Well, take a look at a few bullish on chain analytics charts, then dan tampiero mark yusuko and then morehead will give the bitcoin price predictions in five years. Most of the cryptocurrencies are doing well, at least as of the summit is recording. The total market cap is just about 2.1 trillion dollars. Bitcoins dominance is just over 42 percent, and ethereum dominance is in mid 18. As of the time in this, video bitcoin is trading. Just below 48 000 bucks recently we had a nice bounce back and now btc is just 16 000 away from an all time high make sure you keep an eye on bitcoin because it can reach that price target in weeks, if not in days. Overall btc is flat on the day its up by almost 11 on the week. Its also the third best performing asset on the week market can be just over 900 billion dollars. Btc needs to gain additional five thousand dollars to surpass one trillion dollars in market capitalization. Once again, ethereum just behind bitcoin, of course, it also has a decent bounce. Back today is training in mid 3300 bucks. Yesterday, it slightly touched 3500, but it retraced a bit. Eth is also not that far away from an all time high. It needs to gain additional 33 or so on the day, its actually down by two percent. However, on the week, its up by nine point, five percent, which isnt that bad but btc is doing slightly better today cardone is under two dollars: twenty cents.

This is actually the only cryptocurrency that is down on the day as well as on the week. Not much but still down on the day is down by almost four percent, and the week is down by one percent. As we can see the price retracements on this ada chart it also risking to get flip bytes at the stablecoin. Once again, there is only less than a billion dollars in difference in market capitalization. Solana is pumping the hardest, so far is just under 170 coin. An all time high was slightly over 200 bucks, so its getting there once again. Yes, on the day, its down by three percent or so, but on the week, its up by 23 still remains the best weekly performing asset. It also flipped triplex rp. Now solana is on the sixth spot, while ripple xrp is on the seventh spot. I remember between 2017 and 2019 ripple xrp was consistently on the third spot, just behind ethereum how things can change over time. Dodge coin is closing subs and listing the performance wise is. Ah, there are lots of bitcoin holders out there. Most of them are large, private and public corporations and even government entities. Here we have a list of top entities that hold bitcoin. Of course we cannot forget about tesla and elon musk. Currently tesla holds more than 42 000 btc at the value of 1.7 billion dollars. Then also we have celsius hold almost twice more btc than tesla more than 82 000 btc in the balance sheet.

The current value is around 3.3 billion dollars. Then we have microstrategy and michael saylor. They hold more than 92 000 btc on their balance sheet and, if you know michael saylor for him, this is ongoing process. He consistently buys more and more btc. The total value is at around 3.7 billion bucks. That amount is more than 0.4 percent of total bitcoin. In circulation, we also have u.s government hold roughly 70 000 bitcoin, and chinese government holds slightly less than 200 000 btc thats a huge amount. I bet they seized those coins from someone. The total value is more than 10 billion dollars, with almost one percent of total bitcoin in circulation. China holds bitcoin in. Meanwhile they are making bitcoin illegal for the citizens. It seems like a shady move. If you ask me, grayscale is, of course, the largest bitcoin holders by far more than 650 000 btc at the value of more than 26 billion dollars that takes into the account of more than 3.1 percent of total bitcoin in circulation. Here we have an interesting chart. It represents the percentage of bitcoin circulation that is in profit notice that in 2017 bull market, almost all coins won profit with some fluctuations, which makes sense because, when btc route it reached one all time high after another in the bear market, the story changed 360.. At the bottom of the bear market, there were only 40 percent of all bitcoin circulation that is in profit and guess what traders would not in profit.

