While we wait for the having hes saying its just going to have all time. High after all time high, this is the last cycle all the way up to a million dollar btc thats insane sec, rolling out decisions for four four, not one for bitcoin ets at the end of 2021 is quarter. Four gon na be bullish for bitcoin is bitcoin clutch quarter. Four ten seconds on the clock. Touchdown pass three pointer from half court. What is going on right now, quarter four is going to be crazy for bitcoins price and edward snowden coming out again saying, even though china banned it, it just made bitcoin stronger. I agree. He understands what peter peer technologies are and he understands that the implications behind it is power to the people, its not going to be the biggest economies adopting bitcoin its going to be the small ones that come together and revolutionize. The way money works in the whole entire world in this video were gon na go over. The macroeconomic environment were gon na, go over bitcoins price as well. Some bitcoin bullish news all coins and, at the end of this video im gon na, be showing you guys. The progression on some of my trades so youll be seeing my trades keep watching. Music whats going on everybody alex back with another video today were gon na, be talking about. Macroeconomic environment were gon na, be talking about bitcoin all coins and as well as some of my trades, so my all coin trades.

They did really well some of them above 100. Im gon na show you why i did it and, of course give you the exact, buy and sell points of these trades. If you appreciate this content, do us both favor subscribe to the channel like the video and share it with a friend? I talk about cryptocurrency entrepreneurship and i try to make money online and share the research with you guys. Obviously this is not financial advice, but i do everything in my power to back up every single word. I say with real evidence and guess what this research is done by me and me only nobody else. Nobody else is my research and i do not accept sponsorships by anybody, because i have my own product in my own business. I dont need to get money from getting paid from people to show their projects. I dont do that so yeah get honest research on this channel lets jump into the topic of discussion, as you can see here in the macroeconomic environment, doomsday clock for us. Debt ticks with no congressional plan, and this is basically whats been happening um, so you guys need to pay attention to whats going on here. They raise the debt ceiling. Hopefully they print some more money, basically, because if that doesnt happen, theyre going to default, this could be the first ever default. Uh. The us is moving closer to its first ever default, with neither political party in washington yet signaling.

It is ready to back down from a partisan slowdown on the federal debt limit. Oh man, macroeconomic environment is looking juicy for bitcoins price. If we come over here, chinas ever grand woes cause job cuts. In sweden, we see the first implications, not the first, probably the fifth implication for this massive default in china, we seeing the dominoes start to fall economies knocking other economies down because of their malicious intent to control the monetary supply. I dont know how many times i got to tell you guys this, but their ties to power will fall eventually with the adoption of cryptocurrency. If we come over here in europe, gas prices are through the roof whats going on with the economy. We see the implications happening its happening. Okay, weve, seen the cracks on this fraudulent government, this fraudulent system that theyve created hong kong, exploring central bank digital currencies as a part of fintech strategy. So we see central back digital currencies being adopted at a rapid rate. I dont know exactly why maybe its because of macroeconomic conditions, but all i do know and ive said this time and time again and i just want to update some of my newer viewers, guys the more they adopt cryptocurrency as a whole. I dont care: if they adopt bitcoin, they dont have to adopt bitcoin. You can get nine percent apy on usdc. They can adopt stable coins. All they want. I dont care okay, but what happens is theyre lowering the barrier of entry for new people to learn crypto when this happens, theyre going to realize that bitcoin ethereum and these other coins are much better as a store of value or money or whatever.

You want to call it than a united states dollar once that happens, they already killed the barrier of entry, theyre gon na move over into these. These gains right now the economy is looking very shaky. Hyperinflation is going crazy. We could expect to see anything from eight to twelve percent this year. Just one year in one year, hyperinflation, united states dollar, you lose eight to twelve percent. If its in your bank account. I want you guys to really wrap that around your head. They are looking for gains and for the people that are not looking for anything well. Theyre gon na be left behind, theyre gon na be in poverty, and this is just true. If we come over here, you can see that the fed is also hinting it. So we see hong kong, we see the fed and it it could be. Even you know, as early as this week, fed to launch central back digital currency review as early as this week, so again, theyre pushing hard for whatever reason, maybe its just. I guess its when it comes to macro conditions, its an easy way to transfer into like a cryptocurrency or whatever the case is. I could definitely see them trying to regulate decentralized, finance or d5, as well as bitcoin and stuff like that and theyre going to try to like force their own cryptocurrency down. Everybodys throat, basically is whats gon na happen, so very interesting there. I thought this was also um interesting by willy woo, but let me show you um: this is gen z, so jens ears spent eight hours a day online.

