Hey everyone welcome back to another video from crypto busy. My name is tom. Now, in todays, video ive got some super useful and interesting information to share with you guys. You wont want to miss this one out and im, also going to go through my projection to where the market is going to be headed in q4 of this year october november and december are heating up to be very interesting months for bitcoin and the old coins. Now also ive got a question for you guys. The question of the day is: which coin do you think will perform the best in october? Let me know in the comments below and so with that all being said, lets go straight into the video now before we jump into the video itself, if you havent already and you like, the video make sure to leave a like and if youre new dont forget To subscribe to crypto busy today were on the road to 200 000 subscribers, and once we get there, we will be doing a giveaway because we want to give back to you guys the crypt to busy community the crypto busy family. So my other request that i have for you guys is to share this video and to share the message of creativity with as many people as possible. Um with your friends with your family, with everybody were going to be doing some giveaways also on our twitter. Very soon so make sure to follow that as well.

All links down in the description below straight into whats happening with the fear and greed with also the old season. Checker and whats happening with the monthly return gains for bitcoin theres a lot of stuff to go through in todays video um, so lets just break it down the fee and greed index. Right now is 49. I think that will increase, as we progress through the month of october now also be fearful with others greedy and be greedy when others are fearful right now the feelings been fairly neutral, but was what was interesting to see is that we saw the fear of you Know the bitcoin and whats happening in the crypto markets at around 20, when uh bitcoins price was around sort of forty two thousand dollars, and that shows something quite significant. If people are fearful at bitcoin being at the forty two thousand dollars, where theyre going to be greedy next, in my opinion, i think theyll be greedy next, when bitcoin goes to some new all time high, so above 64 000 and going beyond that as well, because Thats, where were going to be headed next in terms of this market and peoples, opinions of what happens with bitcoins price and also just everything else. If we look into the old season the old season uh index, checker um its not 100 accurate, but it gives a good idea and good rejection was happening with the altcoins compared to bitcoin were not finished, advice, its not matching device.

But what we do say at crypto busy is that we feel that theres much better return on investment with the old coins compared with bitcoin bitcoin has been the first market mover. We have great respect for it, but we see much better returns and investments when it comes to the old coins, and so whenever theres, an old season, everybodys happy, then um and right now its again in the middle and i dont feel theres going to be any Sort of season just for the moment, we need to see a bitcoin season. First, we need to see bitcoin go to new all time highs. First, before we see any of the old coins go and do their thing first, so you know just be patient if youre an altcoin holder just like ourselves, you know we love the old queens, but we just have to be patient when it comes to these sort Of things now heres another thing when it comes to the monthly returns for bitcoin, you know were not even you know, five days into october and uh, you know already. The monthly return for bitcoin is 10. That is saying quite something for uh the month of october. You can see right now that september has been a horrible month for bitcoin, historically, but historically also bitcoin has been a bullish month for bitcoin. You can see here green and then also with last year november and december 42, another 47 percent there, as well um from the november and also december.

So where will be going next for bitcoins price? In my opinion, i do think well be seeing all time highs in october and certainly in november, as well, and also definitely by the end of this year, because if we have a look at the stop to flow model, if we have a look at peoples, opinions Whats happening with bitcoin and also the possibility of having a an etf being approved in october. Possibly then this would also mean that bitcoins price will be hitting all time highs very soon. This will mean that institutional money will be flowing into bitcoin and that will be significant not only for bitcoin, but also for the crypto market as well, because once people see what happens with bitcoins price theyll have a look and see what the technology is behind. Ethereum or cardano, or even xrp, maybe even solana – and this is important – you know the fact that were seeing the individual money and the institutional interest in bitcoin and also uh crypto, is very important for where were headed next for further adoption, and also for people to Understand whats happening. I think education is a big thing when it comes to the adoption of bitcoin, because many people think its just one of these things, where oh, its just uh internet money and thats, pretty much it no its its something, much more substantial and than that as well. So anyway, lets have a look whats happening in the market at the moment, uh with with you know, on coin market cap whats happening with bitcoins price and how this is affecting everything else.

