Okay, this is where we get to see those five impulse waves to the upside okay, where we look to top out about 79.9, okay thats about a 346 percent move from the current position. Right now we are fighting up against those key areas that we were a few weeks ago. This 786 im going to get into that on a smaller timeframe in a moment so on this weekly chart, though you can see things really started back in march of 2020 peak of wave one was up in august uh. The low of wave two again came in towards the end of 2022. Around december time we went a nice search to the upside in the new year and peaking out with wave 3 in march of 2021. So, from march to march, a total of 385 days weve seen 18 905 in games with harmony one. To put that into context guys, we can take a look at bitcoin. Bitcoin has only gone up 1, 600 percent in the same time period, ethereum again only 5 100 in the same time period. Other main cryptocurrencies that have performed well, but not as well as harmony. One include things like ada and so ada has gone up. Only fourteen thousand percent in relation to harmony, one eighteen thousand and nine hundred and five right so um straight away. We already know that uh harmony, one has been a pretty good performer, although a lot of people who were buying into uh harmony, one at the top of way.

Three have had. Unfortunately, to endure this fourth wave correction, the good news is: we have set an all time high since the low areas here, and we do have some pretty good projections looking forward to about 79.9. So, overall, the structure of these five impulse waves are looking pretty good. Uh, we have got a good support line. This was an area of previous resistance, and you see this was touching this area in wave one. We break through it on wave three back testing in wave three back testing in wave four and so again we know that weve got a good support. Good structure on this weekly chart overall, the stochastic rsi, was oversold for wave uh or the beginning of wave one overbought, four wave, one oversold in wave two overbought in way three oversold in wave four, and we are looking to push our way back up to the Upside and become overbought in way five, as we can see that there was a deviation also in the middle of wave three just here and not too dissimilar to what weve seen at the moment in this area here as well on the chart. So again, this deviation shouldnt distract us from the fact that we are looking to move up overall and things are starting to finally heat up after the month of september, being historically a bit of a pullback month and obviously thats exactly what weve seen almost self fulfilling. As people do expect it to pull back, they, they basically sell the beginning of the month and they cause the crash in itself right so um.

Ultimately, we have seen the pullback, but we are looking to exit out of here and we do have some interesting things going on so now, im going to do is im going to jump down into our daily okay and see if i can get through today. I said i was going to see if i can get through today without coughing, but that didnt last very long um. So, on this day i will eventually get there um on this daily chart, guys there is a cup and handle okay, and if we do complete this cup and handle pattern, then we should be looking to basically pull our way up to a nice comfortable area of Around 34 cent, okay thats the cup and handle and thats where we project it going right. So we have the cup here we have the handle pulling down and the projection is to bring that all the way up to that 34 area. Okay, this quickly comes in line with our 1.68 area of the fibonacci retracement tool. Overall, the daily chart is very well structured and we can see this thing um pushing up nicely in the month of october towards our 34 cent zone. So at this point guys we are going to jump over to the avid io dashboard on the evide io dashboard guys. We can see that we have an a3 rating overall for those who are unfamiliar with evay.io. There is a link in the description down below and do sign up its completely free and youll, be able to get access to underlying information thats not usually readily available um from the charts right.

So here we can see things like the liquidity, if theres any problems with that the fear in greed index. What is that sentiment? Looking like the sharp ratio risk reward and your profitability, all those good things so do recommend, checking it out. It is completely free sign up, link is in the description below. They are partners on the channel and youre able to get access to some fantastic information, and, of course, you know you can invest in the evite coin as well. If you want to – and in doing so, youll also be able to unlock additional features within the platform at a later stage, and so right now, obviously using the avaya platform here were going to dive down into harmony. One and just talk about some of these additional metrics, so we have the ami had ratio. This is an a2 rating and the a2 rating is the second best rating on the platform. So basically, theres no issues with liquidity, so its good to know that basically buying and selling is working perfectly fine and theres nothing to be concerned with. When we take a look at the fear and greed index, we have a b3 rating. So this is the midway point. This is pretty neutral, its not fearful its, not greedy, its actually a pretty good place to be, and in terms of where we are looking to move up in that wave, five. Okay, so, overall everything on the fit and greed index is pretty good and were going to slowly see this thing rise up those rankings back into the greedy area.

