You will learn exactly what i would do right now, if i had to start over with crypto completely. If i didnt basically have any money – and i didnt know almost anything about crypto – and this is the strategy that i would do for two reasons – number one – this is probably the best strategy for risk to reward ratio that you can actually do, and the second thing Is that with this strategy, you will learn about crypto, about uh decentralized finance, about the innovation that is going on, and you get a basic understanding about everything going on in the crypto market without having to learn all of these millions of coins that are on the Market and deciding which ones, which one is a good one, which is which one is a bad one. You will basically earn money while you learn how this system works so thats. Why? I wanted to share this video because i think this is highly useful for people who are just getting into crypto, as well as for those who have been in crypto, but maybe have been a little bit out of the loop to get back into crypto as well. And this method is uh. Well, i would say pretty pretty lucrative as well. So what is this method? It is called something uh. It is something called uh fishing for air drops. So what is an airdrop? An airdrop is, for example, uni swap what it did before.

So i dont know if youve heard about uniswap or not, but back in 2020 they became the most popular decentralized exchange on the planet and they did not have any coin to their name yet so on. I think it was september 2020 when everybody who had made a single transaction or even a failed transaction on uniswap, actually received 400 unit tokens and with todays value one year later, 400 unit. Tokens means that this would have been ten thousand dollars that you received. I personally got three of these airdrops because i was using uniswap with three different wallets, so i got about 1 200 unit tokens, so these airdrops actually can be super super lucrative. But this is not the only airdrop that happened in the past, so this uh uniswap was the basically the first platform, a service to launch a coin and then give that coin as an airdrop to most of its users as an act of goodwill as well. So thats what happened in 2020 and since then we have actually had a multiple airdrops that ive actually talked about, but there have been about 200 other air drops as well and some of them i didnt even talk about, but i still was able to get them. I will talk about those, but anyway there was in december 2020, something called badger, so they gave 20 batcher. If you simply had used the badger, i think it was better dow or maybe batcher swap i dont exactly remember what it even was, but i had used it once or twice and i got 20 badgers that were worth 0.

23 each with three todays value thats about 600 dollars so thats a nice airdrop its not as nice as ten thousand dollars, but still six hundred dollars is pretty cool. Then there was the one inch and the air airdropped 678 one inch tokens which were 1.6 dollars each. So this was about one thousand dollars worth of airdrop in todays value, thats about two hundred two thousand dollars and then uh this year. Uh there was the ample fourth, which was six point, eight thousand dollars, and that was a pretty cool one. When i received it, i immediately sold it for ethereum on that time and there have been other ones. The most recent one was something called dydx protocol. Unfortunately, i wasnt able to get on this airdrop. This happened about a week ago, so thats. Why im making this video, so i will not make the same mistake again and uh. Maybe you guys will actually uh be able to participate in these ones as well, and before i continue, i just want to say that most of you, when you learn about this strategy, will just say yeah. I will do this when i have the time – or i will do this – maybe later uh when when im more comfortable – and i just want to tell you guys that i thought exactly like that and thats – why i missed this air drop here. So if you had simply deposited 100, the you would have immediately got five thousand dollars back.

You seem you didnt even have to spend that money on anything. You simply had to deposit it on dydx protocol to get this airdrop, and if you had traded on the platform up to 1 million dollars, then the maximum air drop was 190 thousand dollars, which is completely insane, but anyway uh. You can scroll this uh to the bottom here, and this guy darren lao hes actually said that he was able to sell the airdrop that he got from dydx for 54 000. So were not talking about small amounts of money on this strategy here, but this strategy is not a guaranteed strategy and you cannot get the money from dydx anymore because they already did the airdrop. You have to try to predict where the the the airdrops will come and thats what im gon na teach you next, so you can use actually this thread here because darren lao he has done the uh these research already and he is listing different protocols here. That might have an airdrop in the near future as well, which dont have a coin yet. So this is what i meant that you dont have to research, hundreds or thousands of coins on the market or projects on the market. You simply focus on right now on these projects that do not have a coin yet. So, if you research all of these and just play around with them, maybe do one or two swaps or exchange or trades on these platforms.