It is currently a sunday, and so what is good right now, in my opinion, when we have a look at the bitcoins price and also with the market, is that bitcoins price and the crypto market hasnt really done anything drastic over the weekend and thats good. For me, in my opinion, because if we see any major moves, you know either way whether its positive or negative for bitcoin and the old queens over the weekend then were most likely to see that rebounded for the next week. Because what happens is crypto, unfortunately follows what happens with the stock market, where it opens on the monday and closes on the friday um. You know, bitcoin is 24 7, but it does follow closely whats happening with the stock market. So um. If we see any fake outs over the weekends, then it usually is corrected by the cme gaps um during the monday and also tuesday, and during the next week, thats just something we have to accept. If we see sort of a breakout, you know towards the end of sunday, getting into monday thats great to see, and so far its looking likely thats going to be happening. I would expect to see any sort of corrections if we do see a correction, and that is also that goes without saying. There will be corrections and dips along the way. Certainly, for these last few months of uh of 2021, we just have to accept that, and so there will be corrections and dips.

If we do see one, then i do think 45 000 would be. The next area of support for bitcoin were looking at whats happening with also the old coins, as well ethereum, going up to three thousand four hundred dollars. Ninety three thousand five hundred dollars thats important, also cardano um, ripping a new one there as well and the same with solano. You know going up to nearly two hundred dollars there, which is really important xrp. I think theres gon na be some lot of interesting stuff happening this month for rp. I do think there will be a settlement of some form. There was some fake news that came out over the weekend for xrps price and also the ripple sec lawsuits um, but it happened to be fake, so that was also a good reminder. Um, you know dont, believe everything you read on the internet these days. Do your research look into whats happening behind the scenes when it comes to everything thats involved with bitcoins price? So lets also have a look here and just drag this out just so, you can see whats happening uh with the prices here, but right now, bitcoin is sitting around sort of 48 000, which is quite interesting to see um. I would be seeing and also expecting a bit of a breakout to fifty thousand dollars fairly soon going up to sort of this area here um, but you know from from now until also ended next week.

If we see these daily closes above forty thousand dollars, then i do think we could be seeing you know above fifty thousand dollars by the end of next week and then going into the eleventh of october that week commencing of that week. There then, i think we could be seeing fifty five thousand nearly sixty thousand dollars that week. If we see continued positive momentum for bitcoins price – and this will happen very quickly – bitcoins price will, you know, go either way very quickly. You can see right now already uh. These red candles uh for bitcoins price when it went from fifty three thousand dollars all the way down to forty three thousand dollars. That was in the space of one day and then also the same whats happened here as well uh when we had the evergreen crisis back in september um. You know not much news about that recently, but you know we could be seeing something about that very soon. Again, these three candles here very bearish and then also re testing below forty thousand dollars, but weve found that support and thats really important to see. The fact that we saw the support above forty thousand dollars is super important for bitcoins price and also just shows where it could be headed for october. So if again, if we do see corrections, i think forty five thousand dollars is certainly on the cards and further to that as well. Uh next area of resistance will certainly be from now.

Right now is uh fifty thousand dollars and then above from that, fifty one, five hundred and then above there again fifty three thousand dollars and then above that, then you know closing from fifty three to sixty therell be very little resistance there. In my opinion, um – and there should be some fundamental news – thats coming up very soon for bitcoins price, which should be affecting it, and that would also be in the form of an etf and ill go into that in just a second there, but also whats happening With ethereums price again around sort of 35 hundred dollars, another retest for four thousand dollars this month is certainly on the cards. If we see bitcoin retesting all time highs and see, you could see the swing high from the fourth of september around to the four thousand dollars um and again, finding that good support around two thousand eight hundred dollars for ethereums price um. Again, if we do see another correction for ethereum, then three thousand dollars is certainly going to be an area of support. Now, if were getting much clearer, pixels happening in the market, especially right now for these last three months of october, be sure to join our quick to busy vr bitcoin calls um its through patreon on discord, so make sure that you have discord and youll be joining A group of over 800 people, nearly 900 people actively and passionately trading cryptocurrency. You have two people on there that run the channel every single day that is dear full and also fit so, and they go through the market every single day covering fundamental and also technical analysis josh, and i will be on there from time to time every week.

