I cant wait going up to universal islands of adventure on friday coming back sunday theres. Like 15 of us. I think one of my softball players and his group is going to meet up. There might be like 25 of us. It is going to be a fantastic time, its a well needed trip for me. Im just super excited im, not happy to turn 36 but hey. What can you do another year? Another dollar thats. What im saying folks? Because, as this thing, winds down towards the end of the year and as we get to next year, you are going to see the pump of a lifetime. You are about to experience, face melting gains if you have never experienced face melting gains before you better get ready, because youre going to be sitting at your screen, your bodys going to be shaking youre, going to keep refreshing youre not going to be able to hit F5 quicker than you think you could youre just going to want the page to refresh. But then the page is going to get bogged down its not going to load youre going to go to a different source, youre going to pull up a cell phone and ipad youre going to try to get to load. Because you want to see where your price is going and as this thing is taking off to the moon, you are thinking. What do i do next? When is it going to stop? But that is why you need to have your plan already set.

You need to have your exchanges already lined up. I have outlined my lovely plan that will be going out to all my patreon so make sure you join the patreon if you need some assistance. If this is your first, ever bull run because this cycle, at some point q1 ish, looks like it might be coming to an end. Time will tell, but you need to have the plan set and ready now without further ado, make sure you give me a follow and, like oh just follow it, you dont got ta like it. Xrp news underscore on twitter like and subscribe to the channel lets head over to livecoinwatch and see whats going on, because bitcoin is creeping back up to that magical number. It is a 5.41 percent, the last 24 hours. We have all woken up to a 50 bitcoin. Where do we want to see it above 51k? We are getting there folks, i love it, love it love it ill, be loved xrps not doing too bad itself ill, see you over there xrp sitting at a dollar. Seven hold on, as i have to wrestle a cat, a dollar, seven xrp up, three percent. Listen, i think xrps next stop is going to be around that dial of 30 range. I do believe bitcoin is going to break out of us 51 000 zone. I think its gon na make a little a little pit stop at 53k before we push up, even higher time will tell as always, but without further ado.

This is going to be a massive video make sure you hang around until the end because boom this is what were talking about folks. This is hot off the press. Breaking news came out last night. Bank of america makes a massive statement on cryptocurrency. Yes, the same bank of america, that is a ripple partner. Yes, the same bank of america, that is the second largest bank within the united states, and yes, the same bank of america who has a patent using digital ledger technology. Now, what has brian brooks told us in the past brian brooks has stated you cant have dlt without having crypto well bank of america knows that, because im about to break down this patent plus many other patents that i have found from the similar bank of america, Creator up first and some kind of news that went under the radar here, who remembers the ryan kofi case when he tried to sue ripple for selling unregistered securities. I do about two years ago now, almost three years ago. Well guess what this case was just voluntarily violent hillary, i cant say the word dismissed without prejudice. This case is done its wrapped up. This is a beautiful, beautiful things. Folks, this is what we like to see there. It is i mean what can you say right? This guy was a joke. He was a clown. He didnt even buy xrp from ripple. I dont know why hes assuming them, but it for those who werent around this whole lawsuit was based on that.

This guy bought like three dollars worth of xrp and he lost half of it, so hes soon ripple for it because its ripples fault somehow yeah, absolutely ridiculous. I know and then for me my store, listen only three of these blue yetis or blue tumblers left and thats it. This is the last of the summer line. The fall line is gearing up. I cant wait: youre gon na love, all the fall merch people and then some fake news coming from bitcoin maxis, which is trying to pump the market which it failed. Bitcoin archive puts up. Brazil is introducing a bill to make bitcoin legal tender its the ninth largest economy in the world. Well, you want to know what, if you actually read through this brazil, isnt looking to make bitcoin legal tender, no, not even close, brazil actually said nothing about making bitcoin any kind of legal tender, accepting it. What theyre doing is theyre putting a rule trying to get a rule in front of their their congress or their government and theyre trying to talk about cryptocurrencies. This thing absolutely mentions nothing about bitcoin. I thought it was kind of funny. It was like good job buddy and then stewed alderati. Listen. I made a video late last night. If you didnt listen to it and if you havent signed john deans scc lawsuit case, you need to go sign it. Its a google doc. It legit takes 20 seconds name email where youre from thats it you dont, have to be located in the united states, and i put out a tweet yesterday – and i stressed this – this is for anyone in the world.

