One of the best cryptocurrency defy exchanges for options and derivatives trading today in crypto is odds finance, and i will tell you why, if you are a trader looking to trade on a defy exchange, odds offers zero gas fees a delightful and simplified interface, customizable options via Self defined parameters, transparent premium calculation, verified on chain settlement and genesis of each option, contract guaranteed exercise at any moment during the holding period non custodial 24 7 global options, trading censorship, resistant with no kyc email, signup, enticing incentives and rewards via staking and other programs decentralized And pragmatic governance odds, finance is a multi chain, derivatives trading platform on binance, smart chain, polygon, polka, dot and ethereum. It is simple, secure, decentralized, it will soon be compatible with avalanche and solana. Odds finance is compatible or soon will be compatible with almost every major dapp platform in the space, except maybe cardano, but thats always a possibility in the future odds. Finance is, in fact, the worlds first on chain options, trading platform to be compatible with all of these chains. This is a big differentiator. Its a great thing. It makes it more functional, more liquid, more distributed, makes it stronger more likely to survive. Im happy to say odds finance is sponsoring todays video. Now you might have seen this project written up in yahoo. Finance like i did. I think its a great write up odds. Finance is a decentralized on chain options. Trading protocol that simplifies multi chain options; trades.

It facilitates creating, maintaining and settling options contracts, conditional tokens and futures contracts safely and securely leveraging the binance smart chain, polka dot and the ethereum blockchain with an inbuilt oracle solution. It aims to revolutionize the d5 derivatives space by introducing smart and intuitive options trading solutions to drive mass adoption. Its distinguishing features include instant trades, interoperable options, trades, transparent premium discovery mechanisms and customized options. Trading techniques, odds finance aims to provide a seamless derivative experience to users. Addressing the broader spectrum prevalent in the d5 derivatives market, it strives to bring defy to mainstream adoption by promoting cross chain trades and a high degree of intuitive user experience to extract derivative traders to experience the permissionless ecosystem. Following a user centric approach, odds finance is a decentralized derivatives platform with key attributes, unleashing the true potential of d5 by unique product functionalities and value propositions im going to leave a link to the site in the description. So you can check this out for yourself, but again lets just put it simply. Why would anybody choose odds? Finance odds offers a seamless on chain options trading solution with an in built oracle solution. Traders like odds finance because it offers everything here, transparent premium calculations, so it shows all metrics used to calculate the premium. This will help users make better decisions. Obviously, this is a very good thing: zero gas fees, great thing make your transactions more economical and viable delightful interface, get up and running fast with our easy to use and clutter free interface.

Customizable options get new options by defining your own parameters; diversified, option, premiums, support for options for multiple cryptocurrencies across various blockchains incentives and rewards earn a higher yields as a liquidity provider, get incentivized as a data curator by staking odds tokens and then, of course, governance have A say in future upgrades and additions to the protocol and oracle, and with that lets talk about the token you can earn odds tokens by one. Providing liquidity, provide liquidity to earn a share in options, premium stake, ousd tokens and earn rewards and two you can earn odds tokens by earning staking, rewards stake your odds, tokens and earn a share in settlement fees along with staking rewards. So this is the odds token chart over the last three months right now. Trading for about ‘ cents odds is both for traders and dapps. So for traders you can make informed decisions with reliable data, assimilated from trusted sources, low gas fees and the option to choose from multiple premiums based on your exact requirements. And then this is for dapps. You can build robust dapps by using our blockchain agnostic protocol. Our inbuilt oracle helps create an enhanced user experience by providing your users with information that matters, as you can see, theyre backed by some pretty big players: woodstock au21 capital ngc ventures, just to name a few. I like that odds financed, has an experienced and public team. I like that you can click on individual team members, linkedin and twitter and see what theyre all about you can see that all team members come from notable businesses and bring a wealth of experience and capabilities, and i guess just to sum up.

You know everything that odds is its the next generation player in the d phi derivatives space. They are promoting a massive development approach in the derivatives industry. Introducing attributes like customized options, trades, transparent premium discovery mechanisms and budget friendly trades is bound to attract enthusiastic traders to exercise flexible and secure options. Trades and then platform users will be able to earn passive income through liquidity mining pools and staking mechanisms driving increased participation on the trading platform. Odds finance through its ongoing efforts, is bridging the gap between traditional finance models and integrating into the d5 space. With the aim of capitalizing on the prevalent defy adoption drive odds, finance is set to dive into the depths of vigor and enthusiasm to revolutionize the derivatives industry. If you are a trader, i highly encourage you to check these guys out im going to leave a link to this in the description. Maybe youre, not a trader, and this video just helped. You learn something about what is actually out there in the space. Let me know in the comments i, for one, am definitely keeping this project on my radar, i like the fact its multi chain. I like the fact it is simple, secure decentralized. I like the fact that its not just compatible with compatible with binance smart chain and ethereum, but also ethereum layer, 2 polygon, also ethereum interoperators slash competitors like polka dot like avalanche like solana. I think this is the future and the fact that these guys are already gearing towards that uh its a good thing.

So with that being said, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Let me know if youre going to try this out. My name is aaron at altcoin daily, subscribe to the channel for daily videos smash the like button.