Deposit some money on there take the money out and so on and so forth. You might get an airdrop if you dont get an airdrop. Do not hang me. The second benefit is that you actually learn about all these different blockchains, all these different protocols and so on and so forth. In this video i will talk to you about paraswap and i will talk to you about debug d5, so you learn a little bit how you can actually investigate these on your own uh after this video. So lets take a look at paraswap, first, so paraswap what you can do is you can actually click this to see uh what this is about, so they have 30 36 000 followers thats, pretty cool. You can go to the website here and see that uh its some sort of a swap or some sort of exchange. You can connect your uh crypto wallet here and then you can swap ethereum to something else and so on and so forth. So thats pretty cool uh. What i want to do next is actually go to the telegram here. You can search on twitter as well, but i like to go to telegram, because the mods and the admins are a little bit more open on the telegram. So on the telegram we are now here, what you want to do is click this search button and write airdrop and then click this arrow button here to basically see whenever someone has said airdrop so airdrop doo, doo, doo uh.

I read about some airdrop about governance. Token was it real and you can see one answer or one reply here. What you can do is right. Click on this message, sorry right click and view. One reply and hold hold zoom actually said: read: pinned message. So what is a pinned message on telegram? Uh lets click x here. Pinned message is simply whatever is pinned on top here uh by one of the admins, so para para swap has officially now said that if they are not planning on any air drop, so this might have been a dead end for this system if they might still Do an air drop, they might not do it, but it is likely that they are not at least at this time, planning on an airdrop. So i dont know if they will – or they wont have but right now they say they are not doing it. But what about the second one? What about d bank d5 lets take a look at the debug d5 here. So this is the system, they have 25 000 followers, and if you go to the website here, this is the website i have connected to with my wallet already uh. This is an example. Well, it doesnt have any money, so it doesnt matter, but anyway uh. You can do a token swap on ethereum blockchain on a binary smart chain, and it is some sort of uh swap aggregator. So it will try to get you the best price for swaps on different blockchains, so they have ethereum.

They have binary smart chain, they have xdi polygon, phantom heco avalanche, arbitrary optimism and shiloh blockchains here on this on this system, and they have some defile list and rankings as well. So now lets again go to the telegram here and lets do the same thing: open telegram. They have 2884 members right now and lets actually search for airdrop again and lets see what people have said and lets click this arrow here. How can i get the token airdrop you can see? One reply lets take a look at what this says. No impending one, please follow our twitter to get updated. Okay lets see if anyone has a better answer when airdrop lets not take a look at that. One lets see this person has said when airdrops and three answers and lets see the replies you can see when airdrops are to be determined now im interested because it says to be determined. This means they are actually actively thinking about releasing a coin on this platform. So personally, i think that if you make one swap or one exchange here, it costs you on. If you do it on ethereum, it will cost you about 40 dollars or so, but then you might get an airdrop that might be worth 200 or 500 or something else i dont exactly even know how valuable it might be. But in my opinion this might be a platform that might have an airdrop, so it makes sense to try this out, so you can actually try a swap here, so you might want to do something like uh if you want to swap ethereum, for example, to uh, Like usdc or something uh, you can swap like 0.

