I also have some of my personal tips that you just cant afford to miss Music before i swipe into this. There is a bombshell i need to drop. Yes, i am on a crypto quest and i do my best to get the truth about crypto off my chest. However, it must be stressed that i am no financial advisor. That means nothing in this. Video is financial advice. I do not jest with that waffle. Out of the way, i want to say hey to all the new viewers out there today. My name is guy, and i am the crypto chief over here at the coin bureau on this channel. We cover everything you need to know about the cryptoverse that includes reviews, overviews, news and market moves. So if youre serious about taking advantage of the opportunities rife in this crazy crypto world, then youll want to jab that subscribe button and hit that little bell. That way, youtube will let you know whenever i release a new video, finally observe the timeline below ive split up this video into different segments to make it easy for you to skip ahead to the games that interest you the most. However, i warn you that you might miss out on a cracking play to earn opportunity if you choose to do so. So are you ready to lock and load okay lets play first off? I should probably take a moment out and quickly explain how you can actually get paid to play a blockchain game.

There are essentially two main mechanisms. The first is that you earn in game cryptocurrency through gameplay, the second through earning or buying in game items which are issued as nfts and then selling them on a marketplace for a higher price. Now i need to level with you guys. All the games mentioned in my list today are in no particular order. After all, there are so many different game genres out there and its not really fair to pit a tower defense game against a fantasy sports, one that would be comparing apples with oranges. Also, i should point out that there are a load of other blockchain games that ive not had the opportunity to try out yet i guess thats the price. I need to pay for producing all this crypto content for you guys so with that thought. Out of the way lets take a look at those blockchain games. Ive been grinding first up, i have so rare. This is a fantasy football game where you collect non fungible token player cards and use them to compete in fantasy football tournaments for rare cards and eath prizes sounds a bit quirky right. Well, it turns out that fantasy football is damn popular, so much so that softbanks vision, fund 2 recently led a 680 million dollar series b rand for so rare, which valued the company at a staggering 4.3 billion dollars and its not just big money. Vcs that have invested in sora either turns out that several legends of the game put their money where their mouth was, that included the likes of antoine griezmann, rio ferdinand cesar azpilicueta and gerard pique.

But what is all the fuss about? Well, anyone my age will remember those panini football stickers that you collected as a kid, so rare taps into both those markets. However, unlike panini football stickers, which could well have been printed into oblivion, so rare has a limited number of cards that are created for each player. Hence the name so rare get it now. Those cards are issued as nfts, which are then used in the game. To win prizes and can be traded for crypto, but how rare are these special player cards well in a given season? Each player within the game will have 1 000 limited cards, minted 100 rares 10 super rares and a single unique card, naturally the rarer. The card, the better it is in game, but are these cards nothing more than limited edition versions of top drums, well, not exactly to explain that id better get into how the game works when you sign up to so rare youll pick a club and get 11 Common cards now personally, i selected iax and got these guys as common cards to play for the mighty coin bureau fc. So you have a bunch of player cards, but what do you do with them? Well, there are a host of leagues. You can join to compete for prizes that includes the likes of the starter league, rookie, global, all star league challenger, europe league and many more heres. The deal each league will have a different prize pool and every league, apart from the rookie league and special weekly one, has different divisions.

Naturally, division one will have the hardest competition and bigger prizes, whereas division 5 will be weaker, but offer smaller prize pools. That starter rookie league allows you to win a tier 1 rare card for first a tier 2 rare for coming second or third and the other prizes over here now. I know that might seem pretty lame to some people. However, tougher leagues have bigger prizes. I mean the global all star league offers a star super rare card for first and over three thousand dollars in ethereum thats super rare could be a cristiano ronaldo, a copy of which is listed in the so rare marketplace for an eye watering 190 000 euros. So yeah those prizes could really add up, especially seeing that theres a new tournament every week. Now, how do you enter those tournaments? Well, youll need to register a team of five players. Youll need a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a forward and an extra player. Who can play in any position? Heres coin bureau, fcs lineup for the starter, rookie league? Now i know what youre thinking, how do you earn points to win those top prizes? Well, put very simply the better your players perform in real football matches, the better the score they will gain in the so rare league. Youre competing in the team with the highest score, wins the league and bags those top prizes its that simple. Now those scores are based on a variety of factors, and you can check those out for yourself by visiting the link in the description below now.

