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We started to make some pretty big moves. We are up significantly and from the bottom. This morning we are up about 20 dogecoin, just pumped almost 20. We have shiba inu going crazy. This thing is up absolutely insane over 70. This thing is just getting started. These cryptos are looking wild. We have bitcoin right now, starting to break out of these patterns, bitcoin almost 50 000 and remember just a couple of days ago. Everyone was all fearful and selling and panicking – and i was telling you guys this is the time to buy the dip. This is not the time to be scared and when others are fearful, when you think that others have lost hope when the social sentiment all over twitter and the internet is getting scary and people are getting scared and oh bitcoin is going at twenty thousand and ten Thousand and dogecoin is dead, its going to two cents its its over with that is, when things start to turn around thats, why it takes patience and investing in cryptocurrencies theres, always going to be volatility and the most bullish of markets theres always going to be corrections. Theres going to be periods and times where cryptos dont move where they go down, where they look like theyre dead and over with and then boom these bullish historical months that weve been calling out for this entire year. Weve been telling you look october november december. These months are going to be bullish, and then we pointed out bearish months that they were going to be bearish.

They ended up being bearish, but we were hoping that they would be bullish, but they were still historically right on point. So cryptocurrencies are moving like crazy. The institutions these whales are buying up cryptocurrencies. That is why they are pumping were going to be talking a little bit more about technical analysis and chiba. You know in just a second, so bitcoin price dips are being bought up strongly, but 50 000 remains a key level for bitcoin. But let me tell you this: we are not worried about the 50 000 bitcoin level were not worried about cryptocurrencies at all. Cryptos are literally about to make some of the biggest moves we have ever seen to date for cryptocurrencies. Remember one year ago, bitcoin was what seven thousand dollars ethereum was just a couple of hundred dollars. Shiba inu was pretty much non. Existent dogecoin was point: zero, zero, zero. How many zeros there were and look at where they are at now, and people are scared, saying its over with its dead. Give it time. Cryptocurrencies continue, especially the good projects that continue to grow. They continue to pump over over time. They dont do it when you want to, but good cryptocurrencies always recover, and they always will break all time highs. So what we are seeing also is that people are now getting greedy, theyre changing from extreme fear, as we are seeing in the crypto fear index into greed. People are getting greedy. That means fomo is happening like crazy and like never before, and these meme coins are starting to come back were saying: shiba inu pump were seeing dogecoin pump.

These are pretty much the only ones that are really pumping heavily right now, but a lot of these meme coins are just going crazy right now. Okay, so lets take a look and dive into whats, going on with shiba inu, so theres just a bunch of hype. All over the internet thats why shiba inu is pumping sentiment, says that shiba inu has been on a tear on a busy monday jumping uh 58 at that time. Two hours ago, in 24 hours, these highlighted arrows indicate moments when crowd hype is becoming a factor and corrections that typically follow trade carefully. So what we are seeing is that when theres massive spikes and hype across the internet for particular cryptocurrencies, especially shiba inu, we do see big rises in the price, but we also see massive crashes. So if you are looking to buy shiba inu right now, none of this is financial advice. Just my own opinion, i personally would never buy a coin after its pumped up 100 after its pumped up 70 in a single day. Wait for that crypto to crash, because every cryptocurrency that pumps up a hundred percent every single one, every crypto that pumps up 200 400 whatever it is. It always goes back down. It might not go back down to where it was, but there is going to be a significant correction. Now this correction might not happen today. It might not happen tomorrow. It might not happen for a week.

There might be pumping for a week, maybe weeks we dont know this, but if you were trying to make an entry now, this would more so be gambling, because youre just buying hoping that it will go up with no investment data with no knowledge, its just pure Emotions pure hype, pure fomo, and that is pure gambling. So if youre willing to lose money and you dont care, maybe that would be a good play for you. But for me im not a gambler. We buy things when they dip in the patreon. I tell my clients that we buy only when things dip unless something crazy is about to happen like in these particular moments, for like bitcoin, for ethereum, for cardano for dogecoin, when true crypto projects have amazing bullish news, even though its going up that might still be A good time to buy, especially if youre planning to hold long term, but i personally think that shiba inu will crash at any second. Does that mean its going to crash 50 doesnt mean its gon na crash 20. I dont know, but what i do know is that usually in most of the time, 99 of the time after a massive pump like were seeing right now for shiba, you know theres always going to be a massive correction, some short time afterwards. So just be careful and when it comes to any meme coin or any coin, thats not a huge asset like bitcoin, ethereum, cardano, big and successful crypto projects like that and more so investing and buying into things like this are more speculation or gambling, as people may Call it so never make huge positions of your portfolio into speculative or gambling positions, always be very careful and well diversified and put the majority of your portfolio into things that are more stable, like bitcoin, ethereum, cardano, etc.

