To give you guys, some solid picks for the month that all you, libras will want to take. A look at national pizza month has historically been green. Ever since crypto started in the next four weeks. Dont, look any different, so warm up that apple cider, say hi to jack, skellington and gaze upon the last moments of mercury in retrograde. Its my top coins of october lets get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video, we polish our opals and reflect on the top coins of october now, you can be smart, like the bit squad and use tokenmetrics to find your top gems of every month. Year round you do that by using tokenmetrics by visiting bitboycrypto.comsteals and scrolling down to the tokenmetrics section. We got a great deal for you guys there. If you want to click it and sign up, you wont regret it number five tezos, the security force token from 2017 is still alive and kicking in 2021 has formed a nice cup and handle pattern on the daily charts. This all coincides with the larger market. Moves that are going to take tezos to the next level i like tezos and anything security based in blockchain.

This is an incredible community. Thats been through bull and bear markets so seeing the teslas holders get their bags pumped up to lambeau levels makes me happy if youre new to crypto, you can still make a killing with this token before it breaks this 2017. All time highs its been developing at a rapid pace. This year completed its ito. Florence and granada upgrades this year alone with a new upgrade called hengsoo coming in soon the hang soo epoch will include liquidity, baking and time lock, encryption that makes staking more secure and resistant to manipulation. Tezoss xtz token is less than the cost of a grande peppermint mocha latte, and would look nice in any portfolio. Trading volume is up over 30 and all those bullish signs point to some price action could put tezos at 10 to 15 by the end of q4. Before we move on dont forget to smash the like and subscribe button, it puts you in the bit squad, which always has the best halloween costumes and only hands out full size. Candy bars number four amp its the divi powerhouse youve, been hearing about on this channel. All summer, and just look at this chart well off its all time, high back in june and still consolidating just look at amps chart here, thats a coiled spring, ready to pop. If ive ever seen, one amp is sitting at five cents at the time of this. Recording is an easy buy on coinbase grabbing.

A stack of amp at this price is a no brainer. The market sentiment behind device just got a lot stronger over the past few days, chinas economy getting shaky and its citizens blocking to any sort of decentralized finance, helped them weather the storm. Amp is the grease to make defy work. Its collateralized tokens for secure transactions on its flexa network handles all sorts of digital assets like ethereum, loopering dash and algorithm gives them secure. Verifiable assurance for each transaction. Think of amp as an interbank currency for defy youll, hardly see it in the wild, but its used every day, thats. What makes amps potential so great its doing the work already and its flex network has been incredibly robust as the volume of device increased this year. Never heard of flexa thats a good thing. Flexo doesnt make sexy headlines because it just works its consistent, its like the chain link of d5 08 theres chain link right. There awesome ants moves in october are pointed right at new, all time, highs of 12 cents or more see amp, hitting 50 cents or higher in q4. Number three v chain with china banning the kryptos they dont like, which is most of them b chain, is going to see its moment in october and beyond its part of the only government approved cryptos in china. The chain is sitting prettier than a baby in a pumpkin patch v chain is a logistics blockchain for shipping and has already seen adoption across china from giant companies like walmart of china, bmw and bayer blockchain tech that is proven and used every day.

Well, thats called good fundamentals. The market agrees me chain is up 500 for the year and hasnt seen its second pump yet, but thats bound to happen soon. Speed chains volume is of a staggering 150 in the past few days. Everyone in their uncle is flocking to v chain like leafers descending on quahog. Music is still a deal and could top out at 50 to 75 cents by december, so grab some now, while its still on sale. Number two avalanche is a token thats been moving by leaps and bounds during this mini bear market isnt, showing any signs of slowing down its hard to imagine. But in january, avalanche was stuck in 70th place on coin market cap sandwiched between ample, fourth and true usd. But its been a steady move up the top 100 since then, and now avalanche is threatening to kick dogecoin out of the top 10.. You love to see it its almost a foregone conclusion that avalanche will break into the top 10 in october and wont stop. There fundamentals are in line perfectly with what the market needs: a new smart contract, blockchain thats cheaper than ethereum the avax token for avalanche has seen parabolic gains similar to that of solana, but avalanche is mixing it up better than any barista selling psls at the local Coffee shop avax has the right partnerships and has been building its tech alongside binance, the graph curate, cartesi and all coins that are poised for big gains in the future.

The gains so far for avax have been bonkers this time last year. One avax would set you back, six bucks or so now its pushing 70, and it could double this cycle in the blink of an eye. Nfts are part of avalanches growth. Over the past few months, the ethereum network has gotten bogged down and made minting and moving nfts almost impossible, except for the whales and the true nft degens, but thats. The great thing about blockchain its highly competitive and new networks that offer value will be adopted quickly. Nfts, like avax apes, are already dropping faster than leaves off an oak tree. The avalanche team has made an nft tutorial for making nfts with the avalanche wallet. The speed and ease of avalanche nfts has caught. The eye of card maker tops just the other day, announced a series: 2 baseball card, nft on the avalanche network, its a good time to be in crypto and if you want to get swept away in some games, definitely look at avalanche number, one xrp its a Coin that has been fighting to survive for what seems like forever its a coin that has its own army, its coin thats taking over asia and will soon be the standard for banks in the west. As the coin that keeps gary gensler up at night, it may be somewhat centralized and be the favorite token of everything we hate in crypto, big banks and hedge funds, but dont.

Let that distract you from the fact that xrp will make a lot of us in crypto. Very rich xrp is about a dollar right now, so if you can make an account on kucoin or kraken, you can scoop up some of what is going to be the most explosive price action. Youll see this cycle, of course, not financial advice, but xrp has all the attention from institutions, big banks, governments and hedge funds. They know its potential. Even the legendary scammer and co founder of xrp jed mccaleb has changed tactics and stopped selling his xrp disbursements. A few weeks ago he knows whats coming and into the sec kangaroo court next rp, having its name cleared. When that happens, the frenzy surrounding xrp will be incredible, could easily be four or five x as soon as the news breaks and could hit 12 bucks by the end of the year. Judging this chart, you see the xrp is already pumped this year, but its nothing compared to other coins like avax or solana, xrp hasnt gone truly parabolic, yet the highest it got was a dollar 83 back in march. It hasnt come close to its 2017. All time. High of 3.84 cents – this is a coin. Youll tell your kids about dont miss out thats.