This is the new generation thats coming up. Ninety five percent of teens report that they have a smartphone or access to one over 32 percent of gen z transactions happen on a mobile device. 31.8 percent of gen zeros would like to receive emails from brands a couple times a week, 55 of gen z use their smartphones for five or more hours. A day 33 of gen z were persuaded to buy something after seeing it on social media, 43 of jens ears would participate in a product review. Thats, crazy, good company ratings and reviews make 62 percent of gen zs feel confident to buy. So basically, what hes saying here is moneys subjective. It is pretty much determined by what the collective masses believe has value if you want to invest in the future, its worth noting. Who will be that future and thats really really interesting? Because what you have to understand is that when it comes to united states dollar, this was forced upon us by government. If you look up the literal definition of fiat currency look up fiat currency. This is a government backed currency. This was forced upon us and if you look at the history of mankind, nine times out of ten, the best forms of currency were the ones that were organically adopted exactly what he was saying here. Its pretty much determined by what the collective masses believe has value – and this is the exact use case of bitcoin bitcoin – was adopted organically.

It was not forced upon anyone. People buy bitcoin because of the valuable properties bitcoin has to offer, not because anyone forced bitcoin down anyones throat, nobody airdropped bitcoin to people bitcoin was mined by intent. People intended to mine bitcoin and adopt bitcoin. I intended to buy bitcoin and therefore i hold it because of the valuable properties. This is very important, theres things that are forced upon us and theres things that natural laws align with and natural laws align with the fact that people are naturally and organically adopting this currency over here missouri put a report. I thought it was very interesting, basically highlighting these horrible. You know, i guess you could say: restrictions in the united states that basically cost us to miss out on a lot of money. Coin list is basically a way to participate in early sales of coins and basically youre not able to accept u.s, accredited investors uh and if you look at the growth of these coins like, for example here, these are all like early on and coinless and actually its Funny i wanted to get involved with one of these back in the day. I wanted to get involved with filecoin, but i couldnt because im in the united states, as you guys know in florida, and you could see that the growth was crazy, so theres people missing out on life changing growth because of you know the regulation theyre saying that Theyre, protecting people theyre protecting people, it doesnt make sense.

It doesnt make sense um its for your safety right um. So hopefully they dont do this with d5. Hopefully they dont do this moving forward, but its costing people life changing amounts of wealth, and you know its keeping people in property its really annoying. If we look at bitcoin, you can see that financial advisors pitch bitcoin to investors to offset portfolio losses. We can see that we need some way, and this is from wall street journal guys. This is legit news like its getting crazy, like cryptocurrency was never like this in the past. It was never like this. When i was in ethereum in 2015 2016.. I thought it was big back then, but now its huge guys were seeing this all over and we could see a push for traditional finance just to offset losses. People are mad, theyre, mad theyre, losing so much money on their life savings, uh, texas, poised to be the world leader in bitcoin and blockchain. Basically, what theyre talking about is, you know: texas, has seen the upside of chinas decision to cancel bitcoin mining in what set off the great mining migration to austin texas. A lot of people moved to austin texas because of the favorable tax laws on bitcoin mining and the regulation on bitcoin mining. So could we see the same thing for d5? Can we see the same thing for bitcoin trying to just ban all cryptocurrency transactions? Can we see the same thing happening in other economies yeah? I think so, and i think the smaller ones that adopt it are going to be the future powerhouses of the world and, as you can see here, brazil just headline news: bitcoin will be a currency in brazil.

Soon. El salvador, of course, weve seen that before also as you can see here, 48 of brazilians want to make bitcoin a legal currency guys were seeing the push of the smaller economies that are forced, see. The thing is, you guys want to watch countries that are like forced and the reason i say is because the united states is big, chinas big, they can do whatever they want and they can basically prop up the economy artificially for long periods of time. Because of the power they have of the world right now, when it comes to like these smaller countries, they have to make these strategic moves. Or you know massive negative things happen for their economy and people die. People die, go hungry, they have massive implications, so you want to watch these type of countries, theyre forced to adapt to the changing times uh, just because of the potential upside, and you can see a lot of these smaller countries adapting to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and i Would not be surprised if you look at the economies of the world. The smaller ones are going to adopt crypto and be the leading powerhouses in the future and im saying this from a person that lives in the united states so pay attention, people that adapt. You will move far ahead. I guarantee that this was an interesting. I guess you can say picture by plan b. He did a couple polls and you can see pretty much every single poll – and he put it like around the time of bitcoins price – was like right here.

The poll was made when bitcoins price was here. You can see pretty much every time everybodys asking for 100k btc everybodys thinking bitcoins hitting 100k every time, even at the bottom here, except for right here. Actually, when people are a little bit bearish, but they still had look 36.3 percent still saying 100k btc, and then you see right here just a little bit of waving off people saying its going to stay below 100k and then everybodys saying 100k again. So do i think its gon na hit 100k. I think, like its gon na get very close to 100k. It might even pass it but ill probably start taking profits around 90k. Just because you know when everybody thinks something it usually doesnt happen. So im gon na probably start taking profits at 90k and then probably jump back in thats, just my long term plan what i mean taking profits im taking profits on all coins. If we come over here, you can see that, according to whale map, service whales began actively buying out btc on september 24th. Even the rise in prices to 49 000 did not temper their appetites. They continue to buy, and i saw this pretty much on multiple platforms. Whales have been buying the heck out of the dip. Long term holders have been buying bitcoin, so follow smart money. Stop following your emotions, follow smart money and other all coin news. You could see pretty much the same thing happening when it comes to ethereum whale wallets.

