I really appreciate you stopping by my channel today to all my viewers watching my video right now. Can i please ask you guys to smash that like button and hit the red subscribe button, if you havent already, this does help out the channel tremendously, and it also keeps me motivated on making videos for you guys, but with that being said, lets jump right in Todays content, all right guys before i begin, i would like to say the disclaimer anything on this channel should not be taken as financial advice, because i am not a financial advisor cryptocurrencies are super volatile, so please do your own due diligence and research before investing in These markets, now, if you are looking at the overall crypto market cap today, guys you guys can see, we are currently trading at 2.2 trillion dollars. We are down point six percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, btc dominance is currently sitting at 41.1 percent. Looking at the overall markets guys, we are starting to see some mild green across support over the last uh one hour, but over the last 24 hours we are seeing some mild red across the board, but nothing to worry about, in my opinion, guys because you guys Know we are coming out of the weekend. We can do tend to see uh manipulation across the board because cme futures are close. So we need to keep that in mind when we are looking at the price action during the weekends uh, but overall nothing to worry about.

If we are looking at the seven days, majority of the altcoins are still up quite a bit so very, very exciting times. Indeed, for the overall crypto space – and i believe this is just the absolute beginning, but today guys i want to look at none other than harmony all right, my harmony, one family, if you guys, can see harmony, one is trading at point two cents. We are down point three percent in the last 24 hours in usc comparative, but if we are looking were up bitcoin comparative over the last 24 hours, harmonies ones, current rank on coin market cap and on coin gecko is at the top 73 spot market cap. Right now is just shy: uh away from two billion dollar mark and to be exact. We are at 1.84 billion dollars. Meanwhile, 24 hour trading volume is at 176 million dollars, but now, if youre zooming out and looking at the bigger picture, guys in just the last year alone, harmony, one is still up. Three thousand percent. So lets not forget that when we are looking at the prices for harmony one but now lets deep dive into the charts and see whats exactly going on and where we could be going in immediate short trim, wow wow wow, i made a video on harmony. One just literally two days ago, if you guys watch it, you guys know what i had said uh in that video, but again guys im back at it.

You guys can see what happened with harmony one over the last couple hours. We saw harmony, one break above this level of uh resistance at this 17.6 cents mark which we were anticipating over the past. You know a couple hours, and i have been mentioning this for the last two days – that we are ready for newer. All time highs guys, the charts are literally screaming newer, all time high right in front of us and its a matter of time where we do see some new all time highs occur for the price of harmony, one, as you guys can see, we saw as a Break towards the upside, we went all the way up to 18.48 cents, but since then, we have uh seen a move towards the downside, a small retracement. Obviously, you guys know what happened with bitcoin and since then we have retraced about 7.24 percent, but again guys this time. The momentum is on our side. If harmony, one is able to get back past this level of resistance in the next coming hours. Guys then, its time to rumble, because we are back into this 23.6 fibonacci retracement level, thats literally all time, high territories, because if we are bringing out the measuring tool for you guys and we measure it from literally the all time high. That would mean that we are about uh, that we are about 22 about 23 away from all time highs, and i am a believer im, a strong, strong believer that in the next coming days, or so, we will smash past this all time, high and um.

You know really see some newer. All time highs, because you guys know when uh an acid, not only harmony won when any sort of a crypto asset or if its a stock when it breaks all time, highs, theres no levels of resistance and supports on the outside. So, basically, you know its skys. The limit in a way sky is the limit. So if we were able to pass, you know all time. Highs. 30 cents is definitely the next target and i believe we are going to see that very, very fast im. A huge believer on harmony one. I still believe it is being slept on quite tremendously, because if we are going on these staking rewards guys. As you guys may know, you can stake your harmony one and its literally nowhere to be seen on the top 10 page. Its all the way down, wheres harmony, one guys harmony, one harmony, one its probably on the second page, i know for a fact: uh lets load this up harmony, one there we go top 29 spot and 41.88 of its circulation supply still, even though its ranked 29th Is being staked right now so lets put that into perspective guys um, you know there are roughly about 13.1 billion. Let me repeat that 13.1 billion harmony one token out there in circulation. That means 41, almost 42 percent. Of that you know, supply is being staked its not available for purchase because people are staking and earning passive income.

So, if you are, you know, and for the long haul you dont care about the short term swings, then you know staking would be a definitely a good strategy for you to follow um, but what does staking have to do with harmony one? I always like repeating this for you guys, because it literally gives people a better understanding as to what is going on. So basically price tends to move up way way faster when this happens and these kind of coins do tend to hold quite strong uh. You know compared to the bitcoin price momentum. If you guys know what i mean um, they obviously do not get decoupled um 100 from the bitcoin price, but they do tend to hold stronger compared to majority of the other altcoins, and this is, you know, definitely um. You know an example with the harmony one token it does hold quite well when bitcoin drops towards the downside compared to other alt coins, and that is mainly due to the fact that theres less coins on the exchanges to be purchased – and this number is only going To get bigger and bigger, and once that happens guys, then that creates supply shock and that we saw that happen with a solana. Solana is a perfect example. So look at that guys. Look at solana. I can definitely see harmony, one pulled that type of move and i believe we are going to see that happen this q4.

Definitely it is a very unique project and trust me theres a lot of eyes on harmony, one, and you know a lot of new blockchains like these are being you know. Uh are very you know, appealing to new developers, investors and harmony. One is by far one of them and im a huge believer in this project, and i believe it is going to do very, very well, but again its only in my own personal opinion. Im, not a financial advisor. Do your own due diligence and research before investing in these markets, but if you are a harmony one holder guys right now, we need to get above this level of resistance stay in this uh. You know 78.6 fibonacci retracement level, im, not not 78.6. What am i saying, 23.6 fibonacci retracement level as long as were able to stay in this level guys, then you know we are in the all time, high territories, and then you know i am expecting a break out towards the upside and 30 cents is definitely the Next target – and i could see harmony one you know at a dollar plus at the end of this year. If we do see the type of parabolic moves that we did see back in 2017, which i personally believe we will definitely see and were starting to see. You know uh, you know a small hint of that occur already so very, very exciting times, indeed, for the harmony one holders in the short term so buckle up.

Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think: what are you guys doing and what are your thoughts? Where could harmony one go at the end of this year? I would love to know your thoughts down below and if we are looking at the bitcoin price, briefly guys you guys can see. Bitcoin is uh. You know above this level still at this 46 000 mark. We are still holding quite well. So lets not forget that obviously um you know we saw us, go all the way up to 49 000, just uh. You know two days ago: uh since then we have seen a small retracement, but nothing to worry about bitcoin is holding still very very strongly as long as were above this 46k mark guys. We are very, very bullish, but with that being said, i am going to wrap up todays video around here. I love each and every one of you guys. Thank you so much for all the support that you guys showed me if you guys want to keep supporting me guys, hit the like button, hit the red subscribe button and just comment down below thats. It guys helps my channel out a lot tremendously, and you know it would really really mean the world to me. If you guys could do that stay safe out there, safety, health and family comes first and everything else absolutely comes later.