As always, it is nick here back today the crypto news and analysis, and i hope, everybodys having a great weekend. Nonetheless, today were actually going to be talking about hedera, hashgraph or just hedera. If you will, because i suppose that they dropped the hashgraph part of their name, but overall, i still like to call a hedera hashgraph for what it is. But anyways were going to be talking about hbar for a little bit, or i should say just all of this video but im going to be talking specifically about why it could get to those nice targets that ive been mentioning forever now were also going to be Talking about this entire cycle as well, so with that being said, if you guys are an hbar holder, definitely hit that like button, also subscribe and turn notifications on, if you guys havent already so lets just jump into it. Lets talk about the overall structure that we are looking at right now, so, while the market is ranging right, we are in that october, to november time frame where pretty much the entire crypto market is ranging to go into a massive parabolic shift, and essentially you know Its been following the 2017 2018 cycle nearly perfectly right and were going to be addressing that and talking about why thats, actually very important so first off lets actually look at h bar so h, bar is actually around the 30s now its actu its at number 33.

Actually so right now it is down a little bit sitting at round 40 cents overall, its been kind of just sitting stable here for a little bit of time. Now, in regards to that right, so ive been mentioning eight hbar, for i want to say over its been like, i think its been since, like the beginning of january, actually of 2021 uh is when i first started tweeting about it. When i started making videos in february, i pretty much started making videos on hbar around the beginning of march, so its been a very long time right. So obviously it could come off a little bit of hopium if you will uh in regards to me making a lot of videos on hbar, giving you guys the daily updates on it talking about the future of it and a lot of people take this as an Idea that oh a lot of people are going to be disappointed by these price targets not being targeted, but the the thing is: is that ive seen this today right? A lot of hbar holders are going to to be bitterly disappointed by this. Talking about you know what point uh will you know h bar actually hit right? A lot of people think that h bar cant hit specific targets. They always say: oh its just opium its just this that you know i talk about h bar hitting a hundred dollars in the future. I think that a hundred dollars is easy for hboard to hit.

We weve talked about you know, even in the sense of all of the supply being out there. The full 50 billion in supply being out there in regards to 100 would still be only 5 trillion in market cap, and i know a lot of people are gon na, say only five trillion dollars in market cap. What yeah its its? The idea that, like when were talking about other assets and were talking about even companies right, we talk about apple. We talk about microsoft. We talk about these massive distributing and pretty much product assets that have no use cases behind them. Besides having a product for supply and demand, when we talk about h bar hitting five trillion dollars, a lot of people cant see that, because right now, the market cap of crypto is at like 217. In regards to trillions right, we see bitcoin ranging to like a trillion dollars this year in regards to its all time, high, so yeah five trillion dollars is a little bit of a stretch right now for a lot of people and they cant grasp the idea of Being a visionary and seeing the long term view of crypto and thats totally fine im, not gon na hate on anybody who cant see the long term growth of an asset like hbar, but we go back to pretty much everything that they are doing right. So, first off we talk about hedera hashgraph working with lcx ive talked to you guys about this collaboration.

I think that this is incredible for digital uh securities. We know that securities are a massive demand. We know that securities are huge assets as well. In regards to massive amounts of money flows, so this could be very cool to see come to fruition, and this is also another great partnership with hbar again that a lot of people dont see as being something big, because lcx is not that big. But lcx is also doing incredible moves and its also building an extremely great overall um, pretty much exchange as well. I think that they are doing great things long term and, like i said, even with this overall partnership, i think that this is a great partnership. Hbar has a lot of small use cases under its belt, even the coupon bureau, a lot of people undermine, but at the end of the day, if the coupon bureau goes live and starts transacting, theres 800 billion transactions a year alone, all right! So we see this. We see a massive partnership with lcx all right cool, whatever you know its just one partnership who cares, but then we also see a lions block going all the way back to may 27th. Again, when i was talking to you guys about alliance, block alliance block was doing incredible things. They continued to do incredible things, but but then weve seen this massive partnership between them and hedera hashgraph to pretty much bridge uh defy, and you know pretty much finance right now, traditional finance, if you will and again theyre using the hcs or the hedera consensus service, Bringing increased transparency to the audit trail and again, a lot of people think oh, its nothing, its just a small use case again, but all of this goes hand in hand with a massive amount of transactional flow.

