I want to share five important tips that you should be aware of as we head into the next crypto bull run, and this bull run is, of course, going to take us to new. All time highs were going to hit a blow off top and then head into a bear market. So what should you be aware of, and what should you do when cashing out im going to share some of my experiences and what im, personally doing so, you are better equipped and ready to take profits and to know what to do long term. Now, before we get into it, please go ahead and hit the thumbs up. Button, leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys. This video is brought to you by ok coin. Crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade, your favorite cryptocurrencies and you dont have to pay high fees, okay, coin charges, low fees, and you can also stake your crypto and keep 100 of the rewards. You dont have to pay any fees and okay coin is the only exchange that you can buy. Miami coin so be sure to sign up link in the description. Lets. Take a look at the crypto market prices here, bitcoin hovering around the 48 000 price point ethereum. At 3, 379 cardano at 2.22 cents solana continues its massive gains, its at 170 dollars xrp in a dollar four cents, so were looking good.

Obviously, like ive been sharing with you guys on the weekly chart using bitcoin as the benchmark. We were looking for a breakout, and here we are. We have our massive green candle and now its slow, steady growth and then, when we hit a parabolic move, were gon na head to new. All time highs break the old all time highs, of course, and uh we all we will head to a blow off top and into our bear market. Now there is a theory i want to share with you guys from analyst willie wu whos talking about the breaking of the four year cycle. So i want to give you the details there, but lets zoom in a bit here daniel joe tweeted, the following chart, uh, which i agree with he said: bitcoin, is forming a bullish, engulfing candle on the weekly chart and back above the 21 week ema, a strong Weekly close above 47.3 thousand dollars uh, and he has here forty eight point: eight thousand dollars and the 21 week. Ema is very bullish and should send bitcoin towards 50k to 52.9 k. So bulls continue to gain control here. Obviously, once again that big, breakout and remember bitcoin moves and then the all coins follow so were gon na seize a really massive all season um, but lets zoom out now to the macro level, and here youll see techdev whos. Also, a uh analyst tweeted, the following: the remarkable macro similarities between 2013 and 2021.

So as weve been talking about the double peak in 2013, bitcoin made a strong move up. Then we had a correction and then they made another strong move up to hit. A second peak to new all time highs that same pattern is playing out here now you may say why is that? How is that possible because of bitcoins having the mathematical algorithm every four years, the cycle uh it initiates and then the supply gets cut in half. So were seeing a similar move thats why im expecting higher highs coming from bitcoin in all coins, so certainly money to be made here now, benjamin cohen whos, of course, uh has the youtube channel into the cryptoverse uh ive been watching this guy, since he had like 15, 000 subscribers and now hes at over 500 000. So he does great great um, ta, guys, technical analysis without the hype or click bait. So he said here still some air to move up for bitcoin and crypto in general. Nothing! But time at this point the rest is noise, so here his respective valuation versus trend line chart shows just like 2013. Once again, this is another data point that were gon na double peak, so we hit our first peak and then were waiting for the second peak. So this is not emotions. This is not wishful thinking. This is the data and were seeing this play out guys right before us. So this is why you want to have a plan and know what youre doing now.

As i mentioned, theres going to be a blow off top, so crypto burr, which does great technical analysis as well uh. He said here in three months: youll get regret, not saving this, and for those of you listening on the podcast, it is a chart showing spotting blow off tops because we will hit a blow off top and go into a bear market, and here you can see After the bear market theres, usually a dead cat, bounce and dont be fooled by that right. Just just make sure you take profits on the way up, guys that this is so important, so be prepared and keep these things at the back of your mind, now something thats, interesting, willie, wu, um, whos. Obviously a well known, uh bitcoin on chain analyst. You know hes, he has this theory and its the last cycle. So what is that he said what will be this bull cycle top? In my opinion, there is no top pass predictable, walk of demand, slash the supply governed by a simple four year happening now: unpredictable, walk of demand, slash supply from a complex ecosystem until we hit saturation now here you can see his last cycle plays out into like 2030 but youll see the the dips. Guys are not uh like the previous bear markets. So is this gon na happen we dont know, do i think theres a strong chance or a high probability of this happening. I dont personally think so, but i could be wrong either way: im still taking profits right, uh bitcoin goes to 100 000 im taking profits, asap and because we dont know whats going to happen, but we can have these theories and or thesis if you want to Call it that um! So could the you know the four year having cycle break a bit, possibly because maybe theres more adoption, theres more money in the market, more institutional adoption, a lot of big whales and institutions buying bitcoin and just holding it theyre, putting into cold storage.