I am going to be honest with you, even though so rare is technically a play to earn game. You are unlikely to win much in terms of valuable cards that can be sold on the so rare marketplace. Similarly, those eath prizes are pretty hard to bag. That is, unless you buy a solid team to start with. Now, of course, i know that this is not going to be for everyone. However, each one of those cards does have the ability to rise in value because of market demand or the player performing well on the pitch. Those cards can win you rare cards and eth. Every week in those tournaments now id personally look at that as the yield you can get on those paid for cards now, irrespective, if youre the type of person who loves football and crypto, then id certainly recommend that you try out so rare its free to do So just be careful and make sure you know exactly what youre doing before handing over your eth for rare, so rare cards, though okay. So what happens if youre, not the biggest football fan, what happens if you like games like farmville instead? Well, i think i might have the game for you. My second top blockchain game has to be townstar. Now this game is created by gala games and that company was actually founded by the co founder of zynga, which was the company behind farmville, so yeah tan star is basically a crypto version of farmville.

But what is this game all about? Well, in a nutshell, the aim of the game is to create resources and sell them to other towns. Those sales generate money which can be used to upgrade your town and make it more productive, its essentially a game that replicates capitalism. So how do you play to earn with townstar? Well recently, gala games announced a new play to earn mechanic that goes live on the 5th of october, essentially, nfts that you can use in townstar will earn town tokens based on the nfts rarity. If you place those nfts on your farm and complete daily challenges, youll get those town, token rewards, but heres the kicker, you wont be able to add infinite nfts to your farm to rake in those town tokens. Instead, that nft limit will be based on the players. Gala power gala power is based on factors like the number of gala tokens in your wallet, account age, town coin, holdings, referrals and so on. On top of that, there are weekly competitions in which you can win gala coins and in game assets as prizes for being one of the top settlements in the game. Pretty neat now, honestly guys tamstars economic model is pretty damn complex. If youre a bit of a geek like me, then youll love, balancing the cost of production against the sale price of commodities and picking the most optimal one to produce. Also, you dont need to install anything to play this game and can play entirely in browser, but i imagine youre wondering what can you do with these gala coins? Well, they are used to increase that gala power to help you farm more town tokens and to buy in game items within the gala ecosystem a bit like this legendary water tower, which makes it easier for me to water my crops in town style.

On top of that, you can use them to run nodes on the gala games network. Another thing to remember is that gala tokens will have utility in other gala games. Yes, spyder tanks is already in beta. However, there are other titles like echoes of empire, fortified and mirandas, which are currently in development too. Needless to say, as the number of active players on gala game titles like town star increases, that should be good news for the gala token price. Now, if youre interested in picking that crypto up, then youll want to do that on kucoin and ive actually done a dedicated video on that exchange. Where i tell you how to get an exclusive fee discount and that is linked to in the top right. But what if rpgs, are more your cup of tea? Well, i might have the game for you coming up next. My third blockchain game is cryptoblades, and this is a dungeons and dragonesque role playing game. Here you can earn skill tokens by crushing your enemies going on a raiding party with friends and staking your gains as with every single role playing game. I have ever come across. Powerful weapons can be used by your character to give you the edge in combat these special items can also be crafted as nfts and used in game or traded on the crypto blades marketplace. Heres. Another interesting thing: your character will be issued as an nft 2.. Now, honestly, the gameplay for crypto blades is very straightforward.

There are four different elements within the game: fire, earth, lightning and water. These elements are assigned to characters, attributes, weapons and enemies. Those elements reduce or increase the chances of victory when youre battling fire is weak against water, for example. Now to play the game and earn those skill, tokens or rare nfts youll need to have metamask installed and load it up with a few skill tokens and some bnb for gas. Now ive actually done a video showing you how to set up metamask. So if you need a helping hand there, then youll want to watch that over here. Next, you want to buy a few skill tokens using a dex like apeswap with that bnb. You can connect with your metamask here and get that skill balance loaded up to allow you to play youll need those skill tokens to recruit a character. Now i understand that on chain, crypto games like crypto blades might not be for everyone. After all, some of you will find it annoying to set up metamask and send gas every time you want to fight in game. However, i personally find it an intriguing game, maybe thats, because i might have played quite a bit of d d back in the day, but what, if youre too cool for crypto blades? Well, maybe my next game pick will be up your street at number 4. I have the sandbox now in a nutshell. This game is an immersive metaverse, where players create virtual worlds and monetize their gaming experiences in a way its a bit like minecraft.