A lot of people actually undermine alliance block alliance block is partnered with the london stock exchange. They are doing incredible things within capital markets, theyre doing incredible things in finance. We talk about these, you know assets and they just might not be giants right now, but they are building their way to the top. Hedera hashgraph is doing the same thing. Hedera, like i said, hashgraph technology right now currently is the new name on the block. A lot of people dont know about it. A lot of people arent talking about it, but those people who are talking about it and know about it right now are going to be the ones that look back and say wow. I cant believe how early i was in regards to knowing about hashgraph technology, because this is that disruptive technology that ive been talking about forever thats going to change the game of all of crypto, and i think a lot of people can see that now. Of course, we do see here rare sneaker, app switches from ethereum to hedera to skip blockchain fees h bar okay. I understand that when i say that h bar is going to be the ethereum killer, a lot of people laugh at it because you know when you talk about ethereum ethereums been out forever right. Ethereum came into inception in 2000, uh like around 2013 2014 right and then it fully went, live in 2015, a lot of people loved it.

A lot of people you know jumped on it was huge. It was new again when were talking about ethereum ethereum has been losing the focus game right, because a lot of people are tired of gas fees. When i say to somebody in my discord or even on twitter, or even when i make a youtube video on stack or something im like you got to use, uniswap people dont want to do uniswap and the reason. Why is because they have to utilize ethereum gas fees i mentioned. You know i mentioned so many assets to people that i know and im just like dude you can get in on the ground floor on this assets. Like you know, trading at below one cent and theyre, just like all right, what do i do? Well, you have to use a theorem to end and thats pretty much it right. Thats, like the killer there, they dont even want to touch it because ethereum gas fees are absolutely garbage. Ethereum, for what it is worth did its thing in the beginning, and now its just kind of one of those assets that are just not efficient enough and a lot of people will say: ethereum 2.0 ethereum 2.0, its just the way that people are screaming at the Top of their lungs ada is going to bring out smart contracts. Look at ada, smart contracts, they are failed, they are terrible, they are garbage again. It all goes back to the hand that you know a lot of these assets.

Aetherium would do 10 times better if it was built on hederas main net. If ethereum was leveraging hedera technology, they would be doing incredible. Things again same goes for cardano cardanos. Looking at you know, right now, chain link to increase their smart contract efficiency. That is exactly the problem with a lot of these assets. They need another asset to work efficiently. What does hedera need? Nothing. Hedera is already at the point of being massively efficient, its been the number one choice for enterprise use cases, and it already shows in regards to the being the most utilized dlt technology out there. Why am i talking about this article? Why am i talking about a theorem all of these assets right? A lot of these projects are switching from ethereum to hedera theyre, switching from other assets to hedera because they realize how efficient hedera is in regards to utilization from these massive use cases again with smart contracts. V 2.0 weve talked about it, ive discussed it. Ive talked about how hedera gets to 100 plus price evaluation, especially considering the fact that smart contracts 2.0 is going to unlock 100 plus transactions per second on a smart contract basis, and that is not achieved anywhere else even in regards to ada. Even in regards to any other asset in the space, hedera is doing incredible things and again this goes all the way back to june of this year when weve talked about proven db. Switching from you know, ethereum to hedera hashgraph, because proven db had free accounts on their uh platform right, and these free accounts were transacting over the ethereum nets, costing proven db massive amounts of money in fees.

So they said, you know what were going to switch from. This were going to go over to adera hashgraph its a lot more cheaper and it is a lot more efficient and again. That is exactly why a lot of these you know when we talk about. Oh, this is that this is that this is the you know, the true ethereum killer, hedera hashgraph is the actual blockchain killer and im not going to say you know. Hedera is going to replace ethereum altogether and you know replace bitcoin, no im, just saying that at some point in time we will most likely see a hedera hashgraph being the number one asset or even the number two asset and guess what whatever is number one. Its. Not going to be bitcoin or ethereum anymore, i think a lot of people are stuck in that mindset and again it goes all the way back to that ego mindset where bitcoins gon na be around forever its digital gold, everybody loves it. Financial institutions are are backing it theyre backing it just like they backed gold. No, that is not the idea here. Anymore. Bitcoin is useless, garbage again its a speculative store of value that nobody really cares about, especially from an overall standpoint. The only reason why its getting any traction is because its dominancy factors are still above 40 percent. We still leverage it in regards to a massive bull or bear market. Until we get into a utility market, bitcoin will still thrive, but once we get into a utility driven market, a lot of the demand in bitcoin is just going to fall, its going to fall its going to fall because its going to go all into these massive Utility grade tokens and guess what is the most utilized asset in regards to dlt technologies and use cases around the world hydera right, we already see that 1.

