Just like the thumbnail suggests facebook is down and bitcoin is up, so were going to talk about uh. What exactly is going on and potentially the reason behind both ill take a look at that, and also i want to talk about a interview ozzotte with lampos. We talked about world mobile token, also a new story about meld being on a the telecommunications network, with nine million plus people thats, a pretty good uh start for a d5 project on cardano and lastly, well take a look at bank of america so were good at All that stuff, but first take a look at the market, so today, pretty great day right were almost at uh 2.13 trillion or something like that and bitcoins up 2, almost at forty eight thousand dollars somewhere around there, its looking pretty good ethereums at thirty three hundred Finance coin 425: everything is uh doing not too bad a little bit sideways a little bit down uh eight percent for dogecoin, no reason why just dogecoins there, whatever tara, 14 and so on and so forth, so thats whats going on the market, its uh. Looking pretty good, so uh great lets just jump into todays top story. What we got today, its pretty interesting uh. I havent seen this ever happen, but facebook is down facebook and of course they own whatsapp and instagram. So all that stuff is down it. You may have intermittent access here and theres people like whats going on this is whats going on and the reason why i labeled this as a centralized social media because thats what it is and what we got here for the story itself, is that the reason for The outage are so so they uh they think right now was not immediately clear.

However, multiple multiple security experts quickly pointed to a dns or domain name system problem as a possible culprit. But who knows what? The real reason is that itll probably unravel in a couple of hours, maybe in a day or so and were like oh thats, a thats, a relief but really what it shows you is this, and that is that everything that is uh pretty much centralized has a Centralized point of attack and uh: if you have these things happen and theyre, not very decentralized, that is the problem with these uh social media platforms. Also uh, they can censor you, they can shut you down. My youtube channel is at the whim and will of youtube at one little uh recommendation. My channel is gone and a lot of the channels are gone. Same thing happened with twitter. Same thing happened with political figures and thats, just how it is so like when we take a look at these. These centralized social media platforms. First of all i mean, like i said, its a its a centralized point of attack. Hopefully we can move past them, but if you can see the problems with just the centralized social media also take a look at a centralized finance and all the things that are happening there and now i think people are starting to realize why maybe were going to Crypto and digital assets – and that leads me on to my next point as far as like centralized finance and centralize everything there is this: there is a new paradigm shift and as to what we can actually do as far as finance uh, when i was growing up It was all about you know, get a hard get.

It get a job work there, 30 40 years, get a pension retire. Have your social security and everythings gon na be okay seriously, that was dont, laugh thats, really what it was and uh now that is laughable. Actually uh, so when we see these things that are going on in the world and as far as like what blockchain can do, this is a prime example we were talking to. I was talking to the members over here at uh, lamppost and uh. They had me on the show it was great ill link in the description. It was very long. We went in depth in certain things over an hour, but one of the big things we talked about was world mobile token and just how it is trying to do. Two things: first, its all about building infrastructure uh, because no telecommunications company wants to go to different parts of africa, tanzania, nigeria, to put in any kind of telecommunications line or any kind of electric line or any kind of uh of services like that. So this is the one of their only options and its a great option, and on top of that they build the infrastructure. Then they on the back of cardano theyre, able to have the world mobile token for finance, for digital ids, for health insurance, for savings. For everything that you really should be able to do in the 21st century – and i wanted to deep on that and just made me think about you – know different assets that i want to be involved with different cryptos um ill, be honest with you.

Ive done pretty good in life uh, i dont really have uh too many issues or too many things going on and um as time goes on. I think to me i kind of see like like what kind of impact can i can we leave on the world, and these are the types of products i want to be a part of and and uh your your project. Whatever thing this crypto, that youre really into uh, could have that type of a footprint and thats great, but these are the ones that i get involved with. I am involved in a lot of different cryptos, but uh. I got to tell you some of these like world mobile token and meld really do write my day. Let me honest with you so so there is that which leads me uh to my next point, which is uh meld and tingo and again uh meld. We had covered this on a show uh over at uh digital asset news clips and uh went pretty in depth as far as like what is meld decentralized finance, but its everything with a little bit of twist. Imagine being able to have a loan and have you only have to pay the interest back, but not the principal. Now? How would that work? Well? Watch the video – and i explain everything as well as the ceo comes on and talks exactly about it. So when i uh saw this little piece here about uh the meld tingo partnership, i was like who first of all who cares.

