We could see massive rally from cardano in the coming week. So what is up welcome to the crypto fomo, where cover the hottest news and crypt also includes card down analysis, ethereum, bitcoin, chaining, liquid beach and polka dot, and everything that you need to flow into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe until notifications to get the hottest news in crypto before everyone else now. On the day, cardena is up two percent going sideways on the week as he theorems up 15 salons up 28 percent bnb is up 50 25 as cardano is lagging behind, and i think we saw that a few times before now. Cardinal is actually looking bullish here. Actually flipping out from this range, so i know a lot of people are kind of tempting to sell their attempted to sell their cardano and go into something else. Probably not the best idea. Usually, when you see those areas where its kind of just kind of slowly, like chopping, sideways and then exiting like breaking from this resistance line, usually those are not bad places. These are bad places to sell, because usually you have a breakout, thats imminent and i think thats going to be the case, and i think we had something similar over here as well. I think a lot of people sold their cardano really in this range because it was going sideways. It was boring. It was so cold dead right before it had this massive rally over here.

I remember making videos about cardano over here and it didnt look like there was much happening there were. A lot of people were saying, like ah its not going anywhere blah blah blah and then afterwards look at this massive rally that cardhano had right. So i think that were in a similar phase right now and i think that we will see a big rally in the coming weeks and overall we do have a higher low so far before breaking up from this. So i do like this. I do like flipping this into support so far so far, looking good and when you look at the weekly, you can see clear accumulation on the weekly as well its looking very nice, a little bit similar to this structure over here. Looking very very good before we continue higher now also lets see if we can see something on the four hours as well, yeah, just a clean breakout and then slowly chopping up. This is actually looking pretty bullish as cardinal is getting ready to go higher. I mean just notice how were pretty much in this ascending channel here going higher, so looking pretty nice now also when you look at cardinal versus bitcoin on the daily its currently bouncing on support as well lets see if were going to rally higher from here. I think we will, i think, were kind of having some fake outs below the 5000 satoshi level. Lets look at the lower time frame see if we can find something yeah i mean so far rallying and then flip the previous mini resistance area over here, flipped it into support.

So this is looking pretty nice for potentially continuing higher and then also just notice how we wick the liquidity over here. We just went slightly below this, and then we immediately bounced higher right. So this is a bullish swing. Failure pattern because we tried to go lower. It failed, we actually liquidated a lot of the longs and then we bounced right back up right, so pretty bullish pattern. I mean the last time we wicked the liquidity over here. We actually continued higher right, so this structure is actually a pretty bullish pattern versus bitcoin and then cardinal versus ethereum pretty much the same thing currently on support bleeding. Although this one is looking scarier im, not sure where this direction this is going to go, lets see how its going to play out still think arlo is going to outperform a theorem over the coming months. Lets see what mr hoskinson has planned for us right got to keep whispering to birds, see whats going to happen and then also bitcoin today looks very bullish after this massive rally just holding the upper 15 of the previous rally, just very very bullish. Man consolidating like this near resistance, were probably going to continue higher from here, as most people are left behind, saying like oh no, its going to zero fingers are looking very bullish with the multi week accumulation over here, similar to here. So far we got a bullish engulfing candle forming on the weekly, which is looking very, very nice car down on the lower timeframes.

We got two reversal signs as well as we covered yesterday. Looking very good reversal sign in 12 hour bullish divergence on the 12 hour. Usually, when you get this confluence of multiple reversal science indicators at the same time on different time frames, pretty good risk award to go long. Cardinal versus bitcoin is currently bleeding right here, um on support bottom of the boeing advance, but still uh, no confirmation that were going to reverse from here uh. We actually do see a sign of hope. You can see where the yellow revolves account on the 4r, which is actually a bullish sign, so lets see if this is going to hold. This is actually a pretty good sign to see at the bottom. Maybe this is the bottom. Actually, when you look at bitcoin, the lower timeframe is looking very bullish, like we said, lower time frames, lots of strength, lots of green lots of free magic internet money for everyone and then also here is your chance to get a free allocation of project oysters at The ideal pricing theyre actually doing here the nostalgic project oasis, is coming to starter xyz on october 11th and theyre having a glim giveaway that im actually going to link to below to win a dollar allocation of voices project which is going to do probably pretty well. Looking really revolutionizing uh gaming and crypto gaming and d5 by making it fun to define making it user friendly and just further building this metaverse experience so im going to link to it below really bullish on one of the kind nostalgic 2d metaverse bringing back a lot Of memories for me and im sure for a lot of you guys growing up with those kinds of video games and its going to be a lot more fun to actually travel.