Those 40 percent are the long term holders that bought bitcoin before 2017 run up and even prior to that. So, who wins long term holder win even in the bear market, as of today, there are around 86 percent of all bitcoin in circulation that are in profit, which makes sense because btc price is quite high, like it turned away from an all time high. Here we have quite bullish chart, it represents long term and short term holders realize price long term holders is in the blue line and the short term holders is in this purple line. Yes, that is true that the best time to buy bitcoin is at the bottom of the bear markets according to this chart. This is when long term holders realize price crossed the short term hold as real as price. It happened only a few times. First time was a 2012 bear market. Second time took place in 2015, bear market and the third time took place in 2018 bear market. That was actually the time when i piled into bitcoin. It was not easy to buy when everyone says the crypto is dead. On other hand, side i am a contrarian investor i buy when there is lots of bloods on the streets and with the moon boys running away. There is another cool insights that this chart presents when the blue line and purple line diverge from each other. It is an indication of the bull market. We have seen a nice divergence in 2013 and 2014 bull market.

Second, divergence took place in 2016 and 2017 bull market and just recently in 2021, we had another nice divergence and i believe this divergence will continue, at least by the end of this year, and possibly even further. Now lets take a look at this very cool video where dan tampiero mark yusko and then morehead discusses bitcoin and where it price might end up in five years from today, lets take a look okay, so help me understand, because now i want to transition into crypto. All three of you guys moved really really heavily into this space. So far, weve been making the monetary connection in between whats going on central banking, monetary and fiscal. Easing and bitcoin is the argument there right, but in a lot of the talks that weve been talking about today, theyve been relatively un bitcoin related right, ethereum thats, not a hard money play uh nfts those arent hard money plays dows. Anyone in this room working a dow lets go lets, go all right were still very early, none of them cards. None of that has to do with the hard money store value narrative, so help me explain why whats going on right? What else is driving the growth in this market? Well, id say you know when you have a new technology theres an innate desire to have an analog and smtp. They call the electronic mail, but its totally different than snail mail, and some people call um bitcoin a cryptocurrency, but the cftc calls it a commodity.

The irs calls it property its a totally new thing and it does like a hundred different things and uh a money, protection or a digital gold is one of the things blockchain does, but you know theres hundreds and hundreds of different use cases nfts defy. You know all that and thats why its so exciting its gon na go through so many different industries and end up being worth so much value, because its disrupting all these things that werent touched and basically all of finance wasnt touched by the internet, like the internet, Happened to everything else, but banks, you know visa, mastercard, remittance companies, all didnt really get changed and thats whats happening is blockchains coming in and going to completely disrupt all of the finance type industries. Yeah look, it is, it is simply an evolution of technology and thats whats, so awesome about it, its not a revolution right revolutions can be combated. Evolutions happen, you cant, stop them and and its very simple 54. We had this thing called the mainframe. The center of the universe was in boston, deck and wang, my favorite companies and they moved out the center universe, moved to palo alto because of an innovation around microchip 14 years later in 68. And if you invested in fairchild and intel and this guy don valentine made a little investment in intel and it worked out pretty well 14 years later: okay, 1996., its about the internet and youve, seen the clip of katie, couric and brian come say what is internet? What is that at symbol and paul krugman never be more important than a fax machine, maybe its more important than the fax machine, and so 14 years later, the mobile net? You ask people, the mobile net can be as big as the internet, i remember being with craig mccaw, pretty famous investor in in mobile telephony and his family office guy was saying.

Yeah mark has people on a computer like yeah whatever. If youre on a phone you got, i got two, i dont need any more um, so now were in 2024 almost and it is the operating system for the internet of value and to dans point what the internet did to commerce and media blockchain will do to Financial services, financial services is the biggest industry in the world by orders of magnitude, orders of magnitude, stock market, big bond market, bigger currency market, bigger this market bigger and the wealth creation that will be that will come out of this evolution is the biggest wealth creation Opportunity ill see in my lifetime now maybe some of you guys will be around for the next one, but it is big and its its bigger than we all think it is. We all think its big, but its bigger than that right. I was going to just chime in i mean its bigger than the financial markets or money. I mean its really a revolution in the concept of trust, yes, and that when you started your first trust so when you think about you know it might even change the way human beings interact with each other and so thats. You know even a higher sort of philosophical concept: um everybody, i think its going to happen. Digital identity right right. We will all have a digital identity that is monetizable and were running low on time here. But i want to ask you guys the time in the chalk, when i got to ask you for predictions so um when you look out five years from now lets say i want two part question here: one: how large do you see this market being and what Percentage of the market, do you see bitcoin representing um, so you know, crypto has been doubling for the last eight years uh.

