I think you should hear this. Why invested in shibainu shibainu as the basically doesnt interest me at start, but i have had no use case now, its finally getting the use case. It deserves whats happening everyone ill. Keep you updated with the news. For example, ethereum has had the advantage of kickstarting the meme trend with the help of uni, swap simply because it was ahead in the game and laying a path for platforms of developed, decentralized exchanges. You get the point. Ethereum had the advantage, but it also opened the door for others to develop smart contracts and explore this new ecosystem with an open mind with shiba inu. It has no use case. Yet what makes me love it even more that can be simply develop a use case in the future, with a huge advantage. A huge market cap already in its pocket, but thats, not true shibeiro – does have a use case. A use case were three billion. You know we have a swap. We have so many more things coming up. We do have a community, a community is really important and if you didnt know most of these, you know dog coins. Im gon na give you the truth here. Uh, because im gon na do some of my own stuff in the future, a community is really important for building basically a brand, a business, and when you know the truth, you know it doesnt hurt. You basically are the part of the business as well, but thats completely fine, youre, an investor, and you want to see those prices grow and with basically how the marketing is being done were going to be seeing a big layers of growth with all that, shiba has Achieved in such a short time period, i would be full not to jump into this for shiba.

You knew it is still its early stages of developing its ecosystem is why im in on the shiba do token, and with that imagine a false ship, i was integrated into a game app to buy things, but from the devs lets talk about the real updates here. I know i carried you on for a minute, but satoshi kusuma shares with the community more on an upcoming medium release. A three part mediums release over the course of the upcoming month, which is probably gon na, be already releasing by the time its out uh. But the really important you know they kept us updated. Even if this is a bit old, we can see here that basically satoshi is saying and ecosystem into the community im releasing three millions over next month to dig deeper. Some of these mediums already released. You know im really really excited for what happens next but say, though shes actually giving updates and tom brady admits. Hed, love, crypto and a power of his monster, and all these tires to be paid in crypto. Its an amazing thing and thats simply crazy to me. That means you know one of these big uh sponsors will have to buy 20 million of crypto 30 million of crypto, and it does add up from what i can see so far. So one tv ad was on subway, while the under promoted the cryptocurrency exchange platform ftx, the seven type super bowl winner was marked for championing a fast food salute chain, even though it clearly doesnt fit his extremely exclusive tb12 diet.

Brady said his support for crypto is no sham and to prove it, the nfl superstar is willing to put his money where the digital wallet is so with. That being said, i love the request to get paid in the crypto and you know to get paid in some bitcoin ethereum as solana, tokens um and the 44 year uh old brady set. So in fact hes super bullish even being paid by the fdx. You know sponsorship, which is a huge exchange. Brazie said he would love to get part of his nfl salary and crypto, noting that i play a few players have already made a request. I think its the basic thing thats happening in the world with the way the world is becoming more digital and those digital qualities along with it. If you love how the way world is going with all these different digital videos and how theyre impacting currencies so yeah, more nfl stars, actually saying positive things about crypto. So far like nobodys talking about nfl players requesting payment in cryptocurrency, and do you think that the owners and the union would agree to something like that? I think a few players have requested that id love to request that to get paid in some crypto – and you know like more and more stars – are going to be doing this and in turn more and more crypto is going to be spent. Look at this, just as we saw shiba coin millionaire.

Look at this at the interview you never knew, which kind of shirts are gon na be here, but uh seems like they actually do. Keep making like these type of shirts like this is crazy. How much promotion is actually going for, but were most the popular coin in the entire world ship and its overtaking solana, its overthinking litecoin, its only taking units, while we might not have as much utility? What we have is power in numbers and look at this 909. 000 followers one million to reach soon. You know shiva, swap being used. Thank you. Vpn squirrel. Please accept ship on amc. You will have 1 million users who come to amc so far, potentially millions of bitcoin mining difficulty surges 31 since july, like wow mining, new bitcoin keeps getting higher, but the current difficulty is still far from its record high. So with that being said, i do think were going to be seeing more of shibanus growth happening pretty much soon, uh and in the near future. Theres gon na be some other aspects of growth as well. Despite seeing five position, adjustments enroll the current bitcoin mining difficulty rate is still far from its all time high, but its getting better. You know: bitcoin mining affiliate is surging decentralized exchange raised a lot of money. Who would have thought nfts could mark a resurgence in the art galleries, and this is something ive been telling my friends and they dont believe me.

Basically, ship could get used in art galleries, no joke. You know big nfd projects could get used in our galleries, and quick telegraph spoke to the father of a london art gallery to discuss the cultural implications of welcoming nfds in a traditional space. Imagine imagine in 100 years people are bidding in or even 20 years from now people are bidding on. Basically, these auctions, either online or offline uh, for 20 million for an nft who knows uh but having one of the first ever collectibles from this new nfd world is rare and the part of the reason why people are so keen to collect them. Like super super early for nfts and ximena is still super early into this. If any of these just launched this year, this just tells you how early, actually, everything is because ohio is to host bitco bit minings new 85 million bitcoin mining facility, like theyre all mining bitcoin, because they know bitcoin, is drying up and after bitcoin dries up. These institutions, you know they will be looking for more bitcoin, but they wont be able to get it. His cbc ceo backed cbdcs against crypto and stable queens, who would have thought banks back stable coins again, but shibainu stays strong forever if its first year of d5. It does look like its very very early, so even if you know ethereum all of these drop, even if 10 percent of early stage startups working on blockchain, like you know, just just tells you how early it is for crypto how early it is for ship as Satoshi said we are having three mediums uh releasing in a short time span and thats.

Something im super excited for blockchain based startups, continue to account for a significant proportion of newly established business entities across globe now sumner partners with mister labs to launch cosmos, smart contracts. Now thats really awesome out, but i dont know what that means. Sec chair compares stable coins to casino poker chips. Now the sec is probably going to be cracking down on the she stable coin on the ship, a new stable coin, its probably gon na add a tax, its gon na add some. You know weird things because uh after they said that you know the fourth coin. Is probably gon na be the token right? Everyone is expecting the sheet token, which is gon na, be worth uh, basically a staple one cent, so a thousand of those will be worth basically one uh 100 euros will be worth one dollar a thousand. Those will be worth ten dollars. We got a lot of casinos here in the wild west and the parkour chips. Is these table coins at the casino gaming tables uh? With that being said, it does seem. I can really do fear that will keep bringing these information enforcement cases, but there is going to be a problem. There is going to be a problem on landing platforms on trading platforms and so forth, but they are having a lot of regulation and after we go through, regulation were finally going to be seeing. Shibenus bull run its happening soon. 2021 is still super early for all ship holders, as the sec registrant seek defy and physically backed bitcoin etf approval.

Everyone is saying you know: everyone is coming across the sec and basically asking them hey list. The new etf boost up bitcoin to 100 000 and who knows when it will happen, but hopefully it is soon because uh now we all know rome wasnt built in a day, but if it was building in the day, i wouldnt be surprised if shibenu built it Alongside romulus and remiss, shibanu has the advantage of building a use case with its holders, which gives it another huge advantage for a lot of other tokens. Use cases are ones that are open to buy in which is limited. Shibeinu offers people the chance to develop its own economy ecosystem that is fair and open for unlimited discussions and possibilities. With all that, shibenu has achieved in such a short time period. I would be a full knot to jump into shibenu in its early stages of developing its ecosystem. This is why im on shebai new tokens, let me know your thoughts and why i got into this token regards ship army fan. Thank you so much for watching.