You know through the metaverse, as they say through the crypto world, using project oasis. So really excited about this, and so you can win some free magic interim money location for this one and then also liquidity. Right now for cardinal is actually sitting above, which is bullish. You can see here it was negative and then we went higher and now people start longing and then they flip positive and then right now we have a lot of shorts that open, actually relative to cardano, so probably going to continue higher from here. Bitcoin, however, does have a lot liquidity around 45 000 so be prepared for us to drop there. If it drops to 45k, i think its going to be a fantastic opportunity to buy more were currently at 48k and uh yeah im, not sure we get there now. Currently, um market is not fearful its just kind of neutral, although it should be a really bullish man which is bullish right. The markets not recognizing the potential here when the price goes up and the market is not bullish. This is actually a really nice opportunity, showing kind of like the divergence in the sentiment right. People think its going to go lower and the price is going higher, pretty bullish and also funding right now, slightly negative across the board and neutral as well, and then also we got news from starchy. The most anticipated play doh game of the year coming soon brought to you by starter star.

Tea is all over the news and influencer circuits. Their mvp launch is coming right after their idl, so i thought this is something really impressive. I love seeing projects that actually launch products, mvps right off the gate as soon as possible, and i think that this is really awesome. You can see here we got some more news from the trailer and you can see its going to be really fun to actually play this so quite excited about this, and we got some more information. There started. Seed sale was sold out; they were 500 oversubscribed, so congrats to them for getting all of the phone. While the phone was really real on this one, and you can see – we got a one page summary over here play to our game, where users can acquire and nurture starches as cute pets and earn rewards from battles and defy activities. The token will be the elixir token, we got the deflationary mechanism, part of the fees from battles and marketplace activities will be burned, which is really bullish for the price, and we got a lot of strong backers on this as well, so make sure to check them Out and participate in their upcoming idea really excited to play the game when it comes out as well. Shortly after and then also, we got crypto bird with a bullish update on bitcoin, saying that we got a clean breakout with massive momentum boost in an upwards direction.

Seeming to begin the the beginning, the consequent upwards direction of bitcoin for the next few weeks. So basically, this breakout out of the blowing advance its pretty much like a bullish sign that were gon na continue. Moving to a new range from here, which i agree with right, so we had kind of this accumulation side with action and were ready to continue higher and then also hes saying do not get super excited. But overall things are looking really good and things are really going to start flying off. Once we break all time. High aka, 64 thousand dollar bitcoin and cardamom is probably gon na go to five to ten dollars and we got cali or sharing worst analysis for tara luna, saying its currently breaking out versus bitcoin and its ready for price discovery. So if you actually look at tara luna chart, i actually checked it out just before this video, its looking very nice man, you can see here we have kind of like the capitulation, ah its going to zero, and then we had kind of like the sideways action And then slowly went on this parabolic rise over here right and just recently kind of still holding this parabola right and its still looking good. I mean as long as this parabola doesnt break its still looking pretty nice over here um, but i would be cautious. Definitely cautious after such a massive rally you can see here we have the support line.

We have this resistance line, thats kind of over here around ten thousand satoshis versus big right. So this is a very important psychological level, so thats. Why youre seeing some strong resistance over there, but overall its still holding i mean you, can see that uh tara luna is actually holding making higher lows on the day, but i will be careful once this parabola is going to break down. We might see kind of like a big correction right, so not necessarily it doesnt have to be like a big. We could see a 50 drop. Basically, so just be careful with that be aware of this trend line over here be aware, those drops may come, but overall the chart is still looking good with the higher lows over here and were pretty much forming uh, just kind of higher lows and kind of Pinging, the 10 000 resistance level again and again, so this is looking uh, pretty good and then uh. Also, we got an update from beanie saying that it really feels like were on the cusp on a happy epic move in the nft market. Funds are just dipping their toes such it will have such a massive impact on the market, its nothing like the crypto market, theres, simple isnt, a lot of quality supply market is literally 99.9 junk. Gems will fly so hes talking about the fact that theres, not that many good collections and the ones that are, if you just have a hedge fund, just dropping like you, know, one million dollar into an asset.

