We talk about everything crypto daily, jumping right into the market. Today, in crypto bitcoin pushing 50 000 remember im giving away 2 000 in bitcoin at the end of the month. All you have to do is subscribe to the channel like the video leave, a comment in the comment box boom free bitcoin lets go bitcoin daily chart so bitcoins just below this overhead resistance level. Psychological resistance is 50 000 right, so theres gon na be a lot of sellers taking profit at this level. Right based on this previous support level, okay and fifty thousand dollar psychologically is a big round number for bitcoin, so a break above there – and you want to see you know – bitcoin potentially consolidate up here – would be the bullish idea. The bulls need a higher high higher than this previous high things change dramatically. If bitcoin can start pushing some of these, you know 52. 000. 53. 000 levels. This happens. You get good breakout confirmation. You get good volume coming in youre looking for i mean, potentially, we could test all time highs again. Okay, now the bearish scenario is you get a rejection here and you come back down to 44 or 46 000, possibly the bottom of this little triangle that i was talking about here. You know so again its all about to happen. We got big week for cryptocurrency and bitcoin bitcoin four hour chart. Yesterday we talked about how this trading is not predicting right.

If you got some type of pullback and then bounce, i mean thats, the gift thats, the huge buying opportunity thats, where youre loading up youre keeping money on the sidelines and youre thinking, hey, im, gon na load up on all coins, or you know id like to Trade, a lot of altcoins, not so much bitcoin, you dont, get very much youre, not getting 100 gains in today out of bitcoin, but some all coins you do get pretty big gains, so bitcoin, measured move is still up here in this air. 52. 000 right one hour chart, you can see this psychological resistance levels can be tough for the bulls to break it. But when youve got this rising broadening wedge – and i mean you got some volume coming in – looks like the price action broke to the upside. However, its just kind of consolidating right here just at about the 50 000 level, so its all about to happen, lets go. Ive got some amazing, shout outs to given my trading group this person, i couldnt, even believe this and he joined the group. Actually, he started watching youtube and he started with a hundred dollars just watching youtube and he turned it into a thousand dollars and then he joined the group. He took one hundred dollars that he started with before he started watching the channel and now hes got thirty. Five hundred dollars, he 35 x his money since he started watching the channel join the group huge.

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This thing is up 119 Music, since i posted in the trading group and about a hundred and five percent, since i gave it to you guys doubled your money. If you got in on shib that i gave to you yesterday, congratulations, this is cirrus is on kucoin kucoin gem pick yesterday: bang 23 profits just that quick. This is d e x e. Its moving right now got volume coming in it just broke above the 200. Simple moving average right so every time that happens, you get bullish upside and thats, just how it works right. You essentially have the 200 sample right here, bang upside here. It is again guess whats going to happen: bang upside its retesting right now, retesting right now you got breakout volume down here: im looking for 17, 18 dollar, potentially 19 d e x e coin, gem pick today, x, d c: this lady says: good luck not holding It but they have this trade finance distribution initiative with a 50 member strong consortium, and so youve got names like deutsche bank hsbc, huge banks right huge sponsors. The rumor is with xdc, and this is going to be huge theyre going to announce a tier one. Bank partnership – you heard it here: first tier one – bank, partnership, crypto currency partners with the bank. How big is that going to be huge? This ready is this. This coins ready to boom person shows basic idea behind how technical analysis works.

Where you go through accumulation, and then you get a major run up now. Previously 1500 percent run up accumulation, 3200 percent run up right, then its reaccumulation, potentially now looking for about an 800 run up just based on this idea. Okay, so its in accumulation, this thing is ready ill show you the setup. Its super bullish banging now rounded bottoms pay the bills. This is like this huge, like inverse complex, inverse head and shoulders right like shoulder shoulder head right for me, another shoulder im, looking for a big breakout im looking for 17 18 19 cents out of xdc. This again, youve got this little double bottom right here: double bottom ready to bang and now look it just broke above just right now, right now, its breaking above the 200 simple. Look at lets go back here. Look what happens it breaks to 200. Simple here happen. Right here guess what happens? Bang. Look. This thing ran up crazy right. Look right here, same thing, same exact thing: you guys! This is the easiest trading strategy ever and it works breaks above it and holds it bang huge percent. I mean you got 70 profits right here, the 200 simple. Well here we go its about to do it again, xdc its right there, as soon as this confirms says, breakout retest. This thing is ready. Its got so much upside xdc on kucoin, make sure if youre not on kucoin, go to the link in the description sign up the vip link in the description on kucoin take part in these these coins.

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