Unfortunately, nick is very unwell, so hopefully we will do the live stream this evening at the moment, its not looking good um, but you know, hopefully nick will feel much better um. Shortly with that said, i have spent a bit of time this morning sort of trying to to understand what it is that nicks trying to tell me um usual problem, nothing to do with uh him being unwell. Um and uh yeah were gon na dig into what nicks seen uh ta wise are sort of replicate. What nicks uh you know. Talk me through and well have a look at some of the fundamentals. So if you like v chain um, you know hit that, like button subscribe, tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss. A video well also cover some of the news side of things as well, because thats my back right, so lets get down to the desktop and see what is the next scene in the ta okay. So here we are um, so nick has seen um a cop and handle, which is, you know nicely drawn out for us here, and this is where he kind of expects it to go so lets get a fib on there lets have a look see um, while Were going down to about here right then, so nick reckons were going to see about 22, so you know close to 22 and a half cent right. So you know, i think what i would like to do is just sort of sort of reassure people.

You know how accurate uh cup and handles are so there are between 60 and 70 percent accurate right, so you have to sort of couple what were seeing here on the daily for v chain, with whats actually happening in in the market right. So we have seen a bit of a pullback uh from from bitcoin, so i guess this is really dependent on market conditions as well as what were seeing here with the cup and handle. So you know just bear that in mind um, but you know its looking bullish and when you couple this um alongside you know, the fact that you know v chain is having meetings with. You know: government officials uh in china um. You know talking about more potential. Um, you know collaborations, you know its starting to look really really bullish couple this with the fact that chinese state media news on uh v trust blockchain technology is increasingly um penetrating more aspects of daily life. So what were seeing in china is v chain is, taking you know, quite a big hold uh from you know, at least the governments uh perspective on everything um. You know around the virus and the virus management, and you know the the systems and the v chain for blockchain. You know its going to continue into to lead the adoption of blockchain uh in china right and im not going to dig into this article uh in much detail. I just really kind of wanted to to sort of articulate to you guys.

You know some of the stuff that is actually going on uh in the background right and um. You know this is all fantastic for for v chain and i think you know you you couple that with the fact that i trust capital are now looking to adopt v chain. So um, you know retail investors um can can get into to v chain through their platform as well, and one of the things that you know, people perhaps didnt realize is, i trust – capital use. Um coinbase uh custody right. So you know that potentially means that you know v chain is gon na, be uh on. You know, coinbase. You know for custody right, so um with that you know. Are we gon na start to see a v chain being listed on coinbase? I guess thats, like you, know a bit of um, you know speculation, but you know, i think, speculation with some solid sort of thinking around it. So you know theres a lot going on for v chain. I think we could see this break out to 22 cent. Its possible um, but then you know you have got that six cent um. You know that nicks called out. You know in the past still on the cards depending on what actually happens in the market. Now everybodys kind of heard my view that you know, potentially this could be a fake out. You know uh before we sort of you know, plummet down a little bit and then look to to really peek out, but long term have no concerns were still in a ball cycle and uh.

It does look like weve got some tremendous upside uh on on the cards both for v chain and the alts um. You know it does look phenomenal, but do let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts? Do you think were gon na see 22 cent um, you know incoming um. Do let me know really interested to know and what are your thoughts on the coinbase listing? Are we likely to see that um? You know theres lots of fud out there surrounding china and um the fact that they want to ban uh blockchain technology, yet theyre uh, adopting v chain meeting with v chain on a regular basis talking about additional collaborations. So you know, i think that uh fund needs to be put to bed. I think you know the other foot around v chain being a um chinese project. Isnt is you know its unfounded, its? Not true um. You know so i think you know theres a lot of fun thats out there. That you know is is untrue and not accurate right um, but i think theres also some fantastic news um for v chain, so really interested to get your views and opinions. If you like, the video mash that, like button subscribe tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video and ill catch.