John dean, as you just know, has finally gotten guidance to jump into this court case and let the judge know his thoughts and his opinions amongst all of us xrp holders. This is our time to shine folks, if you wanted to say these in this sec lawsuit. Well, now is your time to get your say, join the class action. It was only like 22 000 of us, which is insane because i noticed is at least 500 000 plus. There is no reason we shouldnt have over a hundred thousand on this, even more theres. No reason fifty percent of the community shouldnt have signed this, but stuart alderaani comes out, says. Xrp holders has always said that the sec lawsuit is a direct attack on them. Now its official, the courts ruling permits john dean to share his meaningful perspective to help the court reach a proper decision, yet another important and positive development. I couldnt agree more lets head on over to the massive news here: bank of america, just in from block works, bank of americas crypto research team has launched his first report and they say im air, quoting this digital assets are too large to ignore digital assets are Transforming the way in which markets, business and central banks operate very weird: didnt ripple just partner with a central bank that will be using xrp to move money in and out of that country. Youre damn right. They did isnt ripple working on 40 to 50 central banks.

Of course they are so we move over to this because panos, if youre not following him, give him a follow, puts this out. Blockchain and crypto have the fastest rate of adoption of any technology in all of history. We are beginning the long journey of covering what we believe will be the next generation of technology, blockchain based digital assets and applications, that is from bank of america and for those who do not know. Bank of america is an american multinational investment bank and financial services. Holding company headquartered in north carolina, the bank was founded in san francisco. They got an office right down the door from right down the street from ripple and took his present from when nations bank of charlotte acquired it in 1998.. It is the second largest bank, instant banking institution in the united states after jp morgan and the eighth largest bank in the world bank of america is one of the big four banking institutions of the united states. It serves approximately 10.73 of all american bank deposits in direct competition with jp morgan chase city and wells fargo, as primary financial services revolve around commercial bank and wealth management and investment, banking people, the second largest bank in the u.s and the eighth largest bank in the World and they are a ripple partner and they have created a patent which includes ripples, dlt system, yes, xrp for cross border settlements; heres an article from yours, truly xrp, right, now.

com check it out the name of the articles, title bank of america files patent for a Settlement system bank of america mentions triple for a settlement system. What do you think is going on here? Yes, xrp folks says dont you where you read the article correctly. It is true. We have the document bank of america at the time was the ninth largest. Now its the eighth largest of over two billion in assets filed a new patent system that has ripple right in the middle brandon. Matthew castanja was one of the inventors of the patent which we can find the google patent on the link below. So we go and we pull it up here. It is patent number two: zero, one, nine slash zero one, seven, two zero five: nine and it is titled a real time. Net settlement by distributed ledger technology lets blow it. I cant blow it up. Let me see we can pull up from bank of americas page. I believe this is the slide nope its not that one its going to be sideways for you. I apologize unless oh boom right down here in the bottom right. All of you can see my map. My mouse, they name it direct ripples, dlt on the left, ripple dlt to fiat payments, but if you look a little bit deeper into this, what do we see? This is for it says. Bank of america is introducing a real time net settlement, flexible and innovative technology.

For distributed ledger, digital wild and traditional partner banks and whos in the upper right hand, corner people stand to charter. There have been rumors for some time and the benefits of using this. You have the option to eliminate the need for physical accounts at partner institutions. No more no stravostro real time advising a payments to beneficiaries. You have an opportunity for alternative implementation of the gl use case by introducing a distributed general ledger account and from end of day settlement to real time. So you are getting now real time. Settlement no need to process all those batches at the end of the day to see what that whats settled and what didnt its risk adjusted intraday settlement boom, you send it its settled. That is what im talking about. What do you think bank of america doesnt know? Whats going on here theres a reason they partnered with ripple, but i want to go a little bit a little bit deeper into this, so the the creator or the inventor of this patent is right here, which is brand new matthew costana. I looked it up. I looked at all the different patents that this man was putting out for bank of america and one of the ones that stuck out to me was right here, a real time. Net settlement by distributed ledger systems, i pulled it up and guess what as we scroll down, i want to show you a couple of the other patents that were cited in this one and who they were assigned from, because you might recognize some of these names.

People. The clearing house, who remembers the clearinghouse i do hello, clearinghouse ripple, yeah, xrp yep. Look it up mastercard international to say mastercard that just got into a bidding war with visa over earthport the same mastercard. I just did a deep dive on and we found too many connections, yeah that mastercard jp morgan chase. Oh yeah, the same jp, morgan chase that was inside of ripples office with 13 top executives, popping bottles very interesting, now isnt it and, as we look at this patent over to the right hand side. What does it say in here real time, net settlement? Folks? How are you getting real time net settlements? I want you to think about that via x, rp go back to the original patent. Ripples dlt is making this all happen with the use and leverage of xrp. That is how they are able to clean up physical accounts sitting around the world at different partner institutions. Remember its about seven to ten trillion dollars out there just sitting doing nothing, because these banks need to keep other capital other fiat around the world, so they are able to bridge payments when they come in xrp eliminates that that is what bank of americas patent is Around this is absolutely huge. This is big time. Listen check out the link down below for the xrp store. Only three of these blue cups left. They are beautiful, check out the patreon. I will be releasing another passive income.

I will be talking more about flare and spark and songbird you name it im talking about it check the links.