I dont think that theyd understand when cryptocurrency is invisible. I just want you to know who i am the worst singer on youtube. Whats up everybody. I made a video six months ago. You see it says. One point two thousand views six months ago: free money, no jokes in case you didnt believe me the last time. The reason i titled. That is because i made a video before this, where i did free money and then it was at like uh. I had 200 worth of free money because it was xyo and then and then it moved so im going to show you six months ago what it did and if you walk every day for a living, if you ride bikes, if youre a biker, if youre a Truck driver taxi driver, uber driver and youre not using this app youre literally missing out on free money, so this video is from six months ago. Let me give you an idea of what i was saying six months ago about this very same app right there xyo. So you see its not even at one penny its, not even at one penny, so it was at four tenths of a penny six months ago and it was up to point zero zero. It was almost at half a penny, so ive been doing this for a couple years. I kept all my x y o in this wallet right here and there it is, let me refresh it so you know its real.

I have 317 849 free geomind xyo. I turn the app on when i get in my car. So six months ago i had 317 000 xyo that i got all for free using the coin app the link for that will be in the description. This is the third video ive made now im going gon na pause. This real, quick and im gon na show you currently whats going on okay, so currently its october 2nd heres. The app called coin that i use to mine with okay im gon na mine, real quick. I got 8.91 coin. You hit up here. You redeem these coin for xyo, so i can get 660 xyo for 42 000 coin right now. Okay, then, when you redeem it, it goes into my engine wallet and theres. My engine wallet im gon na refresh, so you can see its live. You just see how it moved so again, i have actually less than i did six months ago. I have three hundred and ten thousand xyo tokens and theyre, currently worth eight thousand nine hundred thirty one dollars fifty three cents. I withdrew these two withdrawals. You can see here just to see just to make sure this was real and um heres. All my history so january 7th was the first time i was drew from the coin app 30 000, and these are what i was drew there. They all are i used to get a lot more xyo now xyo is up to like.

Where am i at here? Lets go to lets. Go back! Lets click on this, oh yeah, so you see at the top right here. It says us: dollar. Xyo is worth point zero, two eight, so its two tenths of a two two tenths of a penny away from being three cents. So since i gained 310 000 of these every time, it moves a penny. I make three thousand dollars and let me pause real, quick and find this and im gon na show you the screenshots im gon na show you the screenshots as it went up and back down and back up again. So right now were about 8 900 stand by ill show you, the screenshots, and i dont want the world to see me. Oh howd, that get in there anyway. So back in the day, so it went up. I was taking these screenshots just to show my wife, because i couldnt believe what was happening. You can see xyo this ones actually a later screenshot, but this ones from when i still had 317 000 coins in there and it went up to 13 853. I was checking it every six minutes because i was losing my mind: didnt know what to do, sell hold, it sell, hold it, and then it went up to fifteen thousand seven. This is within hours. I was losing my mind right and then it went thats the highest. I saw it and you notice my xyo is always the same 317 000 of them and then it started coming back down.

Okay – and i already showed you where its at now so again. This is the coin app its called coin: uh theres a free version. You dont make a lot of money, but if you buy one of these cards, it used to be 35 bucks when i bought it now its 50 and lets see how much this one is. Yeah now theyre, both 50 bucks. I have one of each and it gives you 12 times more crypto and, like i said, if you walk a lot, if you bike a lot this, this actually encourages you to walk around and move around, and you find reasons to do your chores and drive places. So there you go my link, please use my link, it helps me a lot and you get free money. I get free money and then we could do a whole network thing. You know how it goes thanks for watching peace, tranquility have a good day.