Now the sandbox has a range of different universes to pick from that includes the likes of summer jam land and the walking dead land oh and we even have snoop dogg themed lands coming to the metaverse. Soon sounds like a fun place to live. If you ask me now, within the game, you can buy plots of land which are pieces of digital real estate within the sandbox metaverse. These are used by players to build experiences on top of so that means you can populate them with in game assets to create unique gaming experiences. Now those lands are actually nfts, which makes them tradable and also those lands have a capped supply which makes them scarce. So, for example, in the upcoming snoop dogg metaverse land sale, there are only 598 lands available, 212 premium lands and a smattering of estate plots to get your hands on. But what do those lands do? Well, they act as creative tickets that enable you to create any world. You can imagine and populate them with in game assets to create experiences for other players. You can actually charge other players, sand tokens to visit your land to play the games, youve built or bought, and you can potentially sell your land for a profit once youve developed it. But what else can you do with sand tokens? Well, they can also be used to buy those lands and in game assets on the sandbox marketplace, so i might buy a land with sand tokens and buy all the in game assets required for me to create a crazy golf course, which i could then charge.

Other players sand tokens to enjoy within the metaverse now, of course, as the sandbox game attracts more players and creators, this should lead to an increased need for sand within the ecosystem. As the token supply is fixed, there should be scarcity as the amount of sand per person decreases and drives up demand. Now i dont think you really need to be a genius to know that fixed supply and increasing demand should lead to higher token prices thats. Why? So many people hold sand tokens as a bet on the future popularity of this game. Now, assuming that you wanted to give it a shot, youre going to want some sand tokens and one of the best exchanges to bag, that sand is over on ftx, so feel free to watch. My complete beginners guide to ftx, which is linked to in the top right. I also have an exclusive deal on trading fees over there, so you dont want to miss those either okay, but what, if becoming a virtual landlord doesnt appeal to you? Perhaps you prefer a good old tower defense game? Well, if thats you, then, i think youll, like my final blockchain game, pick drumroll. If you please its plant versus undead. Now, if youre thinking that this game title sounds familiar, then youre, probably right its essentially a blockchain based reincarnation of plants versus zombies, a tower defense game where you need to stop those undead hordes. The game also has a token called the pvu token, and this is used as a currency to buy items like seeds and plants from the in game marketplace so to get started.

You will need five pvu tokens to begin farming here you can plant those seeds, water. Your farm up to 15 times a day and chase crows away from snaffling those seedlings do that and youll get light. Energy rewards watering gives you between 10 and 500, light energy and chasing crows away lands you between 20 and 1000 light energy once youve scooped up that light energy, you convert it to pvu tokens at a rate of 100 light energy per pvu. Now, pvp mode is still being tested and in game tokens for this mode are not real. Yet, however, like axey infinity, which allows you to earn smooth love potions, youll be able to earn pvu tokens in plants versus undead whats. Even more interesting is that, according to its white paper, there are already 30 million pvu tokens that have been allocated as platform rewards, given that at the time of shooting this video pvu was trading at around 3.50 a token. This would equate to around 100 million dollars in platform rewards plants. Vs undead also has unique plants with different traits and skills. That means once the plants versus undead marketplace opens up, players will be able to trade or even lend out their virtual plants. If you have an awesome plant, then it wouldnt be outrageous to think that it could be worth a pretty penny. Yes, i have only beta tested plants versus undead. So far, but honestly, this looks like it could well be an axi infinity 2.

0 speaking of which i know. Axi infinity is not on this list, despite its popularity and the main reason for that is because i have done a complete, dedicated video on it. You can learn more about this cracking game by clicking the video link over here now that just about wraps up my list of the top five blockchain games to watch out for. However, i do wish to share a few thoughts on the way out, honestly guys. There is a tremendous amount of hype around blockchain games right now, and i want to be realistic about things. There are people out there spending crazy sums of money on in game assets. I would strongly caution you against that. Yes, a game might be hot now, but that doesnt mean that hype will be sustained. Imagine if you spent a ton of eth on a hot in game, nft and the games user base disappeared. How much do you think it would really be worth chances? Are that youd be nursing a hefty loss there? The truth is that blockchain gaming is still in its infancy and its uncertain, which games will have staying power and acquire a critical mass of users. Therefore, i think its still way, too early to dedicate a sizable chunk of my portfolio to any blockchain gaming play with that being said. Im tremendously bullish on the future of blockchain gaming and the play to earn model ill be watching this space intently, and i cannot wait to see how this crypto sub niche develops in the months and years to come.

Now, if you want to give any of the games mentioned in this video, a try to see if they float your boat, then be sure to check out the links in the description below and now its time to hear your thoughts folks. So what do you think of my blockchain game picks and are there any other games that i should give a go? Let me know in those comments and finally, if you think this crypto chap has done a top notch. Job then tip your hat to me by hitting that like button, if youd like to make me your very own crypto gent, then you can do that by striking that subscribe button and dinging that little bell, i bid you all a good day till next time.