There is a lot to talk about like the video and subscribe to the channel. If you like, the content now lets get into it Music, so my feelings for crypto are strong, and i do believe that this is the greatest opportunity to build wealth over the next decade. Think about how often a brand new asset class is created, its not very often many people go their whole lifetime without having an opportunity like the one that sits in front of us today, and there are many people who ask: are we too late right bitcoin? At 48 000 ethereum at 3 500, a number of coins that have run up exponentially and people feel like they are late to the party, but the reality is that we are quite early all right. We are in about the second inning of this and heres. Why? The overall crypto market only has a market cap of 2 trillion dollars, thats less than apples market cap, its only a little more than amazons market cap and big institutional money is just now starting to get in this space, isnt even regulated yet and once it is There will be clarity and the trillions of dollars that are sitting on the sidelines are going to flood into the market, and where will this market be five years from now 10 years? From now 20 years from now, you can look at the stock market. As an example of where it could possibly go, ive shown this before it, but it bears repeating.

This is the history of the total market cap of the stock market over the years. This goes up to the year 2020, where it was approaching 90 trillion dollars. It has since blown past that and is now over a hundred trillion dollars. Consider that only a few decades ago, the total market cap of the stock market was just about two trillion dollars, and that is where the crypto markets are today. So where is the crypto market headed in the next decade? What happens to this chart? The growth is going to be similar to this chart here that we saw play out in the stock market, but its going to happen faster and the reason why it will grow faster is because technology accelerates at an exponential rate. So i believe that you know what the stock market did in 20 years. Crypto is likely to accomplish in just a few years. Everything is going to change all right. The thing about change is that change happens gradually until you see that things have changed completely. So lets take a look at some of the changes that have occurred over the past few days. Visa has unveiled a universal payment channel for blockchain all right. So this is a universal payment channel project that connects blockchain networks to a variety of cryptocurrencies, stable coins and central bank digital currencies cbdcs. Here we have one of the biggest payment companies in the world integrating blockchain technology. This past week, twitter has enabled tipping with bitcoin and plans to let users authenticate their nfts tick.

Tock has announced that they are getting in the nft game by allowing creators to mint and sell nfts and now just a few hours. This report came out stating that a futures based bitcoin etf has a 75 chance of approval in october, according to an analyst, so the bitcoin etf news is huge, even though its not a true bitcoin etf, its a futures based etf, so that means that they wouldnt Actually be buying and selling bitcoin all right, its all based on futures contracts, which is a bit different. But nonetheless, it is super bullish for the space and a step towards an actual real bitcoin etf, but think about the fact that i just ran through four major stories. Four major things happening in the news and all those things took place within the last 48 hours. They dont even include things that have taken place over the last two months. We have a whole country adopting bitcoin as official currency in el salvador, and a number of countries that are thinking of doing the same things are changing and theyre changing fast. Now, a lot of people are hesitant to invest in crypto because its not the easiest thing to understand right. Consider how do you explain to someone what ethereum does? How do you explain to someone what chain link does everyone can understand this right? Everyone understands why this is important and why apple is a good investment, but its not so easy to understand something like ethereum or all of the other projects in the space.

But younger people are growing up with a better understanding of bitcoin and the overall crypto space and as older people, age out of the market and younger people grow into the ones. With the most purchasing power, there is going to be more money coming into the space. Take a look at this statistic that i think is super bullish for crypto across the next few decades, 30 trillion dollars in inheritance will be moving to millennials. This is the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in the history of the world. A lot of that money is going to find its way into the crypto markets, because these are the people who are invested in the crypto market. So i am super bullish for the next decade. If there is to be a roaring 20s, it will be because of crypto all right. So how am i playing it? I have eight coins in my portfolio at the moment. All right now keep in mind that there are dozens of great projects to invest in. In many ways to make money, but these are the ones that im invested in most of them are what i consider blue chip projects that i know will be here. You know for the years ahead and dont have too much downside. I have one moon shot, which ill talk about at the end, much of my money is allocated towards the big networks – ethereum cardano solana and polkadot and thats, because these are the platforms that everything is built on top of the decentralized finance protocols.