So look at this, so cryptocurrencies are also moving up in the hopes for a us etf approval for bitcoin. This is huge ive been telling you guys about this for a very long time on this channel and what an etf is its basically a stock on the stock market that you can buy with a robin hood account you can buy with any regular brokerage account that Allows you to purchase stocks like apple or amazon or tesla, so theres going to be a bitcoin stock or a series of bitcoin stocks which are called etfs. These ets basically follow and will resemble the price action of bitcoin, so its geared for those old people or people that dont want to move money into a coinbase account or a crypto exchange is geared for people to allow them to keep their money on the platform. Where theyre currently invested and gain exposure to cryptocurrencies and a lot of people are still very fearful and cautious about cryptocurrencies, and this will allow people to gain a small exposure depending on their portfolio and their risk management to cryptocurrencies. And this is just the beginning. Once people get their taste of a bitcoin, etf and theyre like wow, this thing has performed more consistently and better than anything in my entire portfolio and im having to pay a premium to get access to bitcoin. Why dont i go ahead and actually just buy bitcoin itself so buying a bitcoin etf will push the prices of cryptocurrencies because the people that actually create and hold the etfs they actually have to have physical bitcoin itself.

They have to buy billions of dollars of bitcoin. Potentially trillions of dollars in time of bitcoin to allow people to be able to buy shares of their etf. So what this is going to do, theres going to be a approval. This month, potentially theres a very high chance of a approval for a bitcoin etf. This month, what this will do is this will literally pump cryptocurrencies to the moon bitcoin all of our favorite cryptocurrencies. The whole ecosystem will benefit greatly from this, and then we have the xrp case, the xrp case. If thats potentially won this year, which pretty much everyone believes it is going to be done, thats going to be one that they are going to sell or whatever theyre going to do when the sec thing is done at this year. This will also have a huge impact on the crypto market, just like a bitcoin, etf, so theres. So many extremely huge bullish news out there thats really going to propel these cryptos up way higher than we we expect so just remember know what you invest in, because if you invest into something and you feel like its dying but its really a good project, they Have a good backing, they have good support like dogecoin and its not really doing much give it time give it time watch towards the end of the year. A lot of people will probably have a different opinion of what theyre thinking about dogecoin right now.

Just now the cryptocurrencies that are pumping right now doesnt mean theyre, always going to be pumping throughout the rest of the year. Like we saw cardano about two months ago, a month ago, was outperforming the entire crypto market and now its kind of just chilling its not really doing much while other cryptocurrencies are outperforming cardano cryptocurrencies. They all move in their own different cycles and they pump in their own different periods of time. All cryptocurrencies dont have to break all time highs and pump together, but they do so in time in their own cycles. So theres going to be a time for dogecoin theres, going to be time for bitcoin its going to be a time for ethereum and thats, just how cryptocurrencies work so lets go ahead and take a look at some technical analysis. But what i want to show you is some indicators right here. What i want to do is take a look at bitcoin. This is absolutely amazing if we click the daily time frame, the higher time frames the bigger time frames like the daily or the weekly. Those are the ones that are going to be more accurate when you look at the chart, if you look at a one minute time frame, look you can see. You cant really see whats going on. You see this all this volatility going up and down. Then you have this constant movement and volatility of the rsi and the macd of all these other indicators that you look at its, not very accurate.

But if you look at these daily time frames, if you look historically what happens when there is a macd cross on the daily time frame for bitcoin the last time that this happened, which just happened was when bitcoin was thirty thousand dollars. The last time we just crossed right here this indicator. The last time we had a macd cross, bitcoin was thirty thousand dollars and moved all the way up to fifty two thousand dollars massive gains, and we are having that cross right now, right here in the bottom, where we call out in the patreon where we called Buy alerts to buy bitcoin and a bunch of other cryptocurrencies that are up in significant profits. We are seeing that the overall market, which is looking at bitcoin, is having a very bullish. Macd cross on the daily were also seeing this very same thing for ethereum. Just recently we had this bullish, macd cross and the last time we had a bullish macd cross. The last time we had a significant on the daily time frame. Ethereum was seventeen hundred dollars were also seeing the same thing for solana. Solana just had this massive cross. These cryptos are literally about to go crazy. Even shiba inu just had this very bullish cross on the daily time frame. So this thing is absolutely going crazy. Who knows if shiba inu can break all time highs its very possible its very possible for the meme coins to start pumping right now like crazy, but lets take a look at dogecoin.

What the heck is actually going on so were also seeing for dogecoin a bullish cross on the macd on the daily time frame. The last time we saw this bullish cross was when dogecoin was 16 cents, so this is extremely bullish. Information and these indicators are very, very accurate, coupled with a bunch of other information understanding, whats happening overall in the crypto market. Looking at these indicators, we can have a very good idea whether we should buy whether we should sell what we should do and thats. Why, in the patreon im, looking at the charts all day long, i tell you all of this information without you having to know it through years of investment trading experience thats why you should join the patreon the last couple of days. I honestly was looking and saying: okay whats, going on with kryptos. We had a little bit of a dip last night, but weve been holding up this very bullish momentum and the next time we want to buy. We dont want to be buying when things are going up and up and up unless theres particular situations like were seeing through these indicators. The best time to buy is during a correction or during a dip, because dips always come no matter how much you pump. No matter how bullish things are: theres, always a small and significant dip, and when you buy that dip theres a significant momentum of people buying the dip in a bullish trend and thats.

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