Okay, we come down a little bit lower. We have the sharp ratio, the sharp ratio is your risk reward ratio and so basically the risks to holding harmony, one versus the rewards of holding harmony, one and well above the 50 day average. This is an a2 rating. The second best that platform can give and is basically suggesting to us that we might want to be holding harmony, one right, because the the risks do not outweigh the rewards. Okay, so its good to see that and we have profitability, the roi and a1. So obviously, as i said, eighteen thousand nine hundred and five percent in gains significantly higher than the safer bets which are bitcoin and ethereum. Okay, so um its obvious that this is an a1 profitability, its the best profitability rating that you can get and its seeing significant growth in uh, just a very short space of time right we have the b1, i say b2 for the peak and value demand, which Is looking pretty good, pretty neutral, nothing to worry about there and the a2 for moving averages right, so the moving averages are looking pretty good, so overall theres nothing wrong with the underlying data for harmony, one so lets jump down into the hourly chart. Okay, this is where we start to see a lot of that volatility, and we can talk about whats been going on most recently. Okay, so we were talking about this triangular wedge were talking about re testing, this lower area, the expectation of pulling back down we broke through.

It were really battling this downward trend line, and then we surged right above the 702. So 702 is a previous area of resistance. Weve gone up a little bit here and tracking this a little bit further. We are targeting the 786 okay, and so i dont think weve got enough momentum to push through it, but im hope im wrong on that and that we do push past the 786 area of the fibonacci retracement tool. Okay, so we can see that we still have momentum here and we do know from the underlying data that the fear and greed index is pretty neutral, so its not a lot of fear in the space. So we cant go see mass sell offs um around these kind of key areas here and so thats pretty good news. Now we can see that we have the slow lines a little bit lower than the fast line we are looking to move up. If we can come up into the overbought area, that should get us above the 786 right with a possible loss of momentum. If i can draw an arrow, a loss of momentum, if we can basically surge our way up, lose that momentum back test on this area and then rally up higher than 21 cent were going to be in a pretty good position to talk about new. All time highs, okay and so next week could be a very critical week for harmony, and we are starting to see some momentum here in terms of whats going on in this hourly chart.

We can see there are little pockets of buying here and buying volumes have come in, otherwise the volumes have actually kept quite low, and so we are looking to basically increase that volume over time. Help surge our way above the 786 back test confirm the 786. As a new support level and then move on up find the resistance at 21 cent pull back from 71 surge above it and get new all time highs: okay, so um critical moment getting above that 786. So we are looking for the close okay. That close counter would come in anything above 18.6 id love to see it happen today for the weekly close, i dont think thats gon na happen um, but id love to be wrong on that in the next few hours, just to have a surge with harmony one Above that 786 area get that weekly close in there real big ball signal moving into next week: okay, um, but again this is an area that we were in previously and then bitcoin pulled us down. Okay, so that was really unfortunate time and we got the weekly close up here and were tracking nicely and then bitcoin pulled us back down so right now the progress of where we are were looking to get back above this area. Big ball signal taking us to those next levels, and then we should be off to the races talking about all time highs when we go back up into our daily view, and we talk about this fibonacci retracement tool.

We talk about that cup and handle the target. Is 34, okay, so or basically the 1.618 at 33.3? Okay, a good surge to the upside coming into that area. There is my kind of expectations for october, so overall everythings looking pretty good, we have a good lining, uh, a good emotion to the upside everythings lining up nicely and uh. Basically, i do anticipate we should have a pretty good week with harmony one in the in the next few days. I think were going to start seeing some pretty good traction start to happen here and as we continue the run to the upside. We talk about 33. 51, 68 and 79.7, so overall everythings looking pretty good for harmony, one i am going to leave the video there.