How are you hi, jason im doing well, thanks for having me on your channel anytime, anytime, hit the likes and subscribes and ill leave shawns details in the comments down below. If you want to go and check out, his channel does a lot of good stuff on cardano and what charles hoskinson is saying now we we want to have a look at today in particular cardano strengths, weaknesses, opportunities threats in the market to ada over the next Five years 10 years, and if it doesnt happen, we hold shawn holy and solely accountable for anything that goes wrong with cardano. Tell us about your youtube channel and then lets get into your portfolio like why youre holding these things, what made you start on youtube and cryptocurrency again, thanks for having me jason ive, been in crypto, uh uh, for you know years at this point kind of it Kind of just started off kind of you know, obviously in interest. You know ive kind of always been kind of looking for ways to make money, so i was going to where it started. I was like oh this crypto thing you know kind of just like yeah um im only in my like early 20s, so i was kind of like a teenager kind of in the last cycle. So i didnt have a ton to invest, but i kind of i kind of got in a little not too early too early kind of maybe mid 2017, and then i kind of done well and then it done really well and then i kind of rode.

The whole thing back down so its a pretty common story in crypto, but it taught me a lot learning from those mistakes. My main thing is that i was doing some e commerce i kind of dont. Do it as much anymore right now, im kind of just doing research, and you know when i have time im, you know making videos on what charles hoskinson said. Various different topics. Do you definitely know what hes saying youre doing pretty well on that one yeah when youre not worried about that man says on my videos when you, when youre not listening to him intro from colorado uh what other writer over here in rainey dublin. So i wish i was in there dublin. If you didnt pick up the accent yeah, it is from ireland. I want to know about your portfolio before we start talking about cadance five coins to five million. So obviously you know the coin that you know most bullish on surprise, surprise, uh would be ada. You know thats kind of the coin. I was talking about the most from, like. I think my first ever video its no longer on youtube because it was very, very bad, but that first video was talking about cardano and since then uh you know its been the coin. Ive been talking about the most im kind of a longer term time horizon theres very few coins on that, because very few coins have kind of reached.

You know the level of kind of maturity and kind of where they have their kind of ducks in a row and theyve kind of actually brought out their technology and theyre not just kind of speculative, so coins youd be holding for years and years and years. Very few of them are there, but like theres, some obviously solid coins. So you know you look at your bitcoin. Your ethereum cardano chain link theyd, be kind of the top four coins. More coins kind of lets say they will do well in this board. Then youd kind of put in maybe solana, although you know a lot of the gains, may have already been kind of made in solana. You know how many run ups is it going to have, but you know it keeps surprising me so maybe a few more and then obviously i think polka dot um is kind of a dark horse right now uh. I think it was just starting to kind of come back a little bit and then the market just slapped it back down um and then so. Im kind of more so focused on like a few different areas in crypto. Primarily so you know kind of gaming nfts and then just kind of smart contracts, theyre kind of like the safest areas, but the ones that also make the more reliable gains. So they would be the coins that are kind of making up the majority of my portfolio. Moving over to cardano lets lets have a little chat about that with the research that youve done on it.

I know we love to give charles a little bit of flack here, but talking about strengths for ada compared to the other projects. Why would you choose ada as one of your top picks if youre looking at smart contract space people kind of they kind of look at one area or they look at another area? They say: oh well, you know theres a lot of projects in ethereum or you know, solana has a lot of transactions per second, but kind of what cardano does. First of all, the overall vision, i think for the next 10 years, is the best vision out of any other smart contract crypto. But then, if youre, looking at kind of governance, youre looking at security, youre looking at then the efficiency of the network, how fast the transactions are, how cheap there are, and then you also kind of factor in that its the most decentralized. I think over a 10 year time rise and thats, just a very, very winning formula and in the short and medium term, of course, its a lot of speculation, its our smart contracts being released its you know. Is it getting a new listing theres not going to be one big winner, but in terms of the coin that i think is the most room to grow long term uh its still cardano? For me, i often look at just the prices, so its really good to hear about more around the fundamentals and in terms of using ada, especially with like their staking pool its.

I often say its one of the easiest ones ive ever used id probably say it is the easiest one that ive had to use icon was was easy, but its just not as easy ive used eos. That was an absolute nightmare, but yeah ada has been one of the easiest things to use for well to stake, which means decentralization is easy and new investors. It makes it easy for them too. So i like that aspect of it going onto weaknesses of ada, is charles the weakness. What what are we looking at whats, the weakness of adam? You know if he says something: bad yeah, thats the weakness in terms of weaknesses for any project. You know, like obviously cardano you know, is still in the very early stages like for most companies. If it was a traditional company, it would have been just starting. You know like last week or something but obviously because its a cryptocurrency, its able to do an ico and its able to kind of be around for a long time, but were still kind of in the very early stages of the crypto game in general. So absolutely like you know its not, and if you ask the cardano team im sure theyd agree that you know its, not okay, we have smart contracts out now we can kind of just sit back and relax its. This is the time where the most work is needed to kind of onboard more users on board more developers, so really like the biggest threat to any of these platforms is just the fact that they wont be able to get developers and users.

