Meanwhile, banana boy, karen grifter, says that crypto is a waste of time and young people should invest in the rigged stock market. Instead and over the last 48 hours, sheba coin has pumped nearly 150 and will it hit one dollar per coin? No: im your host cameron casting couch and just like johnny sins im about to unload some knowledge all over your walls, absolutely very big! So, as weve been talking about the last few days, bitcoin is still in the middle of a break out of this falling wedge now, rising above 50 000 for the first time in a month and as well the spx having a little bit of a resurgence today. As well so were gon na be looking at that, but, most importantly, some absolutely very big news and as well funny that crypto has not been used a single time in the elites scammery of the system. In fact, they scammed their way and avoided taxes using everything except crypto. So you should make sure like scripts is absolutely time. Sensitive alerts as well. If youre interested in earning rewards with your ada risk free make sure to stick with our pool uh below theres. A two minute tutorial as well, and if youre interested any bonuses uh make sure to check out the pinned comment, also below and without any further magoo lets get dumped on very big, so were gon na be jumping into bitcoin price today and were gon na be Looking at oh so spectacular, doggy coin, shiba coin uh as well, uh up nearly 150 percent and now the sheba maximalists, also known as the 12 year olds, that discovered crypto on tick tock two days ago, are calling for a one dollar sheba coin.

Uh. And if you do the very simple math, it would need to be roughly 400 trillion or nearly half of a quadrillion dollars in market cap to reach one dollar. Unless there is some absolutely massive coin burns at which point the world would have already descended into madness and chaos to begin with. So if we start off here, ken griffith says crypto mania as a he sees it as a jihadist call against the us dollar. This is about to blow your mind: uh hedge fund, billionaire ken griffin, criticized the amount of time and energy spent on crypto, saying its a jihadist, call that some people dont believe in the dollar. Yeah. Why i dont understand. Why would you believe in the dollar i dont understand is? Is there a reason that you should believe in the dollar thats the whole point uh, the dollar is a scam literally uh, just as valid as monopoly money. That is printed on the monopoly game. Hes not a fan of the resources allocated to crypto and even though hes not a fan of crypto. He said his firm would trade crypto if they were regulated and absolutely praises. Gary gobstopper of the sec by scrutinizing crypto okay, looks like the billionaires are really giving each other a couple tug jobs here, and he says i wish all this passion and energy that went into crypto was towards making the united states stronger. I mean it is right. Crypto, if the u.

s decides not to botch everything uh, the us will be infinitely stronger. If it correctly uh approaches cryptocurrency and does not try to outlaw it, it will make the u.s stronger. He says what a crazy concept this is that we, as a country embrace so many bright young, talented people to come up with a replacement for a reserve currency, so hes upset that young people are creating a better future instead of letting the old wrinkled body bags. In washington continue to destroy it, i really i mean the hypocrisy here is absolutely insane theres. A reason. Crypto was created its because people like this and the people that are in charge of monetary policy are doing an absolutely horrible job. Okay, if they were doing a half decent job, then crypto might never have been created, but theyre absolutely abusing their power. Theyre abusing you watching this video and thats the reason that all this time and energy is going into crypto if they were doing a good job. We wouldnt need crypto and he questioned why people are going into crypto and hes angry that young investors are attracted to digital coins. Rather than stocks that drive economic growth. You mean manipulated stocks that robin hood can just decide, can no longer be traded whenever they want, and people miss out on massive gains and just go into massive losses. Instead, thats like going into a job interview and the person hiring, you says: okay. Well, you can either make fifteen dollars an hour or thirty dollars an hour, and then they get mad at you.

If you choose thirty dollars an hour of course, you would choose a better option. I mean it is that black and white, like absolutely huge and with that being said before we move on, i believe my videos are getting a little bit shadow banned, probably because of exactly the type of things that ive already said in this video and ive been Talking about over the last few days as well so make sure like and share this video so that uh, the smallest amount of common sense, uh reaches other people, and then he also talks about a lot of other issues, including raise tensions between the us and china. The threat of runaway inflation and controversial trading practice blah blah blah but whats most important here – is that in over 13 million documents and terabytes of data detailing how billionaires and politicians have avoided taxes, crypto was not used. Okay, this is talking about the pandora papers. Where elites and billionaires uh pretty much scam their way to making even more money and avoid paying taxes, we talk about this massive deficit and people like janet yellen are in favor of uh irs reporting 600 transactions, because it will fix the tax 7 trillion gap or, If the billionaires just had to pay a fraction of what they should be paying in taxes, that would solve everything. Okay whats happening here is that the billionaires are doing nothing and theyre, saying that its everyones fault, except their own.

You know its the guy making. Thirty thousand dollars at amazon or, however much you make at amazon, those are the people that are destroying the economy, not the people that are abusing every single other person. I mean its just it blows my mind. I dont really have to keep talking about this, because i think everyones very aware of how i mean this is why again, this is why crypto is created so that theres, even the smallest chance, even the smallest chance, that the billionaires can remove their fingers from our Throats for five seconds, okay, so that average people can at least attempt to be able to afford groceries and uh just live a halfway decent life. Then, before we jump into bitcoin, we saw sheba coin jump an absolute massive 150 percent. All the way up to point. Zero: zero, zero, zero one, eight of a dollar with people that have never looked into market cap before now, calling for a one dollar sheba coin, which again would need about a half of a quadrillion market cap to reach that keep in mind. Bitcoin right now is about 1 trillion, so we would need shiba coin to essentially 300 x from where bitcoin is right now to reach a dollar, what happens first, sheba coin to one dollar or optimus, prime and lady gaga having a baby together, absolutely very big! So, as you can see here, bitcoin is still slowly climbing weve been saying for the past two or three days that bitcoin is now in in the middle of a massive breakout to above 52.

5 uh 52 500 per bitcoin. Looking just i mean very strong here and again were seeing bitcoin do really well well, some of the top alts arent really moving too much and again thats. What i want to see, i want to see. Bitcoin dominance continue to rise here and i want to see bitcoin really start to gain momentum to push into the end of october, beginning of november and reach that six digit bitcoin fairly soon uh, potentially even seeing that rollover for altcoins into the beginning of 2022. Remember in 2018, bitcoin had already topped out and altcoins ran for the first two three weeks of 2018 after bitcoin had already topped out bitcoin, topped out around the middle of december 2017.. So again, i want to see bitcoin really gain strength here, still looking really good, not much so up to not too much update with bitcoins price itself, except its continuing to move there dxy still kind of uh in an interesting position after having a breakout last week And spx having a nice move back above the 100 dma. Can this be sustained, is the biggest question in the room most likely, not unless we get some very bullish, fundamental news out of the traditional market or traditional finance space, but that has yet to be seen. You should make sure absolutely time sensitive alerts as well, make sure to stick. Your ada earned rewards with our pool here, absolutely very big, uh again uh if you havent received rewards.

Yet it is because the pool is still brand new, its its not even a month old, yet and um yeah. The longer goes on the more frequent just the better.