2 ethereum for ustc. I would do all of these swaps. I would do at least 100 dollars worth of swaps, just because uh they use. There is usually some limit on the minimum amount of volume that you have to do on these platforms when they release the the airdrops so anyway, thats, basically how you do it, but now, if you have never actually used crypto, you might ask okay. But how do i get a wallet and how do i get money on the wallet and how does this happen? So this is where you have to actually do a little bit of your own research. How to do this, but i will just show you the basics, so my wallet is something called metamask, and this is my example wallet here and im currently on the phantom blockchain lets actually change that to ethereum blockchain uh. You have to go to and be careful to use only this website when you download the the metamask add on on your chrome or some other browser like firefox, because there are scam sites out there. So you have to use the real website to download the meta mask and you simply click download and proceed, and then you have this wallet set up here and you should have zero zero eth here and now what you want to do if you are on the Ethereum blockchain, you have to send ethereum to this wallet and never ever ever spend all of your ethereum, because ethereum is used for the costs of transfers.

So on ethereum ethereum is a very annoying blockchain right now, because one transaction can be as high as 40 dollars per transaction and some other ones are much much cheaper than ethereum, for example, phantom. I think one transaction is like fraction of a penny right now. So uh, you might consider if you only have a little little bit of a little bit of money available, that you just skip all of the ethereum ones and just focus on the other ones that are on phantom or some other blockchain. And if you dont have the phantom set up, you can simply google phantom metamask and you can see uh the guide, how you can actually set up the the phantom uh, the um, the network of the blockchain here and, as you can see, once you are on The phantom blockchain you no longer have ethereum here you have phantom, so what you will have to do, then, is you basically go to binance or some other big exchange, and you use uh this uh to get the phantom tokens and then use the network. The phantom network to send the phantom coins on that do not use the ethereum blockchain to send phantom, otherwise it will go to the wrong network or the wrong blockchain and, as you can see, the costs on ethereum are just much much higher than on phantom. So fandom is actually it is more than a penny, but anyway its much less than on ethereum.

So if you use different protocols, not all of these, for example, im not exactly sure if d bank will allow one transaction on phantom and then youre eligible for the for the airdrop or you have to do the transaction on ethereum and i dont even know if They will have the uh, the uh, the airdrop or not. So you have to learn this and have to basically understand the basics of decentralized finance and crypto. And while you are learning all of this stuff, all these different blockchains and it might hurt your brain right now and you might feel uncomfortable. But if you learn this, then you might be eligible for these ten thousand dollar airdrops. That happened in 2020 as well. So anyway, i hope uh that you actually, i want to show this as well. So i showed you the the thread here, but theres another place also that you can use and thats called as well, so theres a section here for airdrops, and here they have 38 projects right now that do not have a coin yet, but might have a Coin later so, this doesnt mean that teraspa, for example, will ever have a airdrop in their name, but it just means that they dont have a coin yet. So it might be worth the risk to make one transaction on this swap here or say, blur finance or defy saver or set protocol, or something else just so. If they do an airdrop, then you might be eligible for those, and here you can see this is on the terra blockchain.

This is ethereum blockchain, ethereum, blockchain, so lana. This is definitely something i would try, because, as you can see, the total value locked on this finance here is 500 million, which means that the higher the total value locked the potential that the airdrop will be valued more is higher than something that only has like One million dollars worth of capital in the in the smart contracts here so for exam, so i would focus on the big ones here. If you want to try this out and learn what the hell these are about and and again go to their telegrams, go to their twitters and see if people have asked about these airdrops do not just bomb the the the admins about airdrops, just search and and Go to the next one, and so on anyway. I think thats, basically no theres one more one more. So if you are actually a seasoned, uh, d5 user, then this might be pretty good, because you can simply uh copy paste. Your ethereum or buying a smart chain address here to see if you have actually missed some of the airdrops or if you are still eligible for some of the airdrops, so you simply copy paste your address here. Let me actually do that on this example. Account uh. It should say that im not uh eligible for anything, because i havent done anything on this account, but, as you can see, this tracks, 200 airdrops and nfts that i might have been eligible for on this account.

So this is a pretty cool system. This to take a look at if you want to, i think, thats, pretty much everything i wanted to cover in this video so start with this uh list. Here then take a look at the the defile llama one. I will link those in the description and, let me know if you have any questions in the comments. If you want to follow me on on the telegram.