I am going to be dropping some huge news when it comes to shiba inu coin, so stay tuned and get ready Music all right, so you guys know that i have been investing in shiba inu for the last three or four months and initially what i did Is i invested about 1500 canadian dollars into binance and i was able to purchase 180 million or so of shiba inu coins or shipping tokens, and my goal for that is to essentially hold on for the long term in hopes that we may see another dogecoin in The making, since my journey of investing in shiba inu coin ive seen that fifteen hundred dollar investment go down to just about eight hundred dollars, but ive also seen it go up to about seventeen hundred dollars. Well, today, shiba inu coin is up over sixty percent and its absolutely insane how much money people have made over the last 24 hours when it comes to shiba inu coin now, shiba inu coin is up about 8 000 since inception of august 2020 and over the Last month, its definitely had its ups and downs, but we did see a few rallies over the last 30 days. One of the main reasons for that was because it was added to coinbase on september 16th and before that, what really put shiba inu on the map was a famous tweet by none other than elon musk himself. He said that he was going to be getting a shiba inu dog named flocky.

Well, the reason for this crazy rally weve been seeing today is because flocky and thats such a cute dog has finally arrived and, of course he tweeted it on twitter, and this is exactly why shiba inu is rising on google trends, the search shiba inu to one Cent is now up over 600 percent because at the time of making this video its up over 60 percent, now its definitely a long way from one cent. But it is going in the right direction and the hashtag, shib or shib has been trending on twitter as well. Several times it has been in the top 10 over the last 24 hours, and this massive search increase in shiba inu coin is leading to a rise in the coin price itself. Volume of the coin is up triple digits, standing at around 2.8 billion dollars over the last 24 hours. Now. Why is this great news for shiba inu? A lot of people are comparing shiba inu coin to the famous dogecoin and whats important about that is that in 2021 we saw a massive spike in the price of dogecoin. At one point, it was trading for less than a penny, but as the year went on and many more tweets by elon and other individuals, the price of the coin reached 70 cents. So, in less than 12 months, your coin went from less than a penny to 70 cents, so it definitely created a lot of millionaires and even possibly billionaires, and the hopes are that shiba inu is gon na do very similar things.

People are hoping that we see another eight thousand percent increase in the price of shiba inucoin. If that is to happen honestly, i wont even believe what to do at that point now, if you did get invested in shiba inu and your goal was to make a quick profit and if you bought in prior to august or july, chances are youve, probably been On a pretty rough ride, and if all you want to do is make some extra cash well, this might be a good time for you to sell if youre not planning on holding it for the long term. Now, personally, like i said im holding this for the long term, even if i was to make a hundred grand of this coin, i probably wouldnt sell it, because my goal is to make over a million dollars with this coin, if its ever possible. But the only reason for that is because i invested the fifteen hundred dollars that im one hundred percent willing to lose so if shiba inu coin goes to zero tomorrow, im, okay, with that im out, fifteen hundred bucks and ill have no trouble sleeping at night. But if that fifteen hundred dollars means absolutely everything to you, then you might want to take some profits off the table, because you guys know, i only say, invest what youre willing to lose. So lets. Take a look at my shiba inu holdings. Now something is different. I did transfer my shiba inu tokens or coins from binance to crypto.

com and the reason for that, if you guys dont know if you are living ontario canada, you have until the end of this year december 31st to transfer your coins off the binance platform to another Platform simply because finance is no longer operating within ontario, but take a look at my crypto.com platform. You guys see that right now i have three thousand one hundred and twenty three dollars and forty two cents, canadian, in my account and all i invested – was fifteen hundred dollars or so and, as you guys can see right now, this is a little bit delayed, but Im up over a thousand dollars and at one point uh, this was actually showing, i believe, thirty eight hundred dollars. So i was up even more uh and whats incredible. Is i only put in fifteen hundred dollars, but if you guys remember, i am staking coins as well or i was staking coins on finance uh. Since i started holding uh my position with shiba inu coin, so i was making essentially free shipping coins over the last three months. So my goal for this is again just to hold it for the long term. I still do believe in the coin and its founders, and i do think over the next three four five years, we will see more adoption when it comes to cryptocurrency and with more adoption, becomes more volume, more users, which usually means an increase of value for the Coins itself now, im, not saying that should be unicoin, is going to a penny because theres a lot of things that have to happen before that.

One of the main things is that they actually have to get rid of or burn billions, if not trillions, of their coins or their tokens. So then they can bring down a total supply because right now, if it was to hit a penny, wed, be looking at the most valuable thing on earth which obviously shiba inu coin is not. But if we start seeing the big holders burning their coins – and we see that total supply come down, then its very possible that we may see sheba unicoin reach a fraction of a penny or possibly half a penny or a penny itself. Im, not making any predictions. Here, but my hope is that i can make maybe a million bucks off this coin over the long term. So there you go everybody. There is a big news when it comes to shiva inucoin, elon musk. Finally, tweeted out his shiva inu dog, thats, absolutely so cute. So thanks elon for for sharing that, if you end up coming across this video, very unlikely. But again, thank you guys so much for watching.