Ethereum exchange whale wallets balances hits new record. You see it all over cryptocurrency and thats very interesting, because not only that, but we see a move towards layer. Two fast transaction speeds on polygon, as you can see here, past ethereum daily active addresses, look active ethereum addresses you can see were sitting at about 472 000. If we come over to polygon, you can see it past. It 535 000, active polygon, pos chain addresses things. Are getting crazy out here were literally watching innovation flourish in front of our eyes, its crazy and then just one really quick, ethereum piece of news. You can see that its trending for today ethereum cryptocurrency, 2021 october, 4th i dont, know why, but its trending things are happening in a positive way, all right for the final part of the video. I just want to show you guys two of my trades, not every time i make a trade im gon na be in profit, thats, thats, the point of risk management. I have another video where i show you guys my risk management strategy. You can go check it out its basically how to become a bitcoin millionaire in 2022 right, but look see not everythings in profit. This is down im down on this im down about 20 on this im down about 20. No, i think, im down about 30 on rally, but if we look at these other coins im a little bit up, if you put in like multiple amounts right im a little bit up here, its not going to show you the exact amount.

But you see, i put it at about 11 000 im about a break even point here and im still bullish on this coin. If you guys want to get in still bullish on ilv uh, they have a game coming out in quarter four, but look at this right. So what happens? Is youll have a couple of outliers right so, for example, truth this has been a massive gain for me. Now its not a 26 000 return, but its its pretty good like. So, if i show you here, the reason why i said zero is because this satoshi price is so small, but if i open the original transaction, you can see how much money i put in. Look i put in about 10 000 usdc right here, 9982, look swap 10 000 for ether and then i bought ufo right and i took profit too. So you see i took profit here. I took about ten thousand dollar profit, so i took my initial out and you see that were currently sitting at 13. 157.. Basically, i turned ten thousand into twenty three thousand dollars. This is the type of returns you get theyre outliers right, some will lose money. I lost money on a lot of these coins right its just the way it is and then i hold i actually usually ill hold out until the market comes back and then usually they come up like pretty much. Every cryptocurrency comes up, but we see umbrella, um.

Im break even point: i was in profit, i should have took profit, but i didnt right now were at a break even point for umbrella right. If we come back over here – and we talked about these before – and this is what im showing you uh – smooth love potion – it just recently went up. Okay, i put about 12 grand in you, can see here. 12 686 and you can see – were currently sitting at about 18 695 right uh, so in general like if you guys, have a good risk management strategy. All right – and this is called in the fundamental secrets – and i call myself calls and everything if you guys want to get access to my buy calls. I show you on the youtube channel every so often, but if you want the guaranteed like on the spot, i usually will call it before it happens in my group, but these coins i expect to do well. My coach actually called umbrella. I expect it to continue to go higher its a very low market cap, so extremely volatile, but when youre getting into a volatile coin. So this is what you want to do also the same thing with phantom. If you come over here, we called it on a channel. I bought a good amount. To be honest, i basically bought uh 34 000. I took out my initial so im pretty pretty up and a lot of its on the phantom network and its not popping up right now.

You guys know i use the opera phantom network. I dont have it on this computer im sitting at home because you guys know i got my kids uh, but ive been home, so yeah, i dont have the phantom network here, but i have about 20 30 000 phantom on the phantom network, so im more than Doubled my investment here we called it at 92 cents on the youtube channel so its at 97, but i took profit at the top, so just take that into consideration. In general, this stuff cryptocurrency works with good risk management. You cannot go into one coin. You cannot take peoples word for it. You have to do your own research. You have to consolidate the information and filter out the bad information. Okay, risk management goes a long way guys, but yeah thats it for this video. I just want to show you guys. You know some of my trades as well, as you know, of course, the news thats going on in cryptocurrency, if you like, the quality of this content hit like if you dont recent constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and, like i always say, if you dont Get with it, you will get left behind and also guys im gon na be doing more research type videos. I know ive been doing a lot of news lately its because news is much easier for me to push out the content im trying to fix my sleep schedule with my babies, its literally been one week so im getting a grips on it.

Once i get my you know my schedule in order ill be putting out more research, videos and super long ones that you guys like that are like 45 minutes long um me diving into coins and stuff, like that with fundamental analysis. So just bear with me here.