So this is possible right, but well have to wait and see how things play out, but just something to throw out there for you guys to think about and why its important uh that maybe we take profits and hold some long term as well. You know well talk a bit about that with the the uh five tips, so anthony scaramucci, who ive interviewed on the channel. Obviously, his hedge fund, skybridge capital, is investing in crypto and he said the following, which i agree with. He says: crypto market feels coiled, hashtag, algorand, hashtag, solana, hashtag and hashtag bitcoin, so saying you know there. It seems like theres, some pent up energy here were waiting for that blast off and i think you know hey. It could happen this week. It could happen in the following week, but its gon na happen, because the market cycles are playing out now. Something i want to share with you guys here i find is very interesting. A lot of people looking at this on his face are criticizing this guy, but i want to make you guys think deeper about this. So a new york congressman wants to mint a one trillion dollar coin: to pay off u.s debt; hmm a one trillion dollar coin! That is interesting. What have we talked about on this channel for over the years? The bretton woods 2.0 that the world governments are planning? The imf theyve talked about it because this current debt system that were in right now it cant continue guys.

How high will the debt go 100 trillion dollars then, and then it goes into what a quadrillion like. What are we doing here right, theyre gon na have to reset this system, how they do that i dont know, but i do believe cbdcs are a part of it now the fact that hes coming out with this you know i i take a step backwards and I say this looks like theyre putting a narrative out there to get the public to uh under to to start getting their minds to think about this right to break that barrier down that. How is that will that work? Well, you want to know how its going to work now blockchain technology is here thats how its going to work. Could they actually do this? Yes, will it is this the actual solution i dont know, but a lot of people are angry at this guy or calling like an idiot or so forth and im not saying this is the right solution. Im not endorsing this im. Just saying i see different things. Lining up here towards that bretton woods, 2.0 guys go back to your history and research, bretton woods and look im, not making this up the imf theyve been talking about it. I think theyre going to do something with blockchain and cbdcs, and maybe they have that one world currency and debt. You know whatever debts are forgiven and whatever it is. Something is cooking up here and uh.

This is why i said crypto is going to be the greatest asset class ever because you have digital assets, crypto, cbdcs, nfts, um and just a variety of tokenized things that are going to be part of this. This is, i think, an indication of whats to come. Anyway, lets jump into the meat and potatoes of this video. My five crypto bull run tips that you should know about now. The first com uh item here and ill move, my video out the way, so you guys can see it one have a plan. This has been so crucial for me in past. Bull run cycles, first determine what cash out price points youre going to take profits at and remember no one can call the top. So you need to put this stuff in a spreadsheet and say: hey if you, even if you hold just xrp or you hold just ethereum or whatever right. What price points am i going to take profits at um? Second, look at the amount locked for staking lending and long term holds. So. Are you gon na lock up some crypto? Are you lending some with block five, because many times when you have those locked up, you can go cash it out. They have terms on them. Like, for example, i have a lot of ether theres, a theorem im waiting to cash out lets, say between eight to ten thousand dollars. Theres ethereum ive locked up in eth2 and im earning uh rewards on that guys and then im lending some of my crypto in blockfly.

So those are like the long term holds right that im not cashing out now, um and, like i said, make sure you map it out in a spreadsheet, and here i have a template. I put together a while back, so you can check it out here and i put, for example, if i had a holding of 10 bitcoin at which price points im, taking profits at and what the potential tax calculation may be. Based on where i live, you know, if im in the united states in certain states, what is my capital gains tax and you have to take into consideration long term and short term capital gains tax, so ill put a link to this google sheet spreadsheet. If you want to call that you can make a copy of it and build from there, this is not my actual. This is just a a template of what ive been using uh. On my end, all right number two have multiple exchange accounts. I cant stress this enough heres. Why going back to 2017 2018 guys exchanges were still young and, i think, were gon na see some similar issues, not as bad as what happened in 2017 and 2018 exchanges had to close their doors because they couldnt handle the volume and then also, if theres, ever An issue just any you know they look things break right. Technology, doesnt work! Well all the time. So what if the one exchange youre using breaks or something happens and youre like man, im trying to cash out bitcoin at a hundred thousand? Well what? If the price drop you get caught in a position where your hands are tied, but if you have multiple exchange accounts, you have multiple off ramp liquidity options, so sign up with multiple exchanges and have them set up and obviously make sure you secure them.

