I want to go over a shocking report that just came out on institutional investors and how they just flipped their entire crypto strategy. Theyre doing something completely different this week than they have done for the last 16 or 17 weeks in a row, and this is very important because it can help dictate what cryptocurrencies we should be investing in and where the overall market is going before. We dive into that, though it still says about 72 percent of you watching are still not subscribed. So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our times well make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Also patreon is still completely sold out. I will be adding new spots soon, but in the meantime we have a free discord which is open to everyone, and i am in there all the time. Answering your questions. You could ask anyone in that group already anyways right now for the crypto, fear and greed index has bounced back slightly were seeing it at a very neutral level. Over the last couple of weeks, we have gone from being extreme fear back to neutral, and the interesting thing here is that were seeing the overall crypto market consolidate as well. Overall crypto market has been consolidating at about a 2.1 to 2.12 trillion dollar market cap bitcoin ethereum cardano and most of the all coins have come down slightly after their initial breakout at the start of q4 2021.

With regards to the new report, coin shares comes out with a weekly report on digital asset inflows and outflows from institutional investors. Last week we saw that 90 million dollars. There was 90 million dollars of inflows from institutional investors into digital asset investment products. But the interesting thing here is that over the last couple of weeks we have seen coins like cardano solana, polka dot, um ripple and a lot of these other all coins lead the way for inflows and bitcoin was not, but this past week we saw actually that Bitcoin was the clear leader in inflows on the support, with around 68.7 million dollars of inflow. Ethereum was number two with 20.2 million dollars of inflows as well, and we expect ethereum to always be at the top, but bitcoin had significantly more inflows than it has. Most of the last couple of weeks and the the very different part of this report is that this week we actually saw outflows for some of the smaller altcoins like polka dot um. We saw barely any inflows for cardona, only 1.1 million dollars, barely any inflows for solana at 0.7 million. So when we look at this, it looks like institutional investors, at least in this report. From coin shares are gravitating significantly more towards bitcoin and ethereum than they have been in the last couple of weeks. All the other weeks we have seen like for the last three or four months, we have seen them consistently choose cardano and solana, for example over bitcoin, but in this report now were seeing they have gravitated back towards bitcoin back towards ethereum, which are the more safe.

You know crypto investment products. This is interesting because at the start of a bull market, we would expect that they would be doing the exact opposite, theyd be investing into more heavily altcoins, but theyre. Not so this makes me think. Are we actually entering a second leg of the bull market? I personally think we are, but it seems, like institutional investors may be on the fence a little bit about it or the other option is theyre, just simply trying to balance their portfolios and get more heavily into bitcoin and ethereum. After weeks of getting into all coins, either way, though, its very interesting to me that they are doing this because they have not done this weeks prior im, still very bullish, im still loading up on all these all coins. That weve talked about like solana, pogoda cardano and many more, but it was very interesting to see this last things with regards to the overall crypto market is from plan b. The creator of the stock to flow model came out since it showed some interesting data on the overall market, and this helps me think that were still in the second leg of the bull market were going to see new all time highs. First of all, he predicted that october. We would see the price of bitcoin reach 63, 000 per coin by the end of october, and based on this track record, i would assume that that is very likely to happen, but not only.

This were also seeing the bitcoin relative strength index um. The monthly rsi is right around 66, and this is important because back in 2013, which was very similar to this bull market, we saw two peaks occur. We saw one at like the beginning of 2013, one at the end of 2013, where and then the rsi dropped in the middle, and that is exactly what we saw this time around rsi spiked at the beginning of 2021. We saw it come back down to around you know 60, 65 and im expecting. We will see another spike right around the end of 2021, where the rsi, the monthly rsi, gets back to around 95 96 on the bitcoin relative um strength index also were seeing a number of other people predict. The same thing. Techdev on twitter also said that hes predicting were going to see two speed, two peaks in the bi weekly rsi, like we saw back in 2013., so theres a lot going on with crypto, even though the institutional investor report shows that theyre gravitating more towards bitcoin and Ethereum, i still am very bullish on all the altcoins and i think now is the best time to be getting into them. But it was very interesting to see that maybe theres something institutional investors know that we dont, maybe theres a reason why they are starting to pick more bitcoin and ethereum versus all the other.