But if you look at kind of credanos marketing its pretty much the best now, obviously you know ethereum is kind of the established competitor, so it doesnt really have to do as much as cardano does, but i think cornells marketing and then even more so. The fundamentals of cardano are just the most solid, so over the long term, the best products going to win, and i think the best product right now is cardano and again its really just about making sure that the network continues to innovate and it is able to Make it the best development experience and the best user experience? Credano has a great community right now, but a lot of you know a lot of that. They often really started users using the network. Yet so you have to make sure that that experience is great as well. Do you think one of the weaknesses are how long it takes ada to do anything or you know to do anything yeah so obviously thats one of the biggest criticisms – and you know it wouldnt – be how id go about it like doing a ton of research papers, But at the end of the day like it has paid off for cardano and if youre kind of looking over a 10 or 20 year period, you do want something thats built to last. So yes, in kind of the short and medium term that does hold it back. But again, if were looking at crypto, mass adoption were talking at least five to ten years away before most of the final users are interacting with the smart contract platform and as long as theyre able to achieve those three things which i think they will be.

Then theyll succeed if theyre not able to do those three things then theyll fail. Do you see anything else in regards to their opportunities that they could sort of take market share, or you know, rise above quicker than some of the other competitors? You know if you kind of look at where ethereum is now well, im, not sure where ill be today, but you know kind of generally around that kind of like 400 billion range. I think cardanos kind of yes but kind of where you have kind of eth, bigger than all the competitors combined in five in the next bull run. I dont think thatll be the case at all, so will ethereum still be the biggest yes, probably um. I id find it hard to believe that theyre not unless they they could kind of mess up in a big way. If maybe, if 2.0 isnt out, then then itll be a different story, but i do think that eth will still be the biggest in the next bull run, and probably the bull run after that, because these things take a lot of time. But i do think which you, when you look at what cardanos doing uh in africa, when what theyre potentially going to be doing in south america, and then you also combine it with kind of the global. The projects that well be launching in the network and that are already launching on the network, even though its so young, i think, thats a very, very positive indication.

And as long as the network continues to grow in terms of fundamentals, then the price will appreciate, and in five years time, youre going to see a very, very different situation. I think all cryptos all solid cryptos. So youre, you know your ether cardano your polka dot. Whatever they are, itll be kind of a more balanced distribution. It wont just be east as, like you know this big monster that dwarfs all the other ones. Oh, you think these are going to take some of the the dominance of eth yeah yeah. So i i dont, you know particularly like the you know, eth killer narrative. I think you know charles hoskinson said that in the past, but its its a good marketing thing, what would have to go wrong for cardano for you to sell out and say i think its over. You know like what would have to go wrong in the project. Fundamentally, im constantly kind of looking at making sure you know is the network uh continuing to grow? Is there exciting things still happening on the network right up until now, its kind of just being okay is smart contracts still on the still on the right timeline. Obviously, being delayed a few times so like if in a year were kind of looking back and theres, not really that much development that will certainly be a question mark and itll, certainly be something thatll make me reconsider my position, but right now you know youre kind Of looking at very early days so again, developers and users are king.

If were looking, even if its a bear market, you know end of next year, there should still be a lot more development and a lot more users, because crypto is not going back to where it was in 2018. 2019 nfts are here. Gaming is here theres a lot of real world use cases right now, but really you kind of would want to see that continually growing month over month right. Well, i guess we could look to say what happened on eos or iota or icon, or some of these things just look to projects which have gone through that stage of the hype and then the fade and just see what their metrics are doing over that period. Whether theyre gaining traction or not, and then we can possibly replica use that across to um to ada yeah, you kind of want to make sure like. Is it on the same track? Is it on the eth trajectory or is it on the eos trajectory? We are looking at price projections for ada moving forward. Do do much of that when it comes to price projections, because you know youre mostly based on fundamentals, i dont think ive ever done a price prediction, but ill do one for your channel. If you want, i need something for the thumbnail im running out of content here, yeah. Of course the clipboard no ive done plenty ive done plenty in the past, so ive been you know you can kind of.

You can look at my videos from like march or april um and ill pretty much be saying the same thing so ive. I was kind of looking at three to five dollars leading up to smart contracts and then seven to ten dollars by the end of the year. Now you know we kind of barely scraped that three to five dollars, leading up to smart contracts, the seven to ten dollars. It was kind of end of year, assuming that the bull run would end this year. So this was kind of obviously before we kind of had uh. You know that the local peak back in april, so if were kind of looking at uh, you know a twin peak, bull run where we have the next peak either later this year. Well then, i still think seven to ten dollars for this year, if were looking at a situation where were having the second half of the boron or the second peak of the boron um setting a new all time, high, maybe lets say q1 or q2 in 2022. If we do have that extended cycle, then that would be where id be looking for seven to ten dollars, but the good news about that would be that would potentially even expand the range of where ada can go, because this year i dont think were going to Get pat, we certainly, i dont, think well get past 150k bitcoin, even if it happens the very end of the year december 31st, but it seems like we probably wont.

Even we may, we kind of may be looking at an 80 to 100k bitcoin, so that kind of would give cardano kind of somewhat of a limitation um in terms of kind of – maybe being you know somewhere around, that kind of more seven dollar range. But if we, if the cycle extends till uh 2022 youll have a bigger period of consolidation, which means you kind of have more energy to run off all right, thats a thats, a fantastic thumbnail, its given me an idea for a video, so stay tuned. For my channel do something like that, but in the meantime you can go and check out shauns channel check out those videos theyre full of good content mate. Thank you very much its been a pleasure talking about ada and learning more about the fundamentals, as i tend to look at the price. All too often check the links down below like subscribe.