Well, so that when youre ready to cash out – and you move your crypto to the exchange um – you you do and one of them is having a problem – you just go to the next exchange. So, for example, im signed up with coinbase uphold, okay coin. Of course, um im signed up with kraken, gemini and theyre all ready for when im ready to cash out so im telling you. This is so crucial because of what ive experienced and i think a lot of people whove been in the market for a while have experienced this as well. Um, third guys along those lines ensure each of your exchange profiles are up to the maximum vari verification. So this is kycaml get to the highest as you can so that your account theres, no roadblocks that when youre ready to go cash out, theyre, not like hey, you didnt, complete this verification, or this happened or that happened. There is no ambiguity, theres, no roblox um, and this will allow you to you know when youre moving large sums of money lets, say: 50k plus 100k, plus whatever it is right, no problems because youre already verified to the max. So make sure you do this guys. Now i know some of you are like hey im in new york im in this state and theyre having problems. Unfortunately, you know this is where you have to do your own research and see what works in your state.

You know where im at right now, im okay, but i know some of you are in certain uh states where theres issues so go, explore every reputable exchange and just sign up. Do the full kyc verification verify to the max and get your limits. You know when you verify to the max oftentimes: your limits are expanded, so, like you can move, i dont know hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in and out when youre at that higher tier of verification. So just heads up on that all right. Fourth speak to your bank before sending money guys so notify your bank ahead of time lets say you cash out, i dont know 800 000 in crypto. You go try to transfer some of that into your bank, its gon na set off alarm bells. So what ive done personally and and im speaking from experience now guys um, i call my bank or banks. You know, depending on how youre sending them money ahead of time and say, hey im about to send a large sum of money. Put an note, an annotation on my account and its going to come from this exchange in this exchange. So please do not freeze my account. Do not flag my account. This is money. I know of that im uh sending over and and let the people maybe go into your local branch or call them up guys. These little things will prevent so much headaches and heartburn.

When you think about the money youre trying to you, know cash out or move and once again im talking from experience so finally guys number five have a tax reporting solution, such as tax bit set up ahead of time. I personally use tax bid, no bs im not lying to you. Um ive used them for a while. You know, for example, uh last year i swung trade different cryptos like chain link, so i had capital gains tax um, but it also helps you to calculate capital. Uh, your your, i forget what its called when you lose when you dont make a profit right, um, so you this will allow you to sync via api. All your exchange accounts into this one program and then, when youre ready to you could track your trades uh. Real time – and you know, get an idea of the taxes and at the end of the year, it helps you spit out a for the respective tax forms that you need to give to your accounting so thats. What i did, i simply synced my accounts. It pulled in all the respective trades i made um and then i uh go and i give it a it prints out the form, and i give it to my accountant and by the way i just remember, capital losses, so capital losses. So if you you sold that, oh you know, i hope, youre not selling at a loss, but you know sometimes people need money.

You have to pull out your investment, no problem, but it will calculate all those things for you. This is taxes are so uh such a headache, and especially when your crypto um, maybe is moved in chunks. You bought in different time frames and uh its on the blockchain, so this tool brings it all together and taxbid guys theyre reputable. They raise a huge amount of capital, theyre valued into the hundreds of millions, so im a big fan of this product guys i personally use it. If you want to sign up, link will be in the description it wants to help support me in the channel and once again i use this product. So im not saying hey use this and i i legit use this product. Once again. I printed out the forms and gave it to my accountant so guys to recap: the five crypto bull run tips. One have a plan know what youre doing with cashing out uh, staking lending and so forth. Have multiple accounts with different exchange. Exchanges. Excuse me make sure those exchanges are at the max verification, so your limits are expanded into the millions to move in and out money. Um speak to your bank ahead of time before you wire, transfer money to your bank, account and prepare for those taxes guys and use a solution like tax, but im telling you its so easy when i first use it im like oh my gosh, because i was So intimidated, im being frank, now right, i was so intimidated by the crypto taxes im like oh, my god.

What am i gon na? Do i had this here? I had this. I had this and this exchange i bought this time. This is short term. This is long term how the hell do i care tax bit? Does it for you super easy solution so guys? I hope this was helpful and once again, a lot of this is from my own personal uh scenarios and experiences of where i ran into roblox. When i had, you know, could have moved my money im like. Oh my god, what is this bank doing to me whats happening now? I have all these things in place and uh im more confident going into this bull run peak ready to take profits guys. So i hope this was helpful if you found this helpful guys, please hit the thumbs up button subscribe, leave a comment share this video tweet, it out put it on reddit and so forth. Hopefully its helpful for people who are new in the market because uh these are things sometimes people dont share with you right, um and a lot remember were still early. So a lot of the banks, a lot of the traditional financial world. When you do things with crypto, whether it be cashing a move large sum of money, they sometimes can set up red flags right, uh, so just just be prepared – and i hope this is helpful – ill – put a link in the description to this deck um so that You guys can go uh read through it and have it as a reference point appreciate you all.