7 billion transactions, just in basically almost one year alone. Even if we go to the transactional data flow from one year ago right, this takes a little bit to load. But we see 1.4 billion transactions in one year. Show me a dlt technology in the space doing that many transactions a year, and i will tell you right now: okay, i could see that competing with hedera, but there is no other dlt in this space doing that transactional data flow. Now, in regards to this, how do we get to these major price targets? This will run right. The 10 to 15 dollars. Well lets look at this right. We talked about this massive bull run. That could happen right. We compare it. You know to the 2021 bitcoin range just coming from uh. Do it yourself investing shout out to him but hes talking about based off of the 2013 2017 bull cycles? Ive talked about this weve talked about this multiple times on this channel talking about a 250 to 300 thousand dollar bitcoin. If this happens, okay first off were talking. Five thousand dollar, plus q and t were talking about a 20 plus xrp, were also talking about these massive price targets for all of these other assets and look at hbar at 10 plus right now, when were talking about this, should we expect this? Absolutely not. We shouldnt, but im just saying these price targets are not too far out a 20 plus xrp and a 10 plus h bar we technically dont need 252 300 000 bitcoin at all.

What we actually need is just the percentages from 2017 to flow into the altcoins. It doesnt need to flow into bitcoin. Bitcoin does not need to be at those massive price targets: thats just generating more and more income within the markets to flow into all coins, to allow all coins to really kind of push up and make these massive gains. Overall. Im still expecting bitcoin to have a massive bull run, well, most likely top out somewhere under 100k, with high possibilities being 100 and like 20 to 150k. If we get there, i just dont expect it and i dont think anybody else should be expecting it overall from a opium standpoint. But when were talking about bitcoin right, we always talk about the return cycles. In regards to yearly returns. We go back to 2013 2014. We look at october 2013, 60, 2017, 47, almost 45 percent. The percentages taper off every time that we have a bull and bear market because of the fact that more and more demand is pushing towards all coins than bitcoin bitcoin is at high levels of you know: price appreciation for normy investors to not be able to get A you know, a great roi yeah sure they might see roi in regards to like stocks by like one ten percent whatever around that point, but you can get massive roi from other altcoins weve already seen that in regards to ten thousand, nineteen thousand percent runs from Year to date, right now in regards to this, we always talk about november, look in november in 2013, 400 and almost 50 of an increase in price.

We talked about 2017 right 53.48. Now i know that those percentages might be a little bit different in regards to you know the massive percent difference but thats, just because bitcoin was nearly at twenty thousand dollars right now, again december thats, where pretty much in 2013 and 2014, it kind of tapered off. We we hit like the topping point, but in in 2017 we actually see that it still made some gains in december. You know up almost ‘, so were expecting november and also december to be incredibly well, for you know, bitcoin even october right. Look at 2013! Look at 2017, 61, almost 2017, almost 48 in october, so october is still starting and were still gon na have a massive rally in october. If we do follow through with the cycle pattern, which i think that were following fairly closely, i dont think that we see those massive you know: six digit numbers, but again in the sense of hbar. You know a lot of people cant see the long term growth, but i always see it. We see it working right now. Look at the healthcare scene for hbar right, theyre, working with massive uh enterprise use cases. First off the healthcare scene over here right, theyre, working with a core which weve talked about accord theyve theyre working with nhs theyre talking about massive. You know even talking about the covet vaccine right, theyre, storing it theyre moving it. You know theyre doing track and trace with it as well.

You know theres, so many use cases locked behind closed doors for hbar, especially even in regards to ndas a lot of people. Dont see that but theres a lot of ndas within hedera too, that a lot of people arent realizing as well. But when we talk about enterprise grade use, cases, look at all the enterprise grade. Use cases were talking about track and trace asset tokenization fraud, mitigation permission, blockchain identity and authentication, erp crm and eam. This is all talking about finances. Theyre, talking about massive money, boats right. These are the flows that flow throughout the entire world. I think a lot of people are undermining hedera just because of the short term price appreciation, yeah all right, whatever its barely moved, we cant we cant get to this price target. Everybody is always saying that we cant get to this cant get to that, but i dont know. In my opinion. I think that that is a terrible way to look at things were up one thousand one hundred and fourteen percent year to date you know most assets. If we click here and look at your date, all of these percentages are going to be extremely different, but look at axs 21, 200 percent telcoin. 11. 200. Solana. 9441. I mean a lot of these assets are doing incredible moves, and this is only the beginning for hbar im telling you guys when were when were looking at hbar and were looking at the long term view.

A hundred dollars is an easy target for it. You know theres a lot more utility cases that a lot of people are undermining, but the long term. You know growth point i already said by 2030. I think hr will be at a hundred dollars plus, and i think a lot of people are undermining that. So with that being said, i think that hbar is an incredible long term hold. I even think its a great short term hold as well. I think its the true blockchain killer in a sense of it basically topping out somewhere in regards to the number one or two spot, depending on how the utility markets look. But overall h bar is a massive giant. I think a lot of people are overlooking it and undermining it.