Hatting channel in this video pago, usa, panatin and superheroes are crop bites, so poi dina, nothing and meeting guys and canal abilities to boast our farm and to breed also for the upcoming superheroes battle. The pagan dagger is some planet clock bites for these futures, superheroes nato atta abilities meeting to boast our farm okay. So before we begin cumbago, please consider to subscribe my channel and click. The notification bell for updated chaos tutorial or video tonkolsa crap bites and its highly appreciated. Okay. So lets start currently guys. There are six different superheroes in crop bites, see healer green blossom, water, chichu and supersani itoma superheroes. Nato guys are young first generation, superheroes crop bites. Sumeron Music for the upcoming superheroes battle, susan bama, bibili and superheroes Music superheroes. You can buy one superhero for only 18 000 game coins and remind also guys that you need to buy a house for your super heroes that worth 15 thousand game coins. So bali, you need a total of 33 000 gim coins to have one superhero in your farm. Okay, now let us know what the abilities of superheroes are. Healer helps in recovering animal health quickly. Every healer in players account will give an additional 0.5 increase in health bars, so my dog dog, 0.5 health for all the animals that losing health every day, perro guys every day and superhero new paramagamit maximum of four healers long employees. The health increase for any animals would be zero point: five plus two, which is young healer mugis times 0.

5, so equals 1.5. So my additional 1.5 health number, my two healers okay green, helps in boasting crop production. Every green in players account will give two additional crops per cropland, so bali, maidag, dagna, plus two guys soka hit ocl or fc elfayan ankraplan, no meronka, plus two paren, guys amanda dagdags, unless kung mei, maramikan greens apar, for example. My three green casa parmo at my isakang one by one nakra plan so 12, which is total nakokuamos one by one cropland plus six, which is the total namadagdaksakraps blossom, automatically feeds your animals blossom, will feed all your animals and superheroes daily, so samantha, no automatic dinbama Feed nibble and sarilinya. The answer is yes: the hell superheroes dinsha guys it ensures that it will feed only once per day, not in gesa. Animals will not be feed if enough feed is not available in players. Account sigradu nulanga is not. My stock cayenne feeds parabola problems, so the limit is more than one blossoms in the account will not make difference in feeding so useless, guys, kumbi bilikan, marami, kasiwalana, magma, dadagdags ability, nila, kahit, meron, kang maraminito, ok, water increases water production from lakes and wells every water. In the players, account will give an additional 10 percent of the useful production. For example, players has three water and one lake, so water production would be 20, which is in total production of black guys plus 3 times 10 percent of 20, so equals 26. So mero got 26 water or buckets per day: kumai will 10.

So then the maximum water you can have in your farm are four chichu increases power generation from solar panels and wind turbines. Every chichi in a players account will give an additional 15 percent of power. For example, player has two chichu and one turbine, so the power produced would be 30, which is the total production of wind turbine plus 2 times 15 of 30 equals ‘ power. For my solar panel into three okay, then the maximum chichi you can have in your farm are four sunny automatically feeds your animals abilities and terms are all the same as blossom. Pero can blow some guys, acquitted, superheroes, yeah and, like kind super saiyan in animal slang and Music. So the limit is one super sunny language for every farm. Okay, the indituno manta, you guys is a terms of health nila, keep in mind. The health of superheroes plays a crucial role in their abilities to work same nandin sila ice, some animals that you need to keep their health at maximum bars above 80 percent and healthy 80 percent and abilities unless kumbabali collects 80 percent and healthy luck. Okay in terms of man of feeding guys so parama maintain more unhealthy into maximum. You need to feed them daily for green and water, guys. She, like my less speed, consumption that had one carrot, feed long daily other superheroes will take two units of carrot feed daily. If any superhero is not paid on any day, the health bar will reduce by five percent, then for sunday feeding guys it requires fruit.

Feed. Okay, the notlangaisa superheroes that are on breeding will continue to take the fruit. Feed ngayon is a superhero breeding rules. You guys currently, there are six superheroes in the game: three males green super sunny and chicho, and three females, water blossom and healer try breeding with all nine combinations and get a baby superheroes with different powers. So what happened? Details guys about superheroes breeding, peromeronas babies, superheroes mine, Music, superheroes, okay, for the terms and conditions the man guys for superhero breathing are breeding requires one male and one female superhero, a level one house is needed to keep the superhero pair during breathing and other house guys. Paramagging level 1 house new – it takes 5 2 days to complete the breathing process. So bali, two months and half and breathing process. The pair needs a total of 10 fruit feed each day during the process, so mahaldin guys and feeds nila, cassie fruit feed every day. One extra day is added to the duration for each day of feeding skip sobali matata galan nanga is matapus and breeding process. Superheroes house, which are listed in acids trading, cant, be used for breeding and vice versa, so walk new illagaya market and house new guys daily indie tomaga game. Its a pak breed okay since lag minchino, mantayona superheroes breathing is a saman along nothing and superhero houses. A video you need to buy another house, param upgrade for level 2 house. You need to buy two houses to upgrade and for level three house.

You need to buy four houses to upgrade okay, then every label skies aim capacity to accommodate the superheroes for every room. It will accommodate one male and one female, saleable one. You have one room for level two you have two rooms and for level three. You have four rooms for feeding and using abilities, so abilities work only for superheroes that live in the house. Players must select superheroes to accommodate the rooms in the house to use their abilities and feed them. For example, if my apartment superheroes caillough is a level one house, puede cayon, pumili, nanda won superheroes superheroes cannot use their abilities while breathing or vice versa. Feeding is needed for all superheroes, whether they are in room or in the sheet needed guys missing. Feeding will reduce the health bars once abilities are torn off. It takes 24 hours to be able to breed or restart abilities to breed superheroes. A house must be available in your inventory, vacate your house and send it back to inventory then head through breathing page to start the process soon breathing will be enabled on the app ok, Music, Music and always remember that, invest only what you can afford to lose. Okay, so yanang guys for this video, i hope my natural topic upcoming superhero breeding for the ido of cbx token. Okay, so thank you guys on video nato, please like share and subscribe my channel at the click on notification bell for updates.