No, you can get tokens no by doing that, so pardon bitcoin token is the main in game currency. It will be used by bomber hero, upgrade bomber level, mainly in the first place, and so guys. No so, as you can see here, meronshang uh and lets go back to the home page and so listing in game release and sabi dito b coin listed in package on pancake swap on september 22nd, so recently launched the guys game will be released on september 30. The first version on the web platform and so bitcoin information be hero, sold actually to happen until ignacio 154k lento. So my owners have won 254 thousand five hundred fifty six nine b heroes sold and then in b house sold two hundred seventy one guys players choose a hero to join a bomb battle with many others. Players and users of the play have to pay certain amount of tokens to participate in battle mode. The final winner will receive the entire losers, uh token amount, and so, if its so build, your staff also like what i mentioned earlier, build your house for a bummer hero by hunting and placing decorative items for the room. The room has the function of storing the bumper hero and charging energy like what i mentioned. So this is the place where you are going to charge the energy okay road map and quarter 3 now 2021 by hero, hero stats, upgrade the hero rescue one and twenty twenty two atomic and dorito guys quarter, one uh.

Now, twenty twenty two meron two and three and four so meaning the whole year, no um more house, decorations, vip and steak and that vip and stick and ah new story model mood level and quarter tuna man, add new battle mode, add leaderboard and its a quarter. Three and 20 22 quests and then your achievement and then uh for end year. No no 2022, bago maga year end so add new nft item, a new uh, nearly a dozen years of developing game. He started developing mobile game from java game age, so big sabine java now wins many academy and game industry awards. Lamb holds a bachelors degree with honors in computer science and engineering from the university of technology ho chi minh city of vietnam, wow, vietnam again so anyway. No ceo lam is responsible for sense park day to day operation. Oi sen spark okay, so so about spark total download, 100 million wow total games 40 plus total staff, marami sila global heat, founded uh, an opinion spark so uh, 131 pesos from 181 uh Music telegram group youtube facebook, twitter, video, my discord and uh. Actually, you know um so refresh browser repeat several times until you get into the game so yeah. Sometimes my gas charge is up to 0.4 b and b. What should i do major on tas? No, no mattachon, please refresh the website and perform the transaction. As usual. Disagree: transaction when gaspi is uh.