All coins in particular that i think are gon na yield the highest returns in the second leg of the bull market, this isnt just based on my opinions. This is based on hundreds of institutional investor reports and which five all coins have appeared. The most on all of these reports – and we got ta – remember that last bull market at the end of 2020 early 2021, one of the main catalysts for the massive rally was institutional investors, so its interesting to see which all coins, in particular theyre investing in. But before we dive into that, it still says 72.2 percent of you watching are not subscribed. So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our times well make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel. Also um patreon is sold out. We dont have any spots left there, but you can go ahead and join a free discord that we just made. I am in there all the time more than any other creator on youtube. I would bet money on that. Anyways right now were seeing the entire crypto market do extremely well to start off. The fourth quarter of 2021. ive looked into a number of institutional investor reports recently, and i found five or six all coins that have appeared on almost all of these so were just gon na quickly list them off, not dive too deep into either of them. But these are ones that have appeared on most institutional investor reports, so according to grayscale, they just recently came out rebalanced their portfolio and in the grayscale digital large cap fund.

We have seen that theyve added a couple of new all coins to their position. Um to the to the fund and theyve also rebalanced a couple of positions as well, so the highest all coin that they have in this fund is ethereum. Ethereum doesnt really need. An explanation is the second largest crypto in terms of market cap. Ethereum has the most decentralized finance applications built on it. It has the most widespread adoption out of all the altcoins and it has the largest nft ecosystem right now. The second largest position in greyscales um digital large cap fund, the second largest altcoin, is cardona. Cardano is a coin that weve talked about. A lot on, the channel were very bullish on and recently cardano has had the cardano summit theyve had the alonzo upgrade and now that were seeing, hundreds of developers start to build and utilize smart contracts on cardonas ecosystem. This is very exciting in addition to this grayscale digital large cap fund weve also seen that um cardano has ranked, at the top of coin, shares digital asset inflows and outflows report almost every single week. Every week we talk about this report. We talk about which cryptos um institutions are putting money into which ones theyre taking out of, and we have seen that solana has ranked at the top of this list. Almost every single week we can see. Last week there was 2.6 million dollars in to cardano digital asset funds, so thats another one.

Third coin is solana. Solana was put for the first time ever into this grayscale digital large cap fund, and this is a coin again. We have talked about a lot on the channel recently solana actually just had its largest ever sale of an nft for 2.1 million dollars. This is important because everyones looking for an alternative to aetherium nfts, one that has lower transaction fees, one that is um like a true competitor to ethereum, where you can list nfts and it seems like solana – is becoming that ecosystem. Many now larger purchases are taking place for solana, nfts and its exciting. To see that this ecosystem is continuing to grow, were seeing hundreds of applications built on solana and its exciting to see that there is now becoming a very significant um competitor to ethereum nft. So this was just like a confirmation and validation of that. The fourth altcoin is um uni swap uni swap is a coin that we havent talked about too much on the channel. But it is, you know, decentralized exchange. It has a lot going for it and is one of the largest decentralized exchanges on ethereum and then the fifth coin, on this list in particular, is chain link, but this report – this is just from grayscale digital large cap fund. It really uh comprises of most of the alt coins that institutions look at, but theres, one in particular that it doesnt mention and that is polka dot.

Polka dot has been one of the leaders on this digital asset inflows and outflows report from coin shares. Every single week, almost every single week, weve seen in the top three in terms of all coins that institutions are putting money into or and on this report last week we saw 2.4 million dollars in weekly inflows into polka dot investment products, very exciting, polka dot reason. I, like polka dot, is because it has a fast growing ecosystem, theres, hundreds of applications on it, and i like to see these like decentralized um ecosystems that are growing very rapidly and having a lot of widespread adoption. So right now those are like the five or six altcoins that institutions are really pouring a lot of money into its ethereum cardano solana, uni, swap chain link and polka dot. These are ones that ive seen on almost every single institutional investor report, or at least on the vast majority of them so anyways. I just want to keep this quick list. Those off give you some reasons, but let me know your thoughts. Any all coins in particular that you guys are looking at hope.