I dont know what tango is, but when i took a look a little bit deeper im like oh okay, that makes a lot more sense, so um meld partnering up with tango and ill just make this very quick. Tingle mobile is a leading africa, focused agricultural fintech company with almost 10 million subscribers. So when it says here on the tweet and it talks about hey, a partnership with tingle were gon na have nine million mobile phones in the second largest crypto market in the world? Not too bad uh, pretty good, so what it has its a d5 protocol like meld, can provide a great deal of value to tingle mobile users, even if the transaction sizes are less than a hundred dollars again, you got a boatload of people and they really need Financial services, because they cant get them because they have no digital id and they have no connection to the outside services or banks uh. This might be a pretty good win win for everybody about tingo. Just so you know it empowers a marketplace to enable subscribers farmers within and outside the agricultural sector, to manage their commercial activities of growing and selling their products to make participants domestically and internationally. So look, it sounds like a pretty good uh service that everybody is providing agricultural in africa and i can definitely get behind that and again. I will link this video at the very end of what youre watching right now, but it leads me to the next thing.

I want to talk about, which is with with the digital asset news. This thing that spins them in my head, spins above my head constantly dan teaches crypto uh its 100 free. I know you probably heard that, but it really is 100 free so like. If you go there like, i have my assistant and she updates everything we put all the information there. We answer all your questions and its free and its all the things that ive figured out throughout my four year journey of cryptocurrency and, along with that theres also a nice little part here. Where see where it says staking, you can stake cardano or avex and blow this up and with staking. I click on cardano. This little video pops up shows you exactly how it is, and just so you know, uh here are the two pools that we have again. We do have two pools: we split them in half because not that we were close to saturation, but we thought that uh they were going to reduce it from 63 million uh down to uh 26 or whatever million or 27 million it was or no sorry, 32.. So we split them in half, but they didnt do that. So we have two but its pretty much. Equalized weve got 26 million in one pool 27 million in another, and that is for d news and what i try to do is give back um. So we have pretty reasonable uh fees, uh and then what we do is every week we give a hundred ada uh to a lending platform called kiva, and since it is the first of the month uh, i get kind of lazy ill, be honest with you and I tend to uh forget about the hundred dollars per week, so usually i just do it at the very end and i roll it all together, so thats uh 400 uh aida, which at 220 youre looking at almost 900 bucks, and then we had some.

We had an additional 278 which was paid back to the loans because thats what kiva does so? What were going to do today is uh, give to lurian moldova. He is trying to rebuild his house tiffini and tonga. She needs uh some services or textiles for a business and kang 20 group in vietnam for their uh business and then the family owned benny group in congo. So these kids go to school, and then i just want to show you that when we do this – and you can sign up to under kiva theres links in the description, click on here – click – the digital asset, news team, uh – that way they can just just be Tracked so far, i think weve given over a couple thousand dollars. Maybe ten thousand cant remember but uh for this one today, its gon na be eleven hundred dollars so lets just click. Uh continue and i have to blow this out but lets just start donating because thats what the d news stake pool is all about great and cool there. It is uh its like 1100 bucks uh, the people that actually need it and uh thats. All we got so uh the yeah uh, if you want to, if you want to actually uh sign up for the d news steak pool again, just go to dan teaches crypto. I think thats circles above my head click on staking ada and theres a tutorial, and you can use any of your wallets that you really want to uh daedalus, yo, roy or ada light super simple and uh.

You control your crypto. It never leaves your cardinal wallet theres, no slashing no problems, theres, even no lock up times, which is pretty crazy, because uh cordon has like over 75 percent, roughly uh staked, so uh pretty good platform. Anyhow, let me think about that in the comments section lets finish. Lets uh finish this up a little bank of america action, so whats happening here. Bank of america launches research for too large to ignore digital assets. Talk about getting late to the party but heres. What we got so bank of america is like hey. Crypto seems like a good thing: they launched a digital assets, research coverage nearly three months ago and they formed a crypto group, and this is what they found out. They state uh, we believe crypto based digital assets could form an entirely new asset class. Fantastic bitcoin is important with the market value of 900 billion, but the digital asset ecosystem is so much more tokens that act like uh operating systems dapps without middlemen, stable coins, cbdcs entities, blah blah blah right. All these things that we know they had a task force to figure that out over three months, good for them and then lastly, uh theyve, also the geniuses have said that the analysts see regulatory uncertainty as the only near term risk to digital assets. So look um. I dont really know what time everything is going to. I cant tell you uh on december 12th, bitcoin is going to go to seventy five thousand two hundred dollars.

That just is ridiculous. What i could tell you is that the trajectory of where we are going is astronomical and if youve got these huge banks, if you got uh the blackrocks who cant even really invest in a bitcoin. But they do it by proxy by investing in tomorrow and riot and youve got these huge hedge funds getting in, and the banks and everybody else and theres also regulatory pressure pressure uh to gary gensler to actually give us clarity from congress, men and women. I think were in the right place at the right time and this theres no better place than q4. So look that is it for today. So if you stuck with me all the way in first of all, i want to say thanks so much. I really appreciate if you liked the video give it a thumbs up, consider subscribing thats it for today.