Just going through whats happening answering your questions about crypto and then also be doing a webinar every single month. The people who are on the going calls gold youll get some extra content on there. You get an extra webinar as well uh, some really cool benefits with that as well in the gold members section and you get priority import inbox support. You also get portfolio insight, which is really fun to see a portfolio chat and also load cap. A gem research is also really important and the road to 100x as well, and you get discounted entry when we do some events very soon, and we will do some events that also for each everyone to attend, but well seduce ones where we, you know theres paid At the door, sort of pay for the drinks there, but um, certainly for you know where were going to 400 000 subscribers, we will be doing a uh. You know sort of a gathering. There uh well be doing an event there. For for that, so keep your eyes peeled on twitter uh, for announcements of that anyway, lets go through some bullish. Crypto news here, futures based bitcoin etf, has 75 chance of approval in october, says an analyst. This is quite interesting to see. I do think we could be seeing this in the month of october if we do see this anytime soon um. This will affect bitcoins price to newer time highs um, because this is the institutional money thats going to be interested to see where bitcoins price could go and they could effectively.

You know change where bitcoins trajectory goes. You know to go from a hundred thousand dollars as an all time, high to maybe 250 000, because again that truly amount of dollars are going to come into the market. Certainly you know its looking very likely. In my opinion, i think we you know were long overdue um and an approval for an etf, and i think this is certainly uh 2021 thats looking like the year for this to happen because um, you know, people are very interested. The people who are have the levers of power, the people who have the money at the end of the day, who want to combat inflation, which is certainly going to be happening in in this decade. They want to find a way to maintain their wealth. You know all the billionaires in the world, i say all of them. A huge majority of the billionaires in the world have some way forward or another involved in in crypto, whether that is theyre invested directly like elon, musk or jack dorsey or mark cuban, or whether theyre indirectly invested in bitcoin, maybe through a subsidiary company. Something like that. You know thats also really important to look out there for as well so bitcoin etf thatll, be huge news. Also also interesting to note again, another um british scripture news here, as well as the bitcoins hash rate, has come to a record or recording a new. All time high uh, despite the china ban and if you dont, know what the hash rate is.

It essentially is the network activity for bitcoin, so the the higher the hash rates, the more activity thats there and the more powerful that the bitcoins uh network is as well so ill leave these articles linked down the description below. So you can check out yourselves in much further detail and then, on top of that the crypto market is bigger than ever, and so is the crypto derivatives market as well. I mean, if youre interested in futures as well. We do have some separate links down in the description below, so you can help yourself, so you can, you know, make money either you know, buying or selling cryptocurrency its really cool to see, and then also on top of that texas is poised to be a world Leader in bitcoin and blockchain, so, despite all of the stuff all of the fudge you have been seeing with the united states and im sure, also in the in europe as well, there are some territories out there, such as texas, that do want to regulate cryptocurrency that You want to become a world leader, and this is something where you know you know. Leaders across the world should take notes because, if you do take advantage – and you take full advantage of whats happening with the fourth industrial revolution which are in right now with bitcoin and everything else, then youll pay in dividends later on um, certainly with whats happening in El salvador and much more so theres a lot of good stuff thats happening for bitcoins price.

You can see here already up ten percent in this month. Not even you know 10 of the way through the month, so its its looking. Quite i think we just got above 10 percent of the month, but again the fact that were not even anywhere near the end of the month for october and weve, seen already in the same gains for bitcoin, is good to see. But do comment down below which coin do you think will be performing the best in october, ill, be very interested to hear what you guys have to say and theyll also be responding to some comments down below as well, so thats all ive got for you guys In todays, video do comment down below if you liked the video make sure to leave a like, and if youre new dont forget to subscribe to creativity today we bring you guys, videos like this every single day so um. You know.