Today we got a lot to go over between major price predictions, interesting things going on with technical indicators that signal we could be seeing a 600 rally within the next year and also a couple of other things with all coins. So before we dive into that, it still says about 72 percent of you watching are still not subscribed. So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our times well make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Also um patreon is sold out. We dont have any spots left there, but you can go ahead and join a free discord that we just made. I am in there all the time more than any other creator on youtube. I would bet money on that. So first thing: this overall crypto market is right above a two trillion dollar market cap. This is a key level for the overall crypto market and right now were seeing it sit at a two point: one three trillion dollar market. Other thing going on is that were seeing bitcoin, ethereum, cardano and solana all stay well above a couple of key support levels. Bitcoin is well above forty, seven thousand dollars per coin. Ethereum is well above um, three thousand dollars per coin and were continuing to see things. Look much much more bullish. One interesting thing going on with the overall crypto market is right: now the crypto fear and greed index has dropped back down a little bit down to 49.

. Just two days ago we saw the crypto fear and greed index at 27.. Yesterday. It was at 54, and now it is down to 49., so we have seen it go from extreme fear to now a neutral level in just a matter of a couple days. This shows us that the overall sentiment in the market has completely flipped. People have gone from being really scared a little hesitant about putting money into crypto to now saying okay, maybe this thing is going to take off, maybe its time for us to get in and according to a number of polls. Recently recently, a majority of people believe that october november and december are going to lead to record breaking numbers for all the crypto like it has historically done in the past. Next thing is with ralph paul. He came out and said that he is finding it very hard to not get extremely bullish about the next few months for crypto were seeing. Everyone like we said crypto, fear and greed index were seeing a number of reports all coming out. Thats saying people are much more bullish on crypto, but he looked at a couple of charts. The first one is with regards to the altcoin market cap, excluding bitcoin and excluding ethereum. So if we take out bitcoin ethereum in terms of the total crypto market cap right now, we are getting close to these all time highs of 900 billion dollars. We said if we could cross these all time highs that we saw back in may of 2021 of around 900 billion dollar market cap.

Well, that would be an extremely bullish sign for all queens, its the same thing with the overall market cap, excluding bitcoin. This is the chart of the overall market cap, excluding bitcoin, and if we could break above 1.4, 1.5 trillion dollars for the overall crypto market cap, excluding bitcoin. Well then again, these are all like thats, the point in time where we could see a massive explosion take place its just like looking at a price for bitcoin ethereum. These are the technicals for the overall crypto market, so this is extremely bullish and he says in addition to all of this, he thinks crypto can 3x by the end of 2021 and 6x into next year into 2022, based on all these technical indicators, what were seeing With mass adoption, institutional investors and a lot more next story of the day is with a futures based bitcoin etf. According to a number of analysts, theyre expecting that were going to see one of these passed in either october, they said 75 chance of approval in october of 2021 and, if not definitely in november weve talked about this. A lot of the channel ive said that i think its probably going to happen in november that the sec will approve a bitcoin, um etf, but either way once we see these approved. This is going to be a major catalyst for the entire crypto market were going to see billions of dollars. Hundreds of billions of dollars poured in from institutional investors, and this is why i consistently dollar cost average, because i dont want to miss out on the opportunity we dont know exactly when a bitcoin etf is gon na be approved.

But we know that when it happens, were gon na see, hundreds of billions of dollars poured in to crypto, and then last story is with regards to ethereum. Ethereum is seeing some very interesting things happen with regards to technicals, and that is that it is seeing the exact same fractal that happened back in 2017 that led to a 000 gain for ethereum. So many people are saying that if this repeats itself, which is playing out perfectly right now, we could see ethereums price rise to 13 000 per coin in the next two to three months. So essentially, what this is is that there are four technical indicators that all lined up perfectly back in 2017: the relative strength index, the bullish, hammer, fibonacci retracement level and the stochastic rsi. All of these lines up perfectly indicating very bullish trends back in 2017 and almost to a t were seeing the exact same thing happening right now, as bitcoin as ethereums price has crossed back above 3. 000 per coin so well see what happens, but this is whats, going on with crypto im very bullish on bitcoin, very bullish on ethereum and im going to continue to dollar cost average over time. Rob paul thinks that we could see a 3x return in the entire crypto market by the end of 2021 and 6x. The entire crypto market by uh lets say the end of the bullish bull market in 2022. Let me know your thoughts, thats todays episode and ill see you tomorrow.