looking good, getting close to half a million individual eats burnt, now burning at a rate about five eighths per minute, nfts decentralized exchanges, stable coins play to earn games. All this stuff is great for ethereum. In fact, the amount of eth burnt since eip 1559, which happened just two months ago, the amount of eth burnt since the launch of this, would be at about 85 by market cap rank if it was a coin itself, and this will only keep going. This is bullish for ethereum. You can. I hope you understand this and culturally i mean ethereum. Crypto bitcoin is breaking through in such a big way: snoop doggy dog. I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside toe punks and he has a crypto punk with a blue flag, obviously, because he was part of the crips really cool to see nfts ethereum bitcoin crypto in general, breaking through to the main stream. That being said, which coins are you looking at, which coins are you holding until at least the end of the year, which coins do you think, are undervalued in the space today? Is it link, is it solana or is it something maybe farther down the list? Is it a raven coin? Is it a urine? Is it a flow? If we go over to page five high risk high reward, is it a just a teller, a beefy finance, a wearable? Let me know in the comments below subscribe to the channel, appreciate you staying with us on the weekend here.