It really sends the prices flying like theres, not that much of the supply i mean if the if theres, like 10 000 units and the floor price, is like two ether just investing like you know, 300 ether into it. Its just gon na just sweeping the floor. Like that, its gon na send the prices of the nfts up, you know two three x, so its really easy for the good projects to pump a lot, but you got ta, be careful and obviously the big the hard choices which projects are going to do. That. Right and obviously its probably going to be art, blogs, crypto punks and then, if beanie thinks that its also going to be the board ape yacht club, so uh yeah. I think those are definitely good projects to watch out for and then also we got news here from my master award. They got 24 hours to go for m a t igo on game five. The long awaited ido is coming, live shortly, get the details below. So this is actually happening today, really excited about their up and coming launch for my master war with really strong backwards, bringing traditional game experience play to earn and defy to nft collectibles. So some really cool things that they are doing and theyve been getting a lot of hype for good reason. Recently we got some really strong investors and backers on this pretty much everybody uh, like all the biggest backers, and also the team, is really impressive.

Free play to earn and profit sharing, and they got some more information about it here, and you can see here some more information from their page on game five, so game five has been partnering with a lot of great projects. You can see the end to apply, for the white list is in two hours, so its closing really soon and also you can see here the game fi and has dedicated gaming launch pad and igo absolutely crushing it. The first igo launch pad um. You can see. We got a lot of exciting token sales coming up. We got arena, dark frontiers, uh, planet, sandbox and more coming down the line, so the fomo is strong with both of these projects lets see them go to the moon, and also we got news here. The texas is poised to be a world leader in bitcoin and blockchain, as theyre becoming more and more crypto friendly and very interesting dynamic. If i was in the us, i would definitely check out taxes right austin. Everybody talks about austin, texas, austin, texas and id love to visit it. When i get the chance and its cool to see some regulators – and you know governors – and you know, politicians that are more friendly to crypto – we definitely need more of those and then also we got here a funny tweet from someone saying that at the same time, Theyre saying that they dont understand the appeal of nfts right theyre, like bro whats, the value of an nft and then at the same time, its also saying, like oh wow, look what i just cased.

I think this is counter strike right. This is the the knives that are actually really popular inside counter strike that people are really excited about. So you can see hes so excited about this digital item that doesnt exist in the real world and he says i dont get the appeal of nft. So its really funny to see people still struggling to get the value of nfts and we have a lot more room to go higher and then also we got engine starter. We got alex becker saying that engine start was probably the easiest investment hes ever made and hes currently live after their ido theyve had very successful, ido and hes, saying that he is a must have for a gaming, crypto investor, and i agree its a core launch Pad in the crypto gaming space next generation launch pad for blockchain gaming and the metaverse uh building on engine and obviously engine is a giant in the crypto gaming space. So really bullish on this project and excited for their successful launch, make sure to check them out. Follow them on social media and maybe snap someone grab some of their token. They just launched successfully. I think just that yesterday so very recently, and then also we got news here that the value locked in d5 grew 936 percent in one year, literally more than 10. Next, in a year, nft sector is getting stronger and stronger, so d5 is growing very, very fast and also the nfts are growing very very fast.

I mean, if you actually look through this article. The stats are absolutely crazy. Um data is going fast for solana, avalanche cardano, which went live recently and d5 space is absolutely exploding, not to mention nfts were even exploding, even more man, and also we got willy woo talking about the last cycle, quote unquote, saying here: what will be the bull Cycle top, in his opinion, there is no top and he thinks that were not gon na be uh. He says theres now, theres unpredictable, walk of demand supply from a complex ecosystem until we hit saturation and um im really 50 50 on this im, really not sure. If were gon na have a super cycle or not, i think that uh, maybe some sectors in crypto will have a super cycle, but im not sure if all the sectors will have a super cycle. So maybe nfts have a super cycle. You know, dont have a 90 bear market, they just have a 60 bear market right. Meanwhile, uh bitcoin and all everything else pretty much define all the later ones. They have a normal bear market right. So its a hard question to answer – and i would say that it doesnt need answering, obviously, would be great if we can answer it. But what i would do is just hedge, for both scenarios right have some money out of the market so that you take profits and have some money in the market. So if we super cycle youre still going to have a lot of exposure to crypto, so i think try to think how am i going to lower the downside, no matter what happens and how am i going to make sure that i win even if im wrong, Because anyone can make money when theyre right the big money, the smart money – is really how to make money, even when im wrong, or how do i limit the downside, even when im wrong? This is something for you to think about.

So this is it for this video hope you guys enjoyed that much love. Thank you.