So if you like talking about money, please go ahead and hit that like subscribe and notification bell below and lets get started if youre an xlm stellar lumen holder, you are a happy camper right now, as we have seen a huge rush to the top at 32 Cents and the past day we are up 6.52 percent. However, a week out twelve point, four four percent just sitting very very nicely yet just still down ten point: five: nine percent on the month. So the question is: is it still a buying opportunity and my personal opinion? Yes, of course it is as a long term believer. I know where this is going. This is going to that 10. 50. 100 range in the long term. However, the past two days we have seen a serious run and im loving it now i hates to my own horn, but i called it out right here right. If you watch my videos, you know that i call it out at 26 cents. I thought that was the bottom end. Up being true, we hit a bottom at 26 cents. Now we have a upward trend happening. We know going into this month were gon na start, seeing some strength in cryptocurrency, given the fourth quarter market bull run. Now, if the infrastructure bill does us right here in the states and everything pans out to the way were hoping, we will see a huge rush in cryptocurrency. We will see a pop, the likes of which we havent seen in my personal opinion.

Now the fed came out straight up and said: theyre not gon na ban cryptocurrency like china right theyre, not gon na go there, so i think all things good are coming. I think we have nothing but good news ahead of us and i can see this easily hitting that one plus range by the end of the year moving into 2022.. I stand by that. Not a financial advisor, not financial advice, but i see us having a serious run in the next few months and its starting now. So if youre not in get in coming over to reddit, i see this tweet or this retweet excuse me not a retweet, not a tweet, its a post on reddit right and it talks about sdf being in mexico. Sdf being in mexico, come to the tweet and i cant read spanish right. I cant read it at all. However, i got a translator, so in collaboration with tech stars and visa stellar org will host a panel on october, 6th at 2 p.m, where we will present fintech companies that use stellar and visa to provide digital financial services and the reason love it now. What do i like, i like seeing these two names together, guys if you are in on xlm stuller, please tell me in the comments section below do you like? Do you love seeing the stellar development foundation right below the name visa who doesnt know who visa is? This is who theyre sitting down at the table with guys? This is big stuff? We also know that largely the price of these coins increases due to liquidity.

This tweet is on stellar on stellars, page liquidity, liquidity, liquidity developers, blog right protocol 18 powers up stellars path, payment feature by making paths easier to find through support of larger quantities and by achieving reliable exchange rates, so in short, making them more liquid, so thats. What we like to see thats what we love the liquidity running through the blockchain increasing that price. What we like is that liquidity and it comes from being all over the globe. So what we want to talk about right now is where is xlm stellar at? Where is the development foundation? Where is stellar development theyre everywhere, guys theyre literally everywhere, built on stuller? Look at all these projects right. The ecosystem is massive. When we talk about countries that are involved with the stellar development foundation, i can rattle off a bunch of names right: ukraine, nigeria, peru, canada. There are many parts of southeast asia, spain, theyre working with regulators here in the united states, guys theyre in argentina theyre in germany. How are you not gon na tell me that this coin is the future that this is going to the moon. This thing is going to blast up far to the right, probably further than what myself or any of you can ever imagine in my personal opinion, now stellar development foundation when you do something for no financial gain – and this is me guys – that is passion if it Gives you financial freedom too thats, even better, so for me thats what stocks and crypto does, but that is what the stellar development foundation does for cryptocurrency for no financial gain.

They are a non profit. They are doing this to make the world better and help with this digital revolution. We are in so again. Where do i see this coin? Going a dollar plus this year? Could it go further, of course, every single day more news is coming out: a new country, a new partnership. A new institution is getting in with the stellar development foundation and the gift just keeps giving so thats.