Amazon appears to have changed its interest in cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Earlier there was no demand for them to take an interest in cryptocurrency. Now the increasing demand for crypto space made the e commerce giants, rethink and consider the role of cryptocurrency in future trading. Hello. Everyone welcome back to crypto. Investing today were giving away 1 000 to 10 of our random subscribers. All you need to do is watch the video till the end and share with two of your friends. Also dont forget to comment on your favorite crypto coin. Earlier in 2017, andy jassy, the vice president of amazon, pay told cnbc that they didnt plan to accept cryptocurrency. As there is no demand for them to do so, in 2021, cryptocurrency has prompted the whole world to its importance and soon it will be unavoidable for amazon to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option. In this regard, andres kindred claimed that amazon is interested in accepting bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies to accept as payments. They also shared the news by an industry insider that amazon is not watching bitcoin due to its high price. Instead, amazon is thinking about some cryptocurrency with low price and high return value to, except for illegal transactions when people check out after buying and shiba inu is the best choice for amazon, with its low price and high return values. Justin taylor initiated a petition requesting amazon to accept shiba inucoin as the payment method for buying on their website.

The petition stated the chibinu community would like amazon to seriously consider accepting shibuyito cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. Justin taylor also added in his petition that amazon had changed the world many times since it was created and he from the shiba inu community humbly requested amazon to do the same once again to change the world by accepting shibuya for their payments at this time. This petition of justin taylor has got the support of 34 400 signatures when the figure hits 35 000. It will become one of the most signed petitions on this website and it will create social pressure for amazon to accept shiba inu coins for payments of goods and services. Shiba inicoine has been giving significant returns to its investors and holders, and it covered many milestones on its journey to reach 10 cent from developing its exchange. Chiba swap to listing on 43 world renowned crypto exchanges, including binance and coinbase shiba inucoin, proved its value and strength over other meme tokens. Fx street has claimed that shiba inucoin has overtaken the top 10 social media dominant cryptocurrencies, including solana, polkadot and uniswap. They also claim that the shiba inu community is now accepting the meme token listed on the commission free exchange robin hood very soon to hit the target of 10 cent in a recent post. Fx street disclosed that shiba inucoin developers are working for a new change on decentralized exchange, shiba swap currently, the shibuyino ecosystem has three currencies.

Bone leash and sheep fx street claim that adding a new token to this ecosystem is possible to strengthen their claim. Fx street posted an image from sheeps twitter handle displaying a downward tree. The tree comprises sheep, leash and bone, and the fourth place is empty, indicating the fourth token, on this ecosystem fin bold, shared indias, coveted relief fund twitter handle, which stated that the relief fund had officially completed the conversion of all shiba inu coins, which they received. As a donation from vitalik buterin, the last converted amount of stable coins is 76.2 million dollars according to the twitter handle. According to finn, bold report, the last 10 trillion shiba inu coin conversion has been completed with the help of wintermute. The global market maker and wintermute transferred 76 million usd coin usdc into the cobit relief fund. Wallet crypto planet reported that buterin donated the 10 of shiba unicoin available in his wallet to india, covered relief fund and those donated 50 trillion. Shiba inu coin was worth over 900 million dollars at the day of transfer. They added in the report that the price of the meme token has dropped by 81 since its all time high price of 0.000 388 on may 10.. The said website added more than 900 million dollars worth of sheeps at the time of the donation, yielded around 463 million in total, after converting these into stable coins, which may be an effect of liquidating, this huge amount, they also shared the details of the seven transactions And the amount of yielding stable coins; first, five trillion for 82.

8 million dollars; second, five trillion for 58.9 million dollars; third; five trillion for 48 million dollars; fourth: five trillion for forty six point: seven million dollars; fifth, ten trillion for sixty nine million dollars; six ten trillion For 81.9 million dollars and the last transaction consists of 10 trillion, yielding 76.2 million dollars. Finbolt reported the cheap official response for this liquidation in their twitter message. Sheep officially stated this liquidation was a milestone for india and crypto relief. They also thank vitiligen for making the most significant donation in crypto history, using the fabulous sheep unicoin and promoting efforts in the battle against covet 19., while coding sandeep nail wall, the founder of india cobot relief fund finbold also stated that cashing out an illiquid asset while Complying with government regulation and remitting funds to appropriate recipients was not simple. Being one of the largest sheepholders, the coped relief funds holding liquidation may improve the sheep distribution. Finbold experts added this anticipation. They added for support that the addition of 100 000 holders between june and september proved the improving sheep distribution. At the same time, there is no official confirmation where the yeshiva ended up. Gfinity sports pointed out that wintermute, the company that helped out to liquidate the shebano coins and as a liquidity provider has been working with many of the popular exchanges. Talking about the effect of liquidating. This massive amount of sheep am crypto stated that it is unclear what impact the remaining conversion of shiba inucoin into usdc will have on the shiba inu price, as it took place heading to the weekend, will sheba unicoin hit 10 cent.

Answering to this question, the comprehensive post stated that it is interesting to note that shiba unicorn has been ranking as the number one untrending coin on the coin market cap, keeping in mind the liquidation of the remaining 10 trillion shiba inu coin by the coveted relief fund. They also reported that many sheepholders sold their sheep during this hype, but thousands of sheepholders hold millions of sheep comprising a market cap of up to 2.9 billion dollars. It shows the shibuya crowd, ability being a joke or meme token, and the investors confidence once the shiba inu supply becomes stable. It is not tricky for shibuya to hit 10 cent very soon. Am crypto also reported that if you want to become shiba a new millionaire, it will cost you only 80 at this time as the crypto space is recovering and chibino is showing exponential growth soon, it will become difficult for you to become a shiba inu millionaire when It hits 10 cent the am crypto experts, while explaining the strategy of shiba inucoin to reach 10 cent stated that initially, with such a massive supply of shiba inucoin, it was presumed that it would not be able for it to reach higher values, as it was not A rare product with a limited supply like the bitcoin, with limited supply, adding to shiba inu strategy to hit 10 cent and crypto experts added that with time. Shebano coin had become cryptocurrencys market favorite, and it has got a lot of investors attention, particularly in the recent bearish market, among cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum, and it is pretty interesting to know that shibuya coin has more than 670 000 active holders, which is a remarkable Number of holders, for a meme token, like shibu inu, the experts added in their report, the investor place expert stated that the whole worlds economy could not help shiba inu to hit one cent price mark due to its one quadrillion massive token supply.

So coin, burning or removing them from circulation supply will create coin scarcity, which will help shibu unicorn gain exponential price growth and hit the 10 cent target very soon. The experts also explained that the automatic burning of the coin, when listing new tokens on shiba swap, would act as a catalyst to the price hike of shiba inucoin, and it will help reduce the token supply. The rumors of introducing a new token on shiba swap will surely increase the coin burning and ultimately increase in price for shiba inu to hit 10 cent. They added that it is an excellent time for amazon to accept shiba inu as a payment option, as it will help them get multiple times, profit due to the low cost and high profit potential of the shiba inu coin economy watch shared in their post that, if You are interested in investing in shiba inucoin. It is the best time to get started investing one time. Meal money in shibuynu is still worth taking the risk on for mishima inus historical data. It is evident that few listings on major crypto exchanges and more celebrity support can make you an overnight millionaire by hitting 10 cent. Do you think amazon will accept sheba unicoin as payment? Let me know in the comment section below: if you enjoyed this video, you would most certainly enjoy the ones on your screen as well.