We do have new cryptocurrency videos coming out every single day, make sure to check out our twitter at bitcoinbros26. We also keep you guys up to date in the cryptocurrency market every single day on twitter so check that out, if you guys want to, and in todays video we will be talking about. Algorand algorithm has had some pretty huge news come out in the past week. Im going to be covering that, for you, guys in todays video so make sure to stay tuned for that and ill also be going over some key indicators for our grand, along with the updated price prediction. Where i see this token going in the next couple of months, so make sure to stay tuned for all this information lets go ahead and jump into a grand currently ranked number 17 on coin market cap at 1.75 cents. This cryptocurrency has absolutely blasted off uh in the past couple months, as we can see back here. Late august just absolutely went parabolic. The market cap is currently at 10.6 billion dollars the bottom. The past 24 is around 604 million and the circlians plot algo is 6.07 billion. Al grant tokens so lets go ahead and jump into some of this recent news for algorithm and one of the big things that just came out for algorithm algorithm. Community governance is here: the governance web portal is now live. You can come down here to learn more. This is right on algorithms, twitter, at algo foundations, that is their official twitter handle, and it is very easy to use.

As you can see right here, all you have to do is: go to algrand dot, foundation, governance, uh! You have to click sign up as a governor. You have to connect. Your wallet commit any amount of your algorithms. It takes literally less than two minutes guys. So its easy, fast and secure so its very, very easy to do governance with al goran, and this is huge guys and they got governance out, and you know how big this is in the d5 space so that the community can vote on different things within the L grant ecosystem how the projects evolves over time, so this is pretty big for the al grant project. This came out. We can see here. This was tweeted on september 30th, so this is very, very big news for al grand and then from headline crypto here they said that they have built a payment solution that is compatible with almost every web platform on the globe. No coding copy paste full algorithm on ramp all asa supported available now. So, basically, if you do not know what this algo pay is um, they say its the proto to future fi. You can come right down here. There was a good uh response here. He basically explains what this means for al grant. This person is this like alpe, i mean, looks like it is a huge part, but i dont completely understand what does this arm ramp mean uh, its not like apple pay, just quite yet well be building a full suite of tools to go along with the current Build on ramp means anything can be easily implemented ill, go pay into any site that allows custom javascript, so basically any web portal any type of website.

This would be very, very easy to integrate it with. So this is obviously very very big news for algo and algo pay, so pretty cool stuff there guys and heres an article. I do want to show you with you guys. This is why al grant could finally give ethereum a run for its money. So basically, this is on nasdaq.com and it talks about the recent price action of the algorand kind of what al grant is whats been going on whats new, with uh algorithm, and we can see. The recent rise in algo is because we have a hedge fund run by anthony scaramucci sky bridge capital. They invested in it. They had 7 million 700 million of algo crypto tokens. In addition, the fund has raised 100 million for an etf related to algorand, so thats. Why this cryptocurrency project has absolutely exploded in the past month, potentially having some more price gains here in the future. This is very, very huge news, and also they talk about in this article that you know the government of el salvador signed an agreement with a financial services firm concerning al grant, so el salvador could potentially be using al grant for some of his d5 solutions. Utilizing some of the uh technology within elgren and that would obviously be huge because we know that uh el salvador accepted a bitcoin as legal tender in their country and if they got el grand, this would actually be a huge announcement and its looking like a lot Of these d5 projects are starting to catch up to ethereum, cardano solana algorithm.

They have been doing some amazing things in the past couple of months and its gon na be very interesting to see how this d5 space plays out and algorithm is going to be one of the cryptocurrencies that is here to stay, and they also invested 150 million Dollars into their own self, like algorithm, invested 150 million into al graham to build the d5 ecosystem. So that is a big pleasure. They really want to see this defy ecosystem grow. They want to see the community for algorand grow and they want to see this project. Just continue to prosper in the cryptocurrency space and uh. This article basically puts that all together, and this is a great nasdaq article guys – and this is just showing you that ethereum is the number one d5 protocol right now. But there are a lot of contenders algorithm. Will be one of those contenders coming up here pretty soon, and this is some technical analysis from at real value vision, so shout out to him, but hes kind of showing some uh price action that we saw last year for algorand, and you can see back here. We had a dip kind of some reconsolidation around here before a huge blast off and were kind of seeing some very similar price action, and it look its looking like he mirrored this price action back here and, if you put it on top of where were currently At uh we can see that this actually takes us up to about a ten dollar algorand, which will be absolutely insane and thats kind of where our price prediction has been for our grand in some of our past videos.

So lets go ahead and jump into my price prediction for al grand, so we can see in the past 24 hours. Algorithm has not moved too much in the past week were up about. One percent in the past month were up about 53 percent and in the past year were up 455 percent, so some pretty big gains there for our grand. In the past year we peaked up earlier in the year at about two dollars and fifty five cents weve. Obviously have came down since then that was in uh, mid september, when that happened and im very, very bullish on the lagrange. I do believe within the next couple weeks here in october. Well see the algorithm price start to creep up to two dollars, potentially blast up to about two dollars and fifteen cents to two dollars and thirty cents and start to consolidate around there. I think that is the next level that we are looking at for al grand and i believe in the next couple of months potentially december, we will see a lot of fomo in the crypto space, a lot of people, you know having fear of missing out. I think well see a bitcoin etf get approved and i think thats going to really explode this crypto space. I think well see algorithm go to that price of ten dollars. That is our peak price prediction for algorand this year, so im extremely bullish on this cryptocurrency token. That is more than a 5x from right now.

So, if you are dollar cost averaging into algorithm, i do believe you can still make some pretty big gains. We can see the trading activity right now is a 61 percent buy and a ‘ sell, so thats actually really good for al grant and the popularity for the token is number 13, even though over on coin market cap, we are ranked number 17., so thats. Also pretty good, so some pretty bullish indicators there for al grand im extremely bullish. On this cryptocurrency token, a lot of big corporations backing this. A lot of big names in space back in this im very excited to see what happens with the algorand token, the algorithm ecosystem and the price of this token going forward. Im very, very excited to see it. So that is all i have for todays video guys. Thank you for watching all the way to the end of the video. If you like algorithm – and you want us to make more videos just make sure to hit that like button, my name is aaron from the bitcoin bros.