I think it keeps doing it for a few more years. So when people ask what my forecast is, i think pretty much. Every year the value of the industry is going to double and, like mark said, exponential is pretty big, so uh and then i i think other things are going to outperform bitcoin. So i think bitcoin is going to go up like 10x, but everything is going to go up a lot more bitcoin dominance. You know down from here so just like mark said, my intelligence is very limited. I cant do that exponential in my head, but thats that looks like something like a 40 trillion dollar market, something like that yeah, so that would put it at 30 percent of them too, and that works right, like i, i dont think thats a crazy number mark In five years, im – probably not quite that aggressive um, but i i dont disagree with anything dan said. Look dans dans data is awesome right. If you look at his historical monthly letters. Hes been talking about this for a long time and its been spot on like so i wouldnt i wouldnt quibble uh. I i do think were gon na have a burst uh in 24 months. If you look at all s curves, they have the early adoption. Then they have the uh kind of mass, the beginning of mass adoption and then theres a bust and – and that will happen and itll set us back, and so i think well probably get to 25 ish trillion and then well have a big bust and people call It its over its the end thats the beginning right, someone yesterday on stage said and ive been saying: the the national anthem just played.

No, no, he said it better. He said the players havent even arrived at the field. Right, forget the national anthem. The game will only start after the bust in 2024., so thats, thats, whats, so exciting, so ill, say 25 t from here. You said what 25 t in five years, oh of big of the total and a bitcoin bitcoin dominance to me. Bitcoin continues to fall in dominance. I think five years bitcoin is half gold, so that would be five trillion, so its twenty percent or five hundred thousand yeah. I mean i sort of think about things in terms of you know what could bitcoin. I think bitcoin at five trillion market value, which is three four five hundred thousand, i think, is very reasonable within sort of five years, and i think you can extrapolate you know the overall ecosystem based on that um. You know. Look i im. Alright, i missed. I wasnt 10 t in 10 years. Its going to be, you know, probably closer to uh yeah, probably closer to 20.. I i dont really. I dont know that bitcoin dominance will fall, im, not im, not sure uh, because there is a world in which you know things start getting built on bitcoin and so thats. The thing theres so much innovation happening at such a fast pace that, at least for me, i find it hard to be very specific on the bets. I would much prefer to say were at 3t now i have a very high degree of confidence were going to be 10 or 15 or 20 20.

like thats, not reversing and the bus thing. You know i dont know about the bus thing because you know uh. We dropped 50 in bitcoin, you know you had nfts went to, i mean who knows down whatever percent in two weeks: thats the nature of this market and as things sort of spread out, and i call it like a broadening and deepening of this digital acid ecosystem. Youll have certain parts of it, not busting and so its possible that the overall thing doesnt feel like 18, where ethereum went down 95 percent. I dont really see ethereum down 95 again um. Just i just dont see it. I mean i, i think we sort of pass that, but look you know thats why? I think the intertemporal bets are problematic. Then morehead believes the entire crypto space will probably reach up to 40 trillion dollars in market capitalization thats like 19x from this current 2.1 trillion dollars of total market cap. In that case, if bc generates 19x in 5 years, then bitcoin would be just under a million bucks mark yusko is likely less optimistic. He believes we will have a booming bus cycle where the crypto cap might stop at 25 trillion dollars. In that case, that is only 12 x from this current market cap 12 times 48 000. That would be 576 000 bucks per btc at this price. Bitcoin will flip gold, then tampero sell, probably 20 trillion bucks, in which case bc price would end up over four hundred thousand dollars a coin.