We talk about everything crypto daily, jumping right into the market today in crypto bitcoin. Are you ready for a move because its coming bitcoin move over the next 24 hours be ready sunday, night monday morning, remember im giving away two thousand dollars in bitcoin at the end of the month subscribe to the channel. Like the video leave a comment, the comment box boom free bitcoin lets go. This is a bitcoin daily chart. Probably one of the most important things that i try to emphasize to members of the trading group is bitcoin. Is the driver of this market? The all coins follow bitcoin 99 of them all right, so its not so much. Let me predict what bitcoin is going to do its. Let me have a plan in place essentially to maximize my profits and minimize losses based on the scenarios that are possible, and so what we want to see here, bullish wise for bitcoin, either a pullback to this level, which would be a higher low and youd form. This inverse head and shoulders all right if this happens, im loading im loading up, alt usct pairs on a pullback to forty four thousand forty six thousand right. This would be a gift. This is the biggest buying opportunity right here. A bounce, a confirmed bounce like a double bottom falling ledge right, some lower term time frame, confirmed, pull back with a bounce, thats thats the best buying opportunity. Now the other scenario is and ill show you this.

On the on the four hour time frame, i mean, potentially, you got this little flag forming here and bitcoin puts in a higher high, which would be bullish as well right. But unless youre already in the alt coins holding the altcoins its kind of hard to trade. That move right and so a lot of times ill wait for the bitcoin move and then just know that when bitcoin slows down and consolidates moves sideways, that your all coins take off right and so thats just my strategy for whats about to happen. Things change considerably because, if you could imagine lets just say this is this giant cup and handle things change tremendously when this is broken and it at about 50 to 53, 000 right and so thats the mega bullish scenario that could play out. This is a four hour chart like we talked about. This is the bull pennant. This is supposed to break higher right, its a continuation idea right, and so your measured move is up here at about fifty one thousand two hundred it is consolidating cooling off after a weekend of essentially moving sideways and its running out of room. So im looking for a move here out of bitcoin ive got some amazing shout outs to given my trading group this person. He went from a hundred dollars to 2 800. In a day, you changed my life. This is huge. 28X. This person, probably using leverage this person more than tripled his portfolio in two months, thanks to you huge this person up 74 000 in three weeks.

This is the biggest financial opportunity of a lifetime period. Youve got to make it count ill, make sure youre in the best most profitable trading setups period. Right now, if go to the website, cryptorev.net pay with cryptocurrency, you get 50 off. If you pay for six months or if you pay for the year with the year, you get an additional month for free. If you do want to pay with a card month to month, there is a monthly credit card option. Look in the description of this video theres, a link to take you directly to the website. This is cody. We hit cody for 249 profits overall, but the second setup that was posted recently up a hundred percent. I mean these. These. You want to hit these types of multiples. You got to be in the right coins like if youre sitting holding coins that arent doing a whole lot. You need to rethink your strategy. Ive got these two solid setups, for you were gon na talk about them. Real quick and ive got a gem pick coming ready to bang based on nft explosion crypto gaming boom. This is the kava platform, so kava they launched a 185 million dollar ignition fund theyre going to drive development to the kava ecosystem. So the setup looks like this: its this perfect double bottom. You buy the breakout of this level right so once the price action you guys know that all these blocks over here.

These are the prices that are attached to these horizontals right. So its all you got to do is pause, the screen, freeze it and then you know, write those down. I definitely want you guys charting this stuff, like its so much easier when you try, you want to see this level broken and a retest. This is retests. Are always safer right and so again you could see eight dollars: 60 cents out of kava after the breakout, you got their 200 simple moving average coming in here, acting as resistance, so itll break out and retest that level as well: loopering lrc, the fourth quarter, energy. So they have some news coming some energy coming for loopering lrc, and so what does this mean were not sure. However, this is a pattern id given to you guys previously, and its up about 12 or 14 gave it to you on youtube. Now you see this support. Okay, this is the new resistance, so it needs to break that level for upside continuation could see 56 cents, 60 cents, 68 lrc, and then this is forming this giant cup and handle right super bullish and you could see huge profits out of i mean you could See 50 profits out of lrc. The gem pick on kucoin thats ready to bang is lock g loc g lock game its a new nft game and collectible. So if you look at their news, they have a ton of news. Coming october, theyve got an alpha release november, you got early user access recruitment, they got a marketplace and another alpha release december.

You got beta 1 and beta 2 coming and then 2022 is just stacked with all kinds of news, and so the chart on this one is amazing and the reason why i chose lock g is because nfts and gaming is hot. Lets go to axs, so i traded this. This is one of my best trades this week. By far without question and the nice thing about these larger cap coins access, you can go bigger right. You can use a lot of bitcoin. You know i threw a couple. Bitcoin at this thing and doubled up, so that was good axs usdt, so i posted this in trading group right here. Its 62 right banging banging this thing up 103 now axs is the king of nfts right now. Lock g has this type of potential based on the chart. This is locg on cue coin, ready to bang this things ready to explode, rounded bottom cup and handle right. Youve got a breakout, see the volume look at the volume, huge volume spike. All the way up here so then, after the breakout now youve got a bull pennant falling wedge, so its also a retest. I this thing can see 21 cents after the breakout. Now look at these indicators youre about to get a macd bullish cross. Your rsi has a falling ledge too that when it breaks out stochastic rsi is down here in oversold i mean this thing is ready to bang watch this running out of room.

It has no other place to go, but up lets bang baby, like the content that i provide on a daily basis, be sure to subscribe to the channel. Like the video leave a comment in the comment box.