The decentralized exchanges nfts are minted on them, so i believe that an investment in ethereum is like an investment in the internet. At the time of this, recording ethereum has a market cap of around 400 billion dollars, thats around where apple was in the year 2010.. I believe that if ethereum can solve its gas fees and scalability problems with eth 2.0 ethereum is likely to grow into a multi trillion dollar project. And if that happens, one east could be worth twenty to thirty thousand dollars. All right, but eth wont be the only player in town. There is room in the space for more than one winner and thats. Why im invested in the others? I believe that they also have a chance to grow into a trillion dollar project. So lana has had a crazy run this year. Its market cap has swelled to over 50 billion dollars, but it still has a lot of room to grow. Solanas market cap is still 20 billion dollars away from cardanos, and i do think that its going to flip it in the months ahead, solana is just starting to see institutional traders come into the space grayscale just added solana to its fund and whats really crazy is Take a look at this chart which shows solanas run up this year compared to ethereums run in 2017.. Solana is in purple. Ethereum is in blue solana of 2021 is mimicking ethereum of 2017.. When we expand the chart, we know what happens to ethereum.

Will this same thing happen to solana? Time will tell, but i do believe that it is well positioned and then theres cardano, which has had a tremendous run already this year and which has kind of died down since their smart contracts went, live but dont sleep on cardano. I really like this project, because i really think that charles hoskinson is a strong leader and he is ambitious. He recently said that cardano aims to be a legitimate option in global governance. We already know that cardano has partnered with ethiopia and that theyre going after africa, but consider the money that will flow through the network if they partner with different governments. It is tremendous now at the cardano summit last week. They also announced that they are partnering with chain link, and that brings me to the fifth coin that i am invested in. I believe that you should always invest in the best and chain link is the best oracle in the business chain. Link is a project that provides data and information from off blockchain sources to on blockchain smart contracts via oracles, basically, chain link does data, and we all know how important data is chain link feeds data into smart contracts. It is the main oracle of ethereum, and now it is partnering with cardano something like 95 of all d5 projects use chain link to get their data. I do believe that chain link is currently undervalued at 27, its nearly a hundred percent down off its high of 52 back in may.

Its market cap is about 12 billion dollars. Ive, been dollar cost averaging into chain link and trying to build out a nice position, because i think itll do well over time. The sixth coin im invested in – and these are in no particular order – is matic because it has such a powerful use case. Matic is a layer two solution for ethereum, so it helps to solve that scaling and gas feed problem that ethereum has and even though eth 2.0 is supposedly around the corner, matic will still be needed to help scale ethereum thats. How much goes on on the ethereum network? So, even though matic ran up like crazy this year, i think it does have a 5x in it and will do well over time. The seventh coin im invested in is v chain and v chain falls under that category of best in its class v chain, helps to solve supply, chain issues and theres. Really, no other project that does what v chain is able to do. V chain is currently trading at 11 cents, but make no mistake. This is not a small cap project. Its got a market cap of nearly 10 billion dollars, but the addressable market for v chain is so big and its use case is so strong that v chain could easily become a top 10 coin and its possible that we could see it hit 50 cents or More during this market cycle also consider that v chain has started minting nfts on its blockchain, so there is a lot to like.

There have also been rumors recently that vechain would be added to coinbase soon, so that could be a strong catalyst. The last coin, in my portfolio, but definitely not the least, is omi omi is my moonshot token of all of the projects that im currently invested in omi is the one with the greatest upside. My thesis for omi is really simple and easy to understand. The nft space is going to explode in the years to come and vivi the company that the only token is associated with has the ip and licenses to be the most dominant force in the game. Vivi has an exclusive partnership with marvel and have recently released. The first marvel nfts ever. They also have the rights to classic marvel comics, and these have proven to be extremely popular and successful. So far with the secret rare of marvel, comics number one selling for tens of thousands of dollars, they recently acquired the rights to james bond and have a ton of other ip, like dc ghostbusters adventure, time star track jurassic park back to the future. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. As all my own homies know. Over the next days and weeks and months and years, there will be a ton of new licenses introduced, as well as their own metaverse, the vivi verse, where you will be able to use your umi to buy land, which you can then resell. Omi is currently trading at .

0058 and has a market cap of around a billion dollars. I do think that, given the licenses and the success that theyve already had, along with the catalyst that are on the way that the omi token is undervalued and will see a new all time high by the end of the year, which will price it at over. One penny, but i think long term that this is a project that could get to a dollar making a lot of oh omi, homies millionaires. So those are my coins and those are some of the reasons why i am so bullish on the crypto space for the next decade. Let me know what coins youre holding in the comments below if you enjoyed the content, smash the like button and subscribe to the channel on your way out and, as